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Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 162: Do You Have A Death Wish?!

Chapter 162: Do You Have A Death Wish?!

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Feng Wu was rendered speechless by the good-looking teenager, who was so obviously someone from a respected family.

Ning Chenxi, on the other hand, took Feng Wu’s baffled look for worship and beamed at her. “I see that I’m so awe-inspiring, hahaha —”

Feng Wu wouldn’t dignify those words with a reply. She promptly turned around and walked toward the safe circle.

Obsidian Wolves were merciless animals, and they had devoured all their companions that had been killed by Feng Wu until all that was left were gruesome-looking bones. As a result, the battlefield looked rather terrifying.

Feng Wu seemed to realize something all of a sudden and she turned to the breezy teenager. “And you are?”

“I’m Ning Chenxi. Little sister, don’t tell me that you’ve never heard of me before?” Seeing that Feng Wu didn’t react to his name at all, the teenager cried out in surprise.

The sight of Ning Chenxi reminded Feng Wu of Feng Xun, which immediately annoyed her. Hence, she snapped at the teenager, “Stop right there and don’t move.”

“Huh?” Despite the baffling command, the teenager did as told.

Feng Wu ran out of sight, faster than a flash.

It had just occurred to Feng Wu that in order to escape from the wolves, Uncle Qiu had had to leave the second carriage behind earlier, and all her beautiful mother’s favorite clothes were in there.

Feng Wu got to the carriage only to find it turned over. The horses had been eaten up by the wolves, but the chests were still there.

Luckily, Feng Wu had her Dragon and Phoenix Spiritual Ring. As she pressed her hand to each chest in turn, she moved all of them inside the ring and stored them in the furthest corner.

Since the beautiful lady would wake up soon, Feng Wu didn’t want her mother to see her covered in blood, for it would definitely bring her to tears again.

At that thought, Feng Wu jumped into a creek nearby and quickly cleaned herself up. She then changed into some new clothes and walked out of the woods, all fresh and tidy.

Feng Wu had been gone for a while, which made Ning Chenxi worry. He went to search for Feng Wu in a hurry and the first thing he saw was Feng Wu all freshened up.

She was stunning even when covered in blood. Now that she had washed herself clean, there was something very pure and graceful about her, especially those eyes, which were limpid, brooding, and mesmerizing. Ning Chenxi suddenly had difficulty breathing.

The moment his eyes landed on Feng Wu, Ning Chenxi felt all the blood rush to his head and his sensitive earlobes began to burn.

” Ahem — ” Ning Chenxi cleared his throat and stared at Feng Wu, feigning a grave look on his face. “Young lady, do you have any idea how dangerous it is for you to run around like this? What if there were more Obsidian Wolves around? Do you have a death wish?!”

Feng Wu rolled her eyes. If the teenager hadn’t interrupted her, she would have been a Level 6 Spiritual Master by now! Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu turned to leave, in case she lost her temper and lashed out at him.

Ning Chenxi had no idea what he had done. Walking side by side with Feng Wu, he said, “Young lady, be reasonable. It’s a dangerous world out here. Shall I escort you back home? By the way, which family do you belong to?”

After he figured that out, he could ask his mother to propose a marriage with the girl’s family later, hahaha — such was what Ning Chenxi had in mind.

Feng Wu took a deep breath and stared at Ning Chenxi. “Stop following me.”

“If I do, what if those wolves come back?”

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