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Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 163: Do You Know What A Minister of the Grand Council Is?

Chapter 163: Do You Know What A Minister of the Grand Council Is?

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Feng Wu stopped talking and picked up speed, and Ning Chenxi sped up as well.

“Why, little sister, that’s not bad at all. I see you’re a Level 5 Spiritual Master already.” Ning Chenxi praised her, but Feng Wu said nothing in reply.

When they reached the safe circle, Feng Wu saw that Qiuling had everything packed and ready for departure.

Feng Wu said, “You guys go inside. I’ll drive the carriage.”

Qiuling wouldn’t have it. “But, Miss —”

Feng Wu shook her head. “We must leave here ASAP.”

Qiuling nodded. She then carried the beautiful lady while Granny Zhao helped Uncle Qiu into the carriage.

No sooner had Feng Wu raised her whip when that teenager sat down next to her in a familiar manner and reached out his hand. “Young lady, such manual labor defiles your beauty. Let me help you.”

Feng Wu couldn’t help but dart a look at him. “Who on earth are you?”

Ning Chenxi’s eyes widened. “You’ve never heard of me before? I can’t believe it. I’m THE Ning Chenxi. My dad is the governor of Anyuan Province. So rest assured, everyone will make way for you here in Anyuan when I’m around. Hahaha —”

The governor of Anyuan Province was considered a high officer of the frontier, for there were only 36 provinces in the entire Junwu Empire and one had to be exceptionally capable to become a governor of a province.

Feng Wu snorted when she recalled her interrupted cultivation. She then tossed the whip to Ning Chenxi. “Be my guest. Drive carefully, though. We have a wounded person on board.”

Anyone else would have jumped at the opportunity to fawn over the son of a governor. Feng Wu, on the other hand, didn’t even blink before ordering him around.

Ning Chenxi’s temperament was as fine as his family background. He wasn’t offended by Feng Wu’s order at all, but was only too happy to oblige.

One shouldn’t slap someone who had offered their help. The teenager was warm and helpful. Despite being rather goofy, he was a kind man nevertheless. Gradually, Feng Wu would reply and smile at him every now and then.

Hence, when Feng Wu asked him about Anyuan Province, the teenager kept nothing from her and took the opportunity to ingratiate himself with her.

Feng Wu asked in passing, “Why are you here all by yourself?”

Ning Chenxi said, “Well, that’s a long story. My mother’s oldest sister is taking her daughter back to the imperial capital and my mother and I were going to see them off to the border of Anyuan. However, we left something behind and I had to go back to fetch it, which was what slowed me down. No worries, though. I’ll catch up with them soon enough.”

“You aunt is from the imperial capital?”

“That’s right. She married into a much more influential family than mine. Do you know what a minister of the Board of Civil Office is?”

Feng Wu almost rolled her eyes at him. Did she look that ignorant to him?

“The minister of the Board of Civil Office is responsible for the appointment, removal, examination, promotion, transfer, and decoration of all government officials in the empire and is the head of the ministers of all six Boards. Why, is your aunt married to one?”

Ning Chenxi stuck out his chest proudly. “Do you know what a minister of defense is, then?”

Feng family nodded. “Of course. The Grand Council is a policy-making body which assists His Majesty with governing the empire. There are seven ministers of the Grand Council and every single one of them a very powerful official. Those are some very influential people. Why, your aunt is related to one as well?”

“That’s right. My oldest uncle-in-law is a minister on the Board of Civil Office as well as on the Grand Council. That’s very impressive. Don’t you think so?”

Feng Wu nodded.

To find favor in the lovely girl’s eyes, Ning Chenxi wished that he could name all the influential people he knew. He then said cheerfully. “Actually, my uncle-in-law isn’t the most impressive person I know. Have you heard of Northern Feng Mansion?”

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