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Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 164: You Won’t Understand!

Chapter 164: You Won’t Understand!

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Northern Feng Mansion? Feng Wu couldn’t help but think of Feng Xun, which made her arch an eyebrow. “The Northern Feng General who guards the northern frontier and who is said to be able to fend off ten thousand men all by himself?”

“That’s right! He’s my mother’s brother!”

Feng Wu nodded.

The teenager tried his best to strike up a conversation. “Have you heard the name Feng Xun?”

“Feng Xun?” Feng Wu replied in an even voice, unsure what answer she should give.

The teenager asked another question. “Surely you’ve heard of Jun Linyuan, His Royal Highness, then?”

Feng Wu was speechless for a brief moment. The guy was mentioned everywhere, and it would sound unrealistic if she said no. Hence, she gave a nod.

That made Ning Chenxi very excited. “Feng Xun is my cousin and His Royal Highness’s buddy. They grew up together and are very close friends!”

He looked so proud to have Jun Linyuan as his cousin’s friend… Feng Wu didn’t know how to comment on the look on his face.

“You don’t believe me?” Seeing that Feng Wu wasn’t interested, Ning Chenxi thought that she wasn’t convinced. He said earnestly, “I’m telling the truth! My cousin is really very good friends with His Royal Highness. I used to follow the crown prince around when I was little and lived in the imperial capital. If you want, I can ask my cousin to get His Royal Highness’s autograph for you. All girls like such things, don’t they?”

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say.

Ning Chenxi went on, “When we get to the imperial capital, I can also ask my cousin to take you hunting in the West Mountain. You’ll be able to meet His Royal Highness in person. That’s something many girls can’t stop dreaming about! Would you like that?”

Feng Wu looked at Ning Chenxi with an impassive face and didn’t say a word.

Ning Chenxi was confused. “Why? Are you not happy to hear that?”

Feng Wu was at a loss of what to say. She asked in resignation, “To you people, is Jun Linyuan that awesome a guy?”

Ning Chenxi looked ecstatic. “Of course! His Royal Highness is the only person of my generation that I admire! I’m sure you already know how awesome he is, but do you know what the elders say about him?”

Obviously Ning Chenxi held Jun Linyuan in reverence, for he never addressed the guy by his full name and always used “His Royal Highness.” It was safe to say that to Ning Chenxi, Jun Linyuan was inviolable.

Feng Wu shook her head. “No, I don’t.”

Ning Chenxi’s excitement was apparent. “There was this time when my dad, my uncle-in-law, and my uncle got together and chatted —

“My dad seldom comments on anyone, but that day, he said with excitement that Jun Linyuan was the best gift to us all in the last thousands of years, if not tens of thousands. We’ll be living in the best time ever in the foreseeable future.

“Someone as influential as my uncle-in-law is even more stern and solemn, and barely smiles at all. Even he nodded at that, and said that now was indeed the best time to work as a government official and that our era will be recorded down in history and remembered forever. He said that it was an honor to work as an official in a time like this.”

Feng Wu frowned. “That sounds quite exaggerated.”

“It’s not!” Ning Chenxi stared at Feng Wu. “Northern Feng General, my eldest uncle, is such a haughty and proud man. Even someone like him said that day that because of His Royal Highness, he saw hope for our empire to expand its borders and rule over the entire world! He believes that this is a time of great achievements that will be remembered throughout the ages!”

Feng Wu was baffled. “… Really?”

“You won’t understand!” Ning Chenxi said. “Just think of it this way: with the passage of time and the change in dynasties, the times that are constantly mentioned are the greatest eras.”

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