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Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 166: I’m Not Starting A Fight, I’m Beating Her Up

Chapter 166: I’m Not Starting A Fight, I’m Beating Her Up

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Crouching down in front of Feng Liu, Feng Wu stared at her with a half-smile. “Did you think you could kill me with those Obsidian Wolves? How naive!”

After that, Feng Wu straddled Feng Liu, raised her right fist, and punched Feng Liu in the face!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Feng Wu’s fist came down over and over again, sparing no effort!

With her capability as a Level 5 Spiritual Master, each of Feng Wu’s punches made Feng Liu see stars! Her head spun and the pain was excruciating!

If Feng Wu hadn’t woken up in time or if she hadn’t happened to have the repellent on her, what would have happened to her and her family?

Feng Liu was stupefied!

Ning Chenxi was completely at a loss —

As a matter of fact, Ning Chenxi was terrified by Feng Wu’s decisive move. When he came back to himself, Feng Liu was almost beaten to death.

She was covered in blood… It was such a ghastly sight.

The young lady’s built was so slight that he had thought she would be blown away by the wind. However, she was the Hulk reincarnated when she started fighting. Ning Chenxi hadn’t seen that coming.

“Young lady, don’t fight. You shouldn’t start a fight like this.” Ning Chenxi tried to pull Feng Wu away from Feng Liu.

Feng Wu looked up and smirked. “I’m not starting a fight. I’m beating her up.”

Ning Chenxi realized that she was doing exactly that…

The kind-hearted Ning Chenxi frowned. “Is there a misunderstanding between you two? I don’t think it’s right to hit a girl like this…”

“She lured those Obsidian Wolves there to kill me and you call that a misunderstanding?” Feng Wu snorted. “Do you want to have such a ‘misunderstanding’? I can help you with that.”

That successfully shut Ning Chenxi up.

“But even if you hold a grudge against her…”

“You take revenge at the first opportunity. There’s no warming-up period. Has your mother taught you nothing?” Feng Wu glared at Ning Chenxi, who was in her way.

Ning Chenxi was a naive teenager who was well-protected by numerous guards even when he went into the mountains for his cultivation. Because of his status, all those around him had only treated him with great caution and would do nothing to offend him. Never had anyone said such harsh things to him like Feng Wu.

For a moment, he stood there dazed, not knowing what to do.

” Teehee — ” A woman chuckled behind them.

“Mum —” Ning Chenxi greeted an elegant lady, who stood at the front entrance of Sumeru Temple with one hand on her plump belly and the other supporting her back, in resignation.

Feng Wu looked up at the lady.

She was in her thirties, fair-skinned, and very charming. There was something very courageous about the look on her face, which gave her a rather valiant and heroic bearing. One look and Feng Wu knew that the lady wasn’t someone that would niggle over petty things.

How did a mother like that raise someone as tame as Ning Chenxi?

Feng Wu greeted Mrs Ning with a nod without saying anything.

Mrs Ning found Feng Wu an interesting girl. She smiled and nodded back at Feng Wu in greeting.

However, the lady next to Mrs Ning cast a stern look at Feng Wu and looked displeased. It was obvious that Feng Wu didn’t impress her.

Feng Wu figured that the other lady had to be Ning Chenxi’s aunt, aka the wife of the minister on the Board of Civil Office and on the Grand Council.

Because of Ning Chenxi’s intervention, footsteps came from inside Sumeru Temple. Feng Wu recognized right away that they belonged to Feng Yiran.

Feng Wu had no choice but to rise to her feet and snort at Feng Liu. “I’ll let you live today. We’re not done yet!”

She was as overbearing as she was aggressive.

Mrs Yan’s brow furrowed tighter at those words. She didn’t like this arrogant girl at all.

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