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Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 167: You’re Not in Love with Her, Are You?!

Chapter 167: You’re Not in Love with Her, Are You?!

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Feng Yiran came out, only to see Feng Liu covered in blood. He was obviously shaken. Looking up, he met Feng Wu’s gaze.

What a pair of eyes! In them was a mix of aplomb, sneer, contempt, and ridicule…

Feng Yiran drew in his breath!

He had the exact same thought as Feng Liu: Feng Wu was still alive!

Looking behind Feng Wu, he saw her mother, Uncle Qiu, and the others… they were all alive!

“Did you hit your sister?!” Feng Yiran moved closer to Feng Wu and looked down at her with a grim look in his eyes.

Ning Chenxi’s heart raced when he saw the ferocious look in Feng Yiran’s eyes. Before he knew it, he had gone up to Feng Wu’s side!

He would come to Feng Wu’s aid if Feng Yiran tried anything!

Feng Wu stared back at Feng Yiran with a half-smile on her face. “I have no sister. Although, Feng Yiran, aren’t you going to ask why I’m still standing here alive?”

Feng Yiran smirked. “Why shouldn’t you be? You fell behind a little, that’s all. You caught up with us now, haven’t you?”

Feng Yiran gave Feng Wu a threatening look, taking for granted that Feng Wu would get what he meant!

“I see you’re going to deny it completely. That’s ok. I still have some Bloody Flame Fright Liquid left. That’s like the Obsidian Wolves’ favorite snack, isn’t it?”

Feng Yiran clenched his fists. How dare this smug girl threaten him?! He would really like to snap her tiny neck now!

However, Ning Chenxi stood resolutely by Feng Wu’s side and kept his intimidating gaze on Feng Yiran. If the latter tried anything, Ning Chenxi wouldn’t hesitate to retaliate!

One had to admit that Ning Chenxi was a very capable teenager.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Not daring to make any reckless move, Feng Yiran dragged Feng Liu back into the temple guiltily!

Feng Wu smiled a little. Feng Liu would have to lick her wounds on her own now.

“What kind of person are you?!” Just then, someone shouted at Feng Wu in an untimely fashion.

Looking up, Feng Wu saw a girl about 15 or 16 in age. She wore a lilac dress and had nice features. However, she looked rather angry, and was directing all of her fury at Feng Wu!

Feng Wu looked back at her in confusion.

“That was your own sister back there! How could you beat her up like that? So what if you have some talent? Come! Fight me now!” The girl in lilac glared at Feng Wu and challenged her!

“Yan Yan! You’re only making things more complicated!” Ning Chenxi was flustered. He had no idea that the girl he liked would make her debut this way, and was even more surprised when his cousin, who liked to right wrongs, jumped out like that. He had been trying to persuade his mother to propose a marriage to the lovely girl’s family only a moment ago.

Ning Chenxi said to Feng Wu, “Sorry about that. This is Yan Yan, my cousin. She’s rather ignorant. Please don’t mind her.”

“Cousin!” Yan Yan flared up and pointed at Feng Wu. “Did I ask you to apologize for me? That scumbag beat up her own sister and she tried to kill her! How can you speak up for someone like that? Didn’t you see how miserable that other girl was?”

Ning Chenxi said, “I’m sure it’s all just a misunderstanding…”

“That doesn’t give her any excuse to beat her sister up! She’s a piece of shit!” Yan Yan threw Ning Chenxi a dirty look. “Cousin, you’re not in love with her, are you?”

“I…” Ning Chenxi looked at Yan Yan and Feng Wu in turn, not knowing what to say.

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