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Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 168: Don’t Even Think About It

Chapter 168: Don’t Even Think About It

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Yan Yan shrieked, “Cousin! You’re so… Are you blind or what?! I’m telling you, don’t be fooled by her pretty face. She’s evil inside! Come back in with me! You need to stay away from her!”

Ning Chenxi shook his head. “You guys go in first!”

After that, he ran up to Feng Wu and said with a smile, “Look, it’s getting dark soon and I think it’s going to rain. You shouldn’t be traveling in such conditions. Even if you can take it, your fellow travelers may get sick, won’t they? My family is well acquainted with the abbot here. How about you get some rest here tonight and resume your journey tomorrow?”

If it was up to Feng Wu, she wouldn’t go inside. However, Ning Chenxi did have a point. She could stand a little rain, but not her beautiful mother and the others. As for what attitude those people would give her… Feng Wu didn’t give a damn who rolled their eyes at them.

Feng Wu nodded, then helped her mother inside, not feeling burdened at all.

Sumeru Temple wasn’t a big one at all. There was only one hall in total, and because the backyard had been destroyed by a fire recently, everyone had to stay in the main hall, but each team took a separate corner.

Ning Chenxi’s family took up half of the space, Feng Yiran one quarter, while Feng Wu settled down in the remaining quarter.

Ning Chenxi was helping Feng Wu get things ready. His mother didn’t say anything, but Mrs Yan wouldn’t have it. With a stern look on her face, she reprimanded, “Ning Chenxi, get over here!”

Ning Chenxi had found this aunt of his terrifying since he was little. His hand jolted at the bellow, but he still smiled at Feng Wu. “Let me go see what it’s about. I’ll be back to help you soon.”

Feng Wu waved her hands. “That’s really unnecessary. I’ve got everything covered.”

“No, no, please wait for me. I’ll be right back —” Ning Chenxi ran back to his family after that.

Mrs Yan glared at Ning Chenxi. “What’s that all about? How do you know her and why did you come here together?!”

Mrs Yan had always wanted to marry her daughter Yan Yan to Ning Chenxi, for the boy had grown up by her side and she preferred a son-in-law she knew through and through. However, the brat was courting some other girl now and Mrs Yan was furious!

Ning Chenxi said, “I saw her surrounded by Obsidian Wolves on my way here, so I helped her drive the wolves away. After that, we just traveled together here.”

The main hall was an open space and neither Mrs Yan nor Ning Chenxi tried to keep their voices down. Hence, everyone heard what they said.

Feng Yiran was treating Feng Liu’s wounds. At those words, he exchanged grim looks with Feng Liu. Ning Chenxi! It had indeed been his doing!

Feng Liu stared at Ning Chenxi with eyes that spat venom. Feng Wu would have been long dead if it wasn’t for that man! And she wouldn’t have gone through such humiliation!

“Ning Chenxi is the son of Ning Zhiyuan, the governor of Anyuan Province,” Feng Yiran reminded Feng Liu in a cold voice!

“His eldest uncle-in-law is the minister on the Board of Civil Office and on the Grand Council!

“And his eldest uncle is the Northern Feng General, Feng Xun’s father!”

The guy was so well-connected! Feng Liu didn’t dare resent Ning Chenxi anymore. Instead, she stared at Feng Wu. “I’ll remember what you did forever, Feng Wu! One day, I’ll chop you into pieces myself!”

Meanwhile, Mrs Yan and Yan Yan were both eyeing Ning Chenxi sternly, especially Mrs Yan, who was warning Ning Chenxi in a serious tone, “Ning Chenxi, I’m telling you, you’ve already given her the necessary help – stay away from her from now on! I forbid you from going near her again!”

Ning Chenxi lowered his gaze and no one knew what was going on in his head.

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