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Godly Empress Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 169: I Won’t Argue With a Dying Woman

Chapter 169: I Won’t Argue With a Dying Woman

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Yan Yan nodded repeatedly. “Cousin, a woman as fierce as that won’t need your help! She’s perfectly capable of doing all the fighting herself. Your top priority now should be my aunt’s health. She had a tummy ache just a while ago!”

Ning Chenxi asked Mrs Ning in a hurry, “Mother, are you alright?”

Mrs Ning smiled broadly. “Don’t worry. It only hurts a little. I’ll be fine after some rest. Although, what happened back there was indeed a family affair. It isn’t appropriate to get too involved.”

“I see…” Ning Chenxi lowered his head.

Over in the other corner, Feng Liu heard their conversation and was elated! Without Ning Chenxi’s help, Feng Wu was doomed! She threw another dirty look at Feng Wu.

Having vented her anger on Feng Liu, Feng Wu felt great at the moment. Right now, she had set up an iron pot over the fire to boil some water before putting some dried noodles in it.

After the noodles were cooked, she put them into four wooden bowls, then sprinkled them with her specially made condiments and dried vegetables.

Soon, a remarkable aroma filled the hall, making everyone’s mouths water.

Yan Yan darted a look in Feng Wu’s direction, intrigued. It was just boiled noodles, but why was theirs so… appetizing? What had they put in it?!

Because they were in a temple, all meat and fish were forbidden. The Ning family was also making noodles, but it was nothing compared with Feng Wu’s. The Ning family was simply boiling noodles in plain water, which didn’t look appealing at all.

Ning Chenxi had already run up to Feng Wu with his bowl and he stared at her with puppy-dog eyes.

Recalling how he had stood up for her outside, Feng Wu sighed. “We don’t have much left. Half a bowl is all I can give you.”

“No problem!” Ning Chenxi beamed at her.

Ning Chenxi’s eyes lit up after a small bite. He gave Feng Wu a thumbs up with an exaggerated expression on his face. “Gosh! This is great! It’s scrumptious! That’s the most tasty noodles I’ve ever tried in my life!”

Yan Yan was very displeased at Ning Chenxi’s compliment of Feng Wu. She smirked at Feng Wu. “Little sister, I see you’ve learned to trade your good looks for favors at such a young age. How impressive!”

Feng Wu was going to deny it, but seeing the jealous look on Yan Yan’s face, she gave the latter a half-smile. “At least I’m good-looking enough to do that. You’re welcome to try.”

“You!” Yan Yan almost had a heart attack!

No one could deny Feng Wu’s unmatched beauty.

Yan Yan, on the other hand, was a pleasant-looking girl at most.

Mrs Yan frowned and cast a stern look at Yan Yan. “It’s important for a girl to be demure, humble, impassive, and mild. What kind of behavior is that?”

“Mother, she started it first!” Yan Yan protested, biting her lower lip. She didn’t like that girl. Not at all!

Mrs Yan glowered at Yan Yan. “Are you going to copy how ill-bred people behave now? Have you forgotten everything I’ve taught you? You’re retaking your etiquette classes after we get back to the imperial capital!”

Mrs Yan threw Feng Wu a dirty look full of contempt as she said this.

Examining Mrs Yan’s face, Feng Wu smiled a little. She asked Ning Chenxi, “Is that your eldest aunt?”

“Yes. Please don’t be mad at her. She speaks harsh words, but she’s all kind and soft deep down…”

Feng Wu waved her hand. “I’m not mad at her.”

“You’re such a kind person.”

“I won’t get angry with a dying woman.” Feng Wu smiled.

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