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Godly Model Creator (Web Novel) - Chapter 807: The indignant Tian family!

Chapter 807: The indignant Tian family!

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Light brilliance circulated.

A loud roar, accompanied by a wave of dazzling light blasting into the sky, everyone became dumbfounded.


The glory light, which was about to pour down, turned into an endless energy rain that fell all over the Federation. Everyone stared at this scene, losing their voice. What happened? Wasn’t it a success? Wasn’t it a breakthrough? What was that chain in the end? What the hell is going on?

What happened?

No one knew.


When they heard a scream, everyone then was able to faintly guess that the esper who attempted to be the strongest esper seemed to have failed.


Everything returned to normal.

“It’s over?”

Everyone dared not believe.

The borrowed power returned, and the pressure on the entire Federation disappeared. Everything seemed to have gone back to normal. If not for the energy within their bodies, reducing by a margin, no one would have known what happened just now. After a moment of silence, the entire Federation was engaged in a heated discussion.

What happened just now?

First of all, the ring from the world bell. With more than ten rings, it shocked everyone, and the shock didn’t include those who broke through into the world realm! And those people all came from two places, the Zhang family and Tian family of the top ten families. If one says that they aren’t colluding, no one would believe them even if they’re beaten to death!

In this peaceful era, such an occurrence is already quite insane. After all, before Su Hao, this world bell hadn’t woken up for a very long time.

Obviously, the Tian family and Zhang family had some sort of conspiracy going on behind the curtain.

This is a big matter, but when the ensuing event happened, the crowd realized the waking of the world bell was just an appetizer.

A breakthrough into the strongest esper, this is definitely the craziest move!

In this era, where the strongest esper represents God, once that man breaks through, he would definitely achieve the status of being invincible, opening a new era for the Federation. What surprised people was he was succeeding! Borrowing power from the entire Federation, he had now reached the critical point of the breakthrough and would soon become the strongest esper.

Was it over just like that?

Of course not!

The most incomprehensible thing is that at the last moment when that man was about to become the strongest esper, a rusty and antique-looking chain suddenly appeared out of nowhere as it smashed and shattered all the hope.

All the glory turned into nothingness in an instant.

“What was that thing?” Someone trembled.

“Not sure, it came out from empty space.”

“The most glorious moment of a peak world esper can actually be destroyed like that. What kind of power is that? Could it be that in this world, being the strongest esper is impossible?”

“Don’t know. When that chain appeared, my entire soul shuddered. It seems like if I am to take another peek at it, I will get destroyed.”

“I am more interested in why that power appeared. Is that something that will be present when all peak world esper attempt to breakthrough or intervention from a third party or a conspiracy from the berserk beast?”

Everyone speculated, but no one knew the truth.

Even the peak world espers couldn’t comprehend that scene as they recalled it.

Tian family’s manor.

The Tian family’s members went crazy.

Just one final step!

Just that one step, and they would have succeeded! The strongest esper, this was the closest the Tian family has ever gotten in achieving it, yet all their hope was shattered.

“How could this be…”

Some people were looking dazed.

“Exactly where did that power come from?”

Some people were shocked, “To be able to drag someone from taking the throne of the strongest esper, how strong of an esper is this? Does this world really have such strength? If yes, why has he never appeared and helped humanity? What is that chain, a weapon?”

There were too many doubts!

Everyone couldn’t understand. That strike of the chain is destined to become the nightmare that some won’t be able to get rid of in their lifetime.

That night, the Federation was destined not to be calm.

The entire Federation was in an uproar.

The attempt got terminated.

There was no movement from the one responsible for the chain. It wasn’t clear who it was, or whether it’s a man or not! The glory did scatter, but that still couldn’t stop the anger of those from the Tian family.

“So what if we don’t have the strongest esper?”

“Our initial plan, doesn’t it already consider the factor of the breakthrough being a failure?” Tian Gang stood up coldly and then commanded in anger, “All disciples of the Tian family, prepare for war! Within the next three months, I want to destroy the remaining eight major families. Within the next six months, I want to clean up all the other forces! After one year, I want only one voice in the entire world, a voice that belongs to the Tian family!”


Everyone trembled.

In the Tian family’s manor, those disciples who just joined the family were dumbfounded. All those ridiculous actions in the past were finally justified. It turned out that the Tian family not only had a plan to aim for the strongest esper but were also ready to dominate the world, and these people just happen to present at the right time.

Declaring war?

On the entire Federation?

These people were still overwhelmed.

“If the Tian family really unites the world, you all will be senior figures, won’t you?” Tian Gang’s mouth revealed a smile. Those casual words made those at the scene have their blood boiling. Yes, if the Tian family really dominates the world, they as someone who fought for it…

That’s supreme glory!

“Are everyone ready then?”

“We are willing to serve the Tian family!”

Everyone shouted.

“Great.” Tian Gang said coldly, “Then, fight!”


The exciting atmosphere at the scene was an interesting one. It was so infectious that everyone got affected by the atmosphere, having their blood boiling. Among them, the only one who remained calm was Su Hao alone, who had been watching this scene unfold from the sidelines. From the beginning, he kept his composure.

Even when the Tian family declared war, that didn’t even leave a ripple in his heart.

The only thing that caught his excitement was that chain that came out of nowhere. Just one swipe and the attempt to become the strongest esper scattered! What was even more unbelievable was that he felt a hint of familiarity on that chain.

“Who is it? The Su family’s old ancestor?” Su Hao pondered.

However, no matter who it was, he had finally witnessed the might of a peak world esper with his own eyes. The one who borrowed strength from the entire Federation to breakthrough into the strongest esper! That swing of the chain was even more terrifying! So this is the true power of a peak world esper?

If he has such strength…

Su Hao clenched his fists and looked at his own body. 60% accumulation, no matter how much change the world experiences, he would firmly continue this path.

Another 40%!

Whether or not his talent makes a full comeback, whether or not the mysterious card is still there…

Let me see the hope!

To be the strongest esper!

The flame in Su Hao’s heart had never been this fiery before.

Only when he breaks through into the domain realm and everything returns to normal, can he see himself having the qualification to become the strongest esper! If this is to be heard by others, they would have laughed it off. A peak professional esper is contemplating whether or not he can become the strongest esper.

Isn’t it too absurd?

However, for Su Hao, that’s reality!

He still remembered the rumor evaluating him as unable to step into the world realm. Although he didn’t know where it came from, he knew that it came from the mouth of world espers. However, is that true? He wasn’t sure either.

Model Analysis hadn’t returned, and the mysterious card was still faintly discernible…

He had too much uncertainty.

Even he didn’t know!

Thus, before considering whether he had the qualifications to become the strongest esper, whether or not he can step into the world realm, he needs to settle those uncertainties first. To do so, it’s simple. He just had to complete the final 40% and step into the domain realm.

Whether it’s a success or not, that would depend on the moment of his breakthrough.

“Soon.” Su Hao looked at the exciting crowd.


Perhaps this is an opportunity.

“Are you all ready?” Tian Gang shouted.


Everyone answered.

“Great, then the first battle tonight, follow my lead!” Tian Gang voiced out.

“Set off!”

That night, headed by Tian Gang, with a total of six world espers, followed by the new core disciples of the Tian family, the Tian family fought against one of the top ten families nearby. Under a night surprise attack, the opposing side’s world espers got killed! Four world espers died under the hands of the Tian family.

A family just disappeared like that.

When the news arrived, it shocked the world.

No one would have thought after failing their attempt to breakthrough into the strongest esper, the Tian family would make an unexpected violent action, declaring war!

A top ten families!

Just like that, one of them is gone?

Everyone trembled.

The Tian family is actually this scary? At this time, some people realized the bell rang before this. Yes, the Tian family had been preparing for this many years. Isn’t it all just for this moment? The sound of the bell ringing more than ten times was like a war horn to declare war against the entire Federation!

At the same time, immediately after the Tian family made their move, the Zhang family quietly destroyed another nearby top ten families. One could even say no one survived. That whole family even dispatched six world espers, but no one was spared!

It is said that there was an esper who managed to escape while sustaining heavy injuries. He secretly lurked into the Zhang family and was preparing to wait for a chance to retaliate. However, at the main gate, he got killed by an old man sweeping the ground. Of course, these are just rumors. Whether or not it’s true, no one knew.

No matter what, when this news came out, everyone was speechless.

The Tian family made a move, the Zhang family followed along. In one night, two of the top ten families vanished. That night, countless espers died.

This is war!

Anyone who saw this news was shocked at the death of so many strong espers and the strength of the Tian and Zhang families. Is the gap between those top ten families that huge? No! However, the sudden bell rings of more than ten times had broken the balance!

Until now, the people realized this fact…

A war has arrived!

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