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Godly Model Creator (Web Novel) - Chapter 808: Acquaintance

Chapter 808: Acquaintance

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

In the Federation, a war had arrived!

Destroying two families in one night, the Tian family didn’t hesitate to fight the remaining six families. This is the horror of both the Tian family and the Zhang family combined! Those world espers who just broke through yesterday showed their might in the war. Their terrifying power was so heart-wrenching.

Three months to destroy the top ten families!

This was the slogan roared by the Tian family. This seemingly ridiculous claim, after they destroyed two families yesterday, no one dared to speak against it.

Fortunately, they halted their march after destroying two families.

Everyone knew they were digesting the fruits of the battles. After fighting all night, they needed to take a break too. As for the other families, it became their breathing space. This was too sudden, who would have thought that after more than ten years of peace, the gradually declining Tian family would suddenly declare war?

No one was prepared!

No matter which family it is, they weren’t prepared for such a war. Otherwise, even when the gap in strength is huge, would the battle end in one night? With those two families annihilated, everyone knew that another big battle would break out soon.

They were all preparing.

All members quickly assumed the state of readiness for a huge battle. Those six major families secretly held a meeting, dealing with the declaration of war by both the Tian and Zhang families.

Overnight, the entire atmosphere in the Federation changed drastically.

This was a war between the top ten families. Fortunately, no matter how ferocious the battle is, they didn’t involve other forces or any ordinary people.

As for the other forces, they had no plans to intervene.

Although everyone knew of the unification of the six families, it’s only a matter of time before the Tian family continued their plan. However, before this, everyone needs to know the result, the result of the war. Are you really sure that the Tian family can beat the other six families? Perhaps both sides will suffer losses instead?

The Tian family had an extreme self-confidence. After assessing the strength of those six families, they declared their confidence to the world!

As for the other forces, they just watched from the sidelines, spectating those top ten families killing each other until both suffer losses. Meanwhile, the Federation and Origin Ability Association had chosen to close one eye. It was said that an elder of Origin Ability Association had made an evaluation of this battle that affects the entire Federation.

The entire Federation is in chaos.

All the top ten families had now entered into a state of readiness.

As for such chaos, it didn’t affect Su Hao and the others. They participated in the battle yesterday, but they were just there to fill the numbers. The indignant Tian family sent out six world espers, and under Tian Gang’s leadership, they destroyed the enemy with ease.

This was the first move by the Tian family.

Swift like lightning!

They would never rely on this group of unknown espers for such an important battle. The reason why they let Su Hao and the others to follow is to display the Tian family’s strength. Shut down any evil desires and truly fight for the Tian family!

In fact, what they did was right!

These rogue espers… oh, no, these self-cultivators, ones who struggle in a time of chaos, even after reaching the peak domain realm, the insecurity in their heart still remained. The Tian family gave them what they lack the most. After destroying a big family overnight, such shock was hard to imagine.

“Damn, the Tian family is so strong.”

“This is our chance. Hehe, look, the other families couldn’t even hold a candle against the Tian family. To sign that contract yesterday was simply the right move!”

“It’s a total slaughter!”

This was the most frequent phrase heard by Su Hao about the battle.

Can you imagine the scene of a group of domain espers gossiping? These famed espers, which people idolized, were not different than those ordinary citizens in Tian City. Obviously, the might of the Tian family and the incomprehensible vanity had made them lose their minds.

For Su Hao, the thing he is concerned about is the distribution of resources.

After the war, in order to encourage them, the Tian family gave rich resources to everyone.

The post-war Tian family was like a parvenu.

However, these were still not enough for Su Hao!


Su Hao looked at the energy accumulated into his physical body before sighing. These resources are sufficient for any domain esper to cultivate for a year, yet it only increased his progress by a mere 2%.

“With such speed, I will have to cultivate till old age.” Su Hao was a little depressed.

The professional realm is already this hard, what about the domain realm then?

In fact, the middle progress of energy accumulation wasn’t his worry. The only thing he is worried about is the accumulation during a bottleneck. If he’s to experience the same thing when trying to breakthrough into the world realm after reaching the domain realm…

He could only smile like a fool.

At that time, he could only resort to becoming the enemy of the entire world, plundering energy everywhere. Even if he’s to use all the resources in the Federation to breakthrough, would that be enough?

He wasn’t sure!

“I hope that mysterious card can bring some pleasant surprises then.” Su Hao soon put this matter in the back of his mind.

When the battle began, the big elder did contact him. Su Hao briefly explained the situation of the Tian family to him, and let them handle it. Su Hao felt that it’s better to not personally intervene in this matter. His knowledge in this area is close to zero. Apart from creating more chaos, he really didn’t know what to do.

Thus, it’s more appropriate to hand this over to the big elder.

Of course, the details Su Hao provided regarding the Tian family shocked the big elder for a long time. Of course, Su Hao dare not tell him that he’s now in the Tian family. Otherwise, the big elder would have raged. After saying a few mysterious lines, he cut off the communication.

The matter of the Su family was just a small episode.

Su Hao didn’t think that he’s any better than those old men. Both the Tian and the Zhang family’s attack seemed ferocious, but it’s mostly on the merit of a surprise attack. After all, who would have imagined that the gradually declining Tian family would go out of control in a night? And to possess such terrifying strength?

In one night, without any guards, those two families were destroyed.

After this news spread, it caused all the other families to be on high alert, it won’t be easy for the Tian family to attack anymore, which is why Tian Gang set a three months time limit. Or else, the Tian family could have ended this war in three days, uniting the entire Federation, right?

Su Hao believed that after making preparations, all the families’ trump cards would appear one by one. This war is probably going to last longer than one might imagine.

As for the Su family’s matters, Su Hao didn’t consider it for long.

After considering that the Su family won’t face any big issues, Su Hao shifted his attention back to his main concern, energy!

There are still 38% to go!

How much is that?

Su Hao estimated that it should be around the energy he absorbed at the Su family. Obviously, it should be something that a top ten family has. This meant that if Su Hao wanted to breakthrough, he would need to plunder energy from the families defeated yesterday by 50%…

Will the Tian family agree?

Of course not.

Su Hao guessed that if he’s to ask for this, he would either be blasted out or killed on the spot as a spy.

“What to do?”

Su Hao thought hard; the only method he has now is to fish in troubled waters. Only when this water becomes more complex, can he fish happily.

As he pondered, one man came to the camp, causing a commotion.


“Clan Head is here, quick.”

“Clan Head? Who?”

Su Hao looked up in astonishment. When he had a quick glance, he smiled. The Clan Head of the Tian family had changed. He’s someone Su Hao knew. Who is this acquaintance he can meet in the Tian family?

Tian Zi!

Su Hao didn’t expect that after several turns and twists, Tian Zi would become Clan Head!

Looking at his strength, Su Hao felt sorry. Level five domain realm, although that’s considered powerful to an average person, it’s obviously doesn’t match someone like Tian Zi who had been cultivated since young. Su Hao understood how he ended up as a Clan Head.

To simply put it, he’s there as a puppet.

“What a poor child.” Su Hao sighed.

Apparently, after being defeated by Su Hao many times and that Xiao Die’s incident, the past arrogant Tian Zi had been reduced to such a sorry state.

In fact…

The temperament of his entire self had changed.


As if noticing Su Hao’s gaze, Tian Zi looked over there. Su Hao just nodded with a smile, causing Tian Zi to turn his head uncomfortably.

“Who is that?” Tian Zi frowned and asked someone around him.

Without knowing why, when he saw that big man for the first time, he felt uncomfortable and disgusted from the depth of his bones. That gaze of the big man made him even more in a bad mood. Who is he? The Tian family’s Clan Head! Although he knew that his position wasn’t high, it’s obviously not something a domain esper can look down on! That sympathetic look in the gaze really hurt his self-esteem.

If Su Hao knew this, he would probably smile bitterly.

He just gave a casual look, and that hurt Tian Zi’s soul? This proud genius that everyone looked up to in the past, how fragile is his current self-esteem?

“His name is Lin Hu.” With a brief introduction from an underling, Tian Zi then understood.

Because of the details done by Lin Hu in Tiankeng, his incomparable, unique talent is enough to have an advantage in many special missions. Tian Gang also paid more attention to this guy named Lin Hu.

“No matter he’s so arrogant.” Tian Zi smirked, “I thought there was a war preparation mission? Give it to him.”

“This…” The underling hesitated for a moment, “Clan Head, this isn’t good. After all, he’s under the care of Senior Tian Gang.”

“Who is the Clan Head here? You or me?” Tian Zi said angrily.

“I will arrange for it immediately.” The underling said in a hurry. Only then did Tian Zi sneered, but he didn’t notice that the underling shook his head while looking at him. It’s precisely because of such a temperament that you’re just a puppet.

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