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Godly Model Creator (Web Novel) - Chapter 809: Strategic Mission

Chapter 809: Strategic Mission

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“What chaos.” Su Hao looked at the current situation of the world and became quite emotional.

The Tian and Zhang families depended on their overpowering strength to clash with the other families. In one night, they destroyed two families in a surprise attack and were now in a stalemate with the other six families. As for small forces, they had to pick a side and fight together. In the meantime, the Federation and other non-family forces chose to watch. As for the beasts, they would stay even further away, watching mankind fighting against each other.

This scene is so perfect that Su Hao dared not think about it.

In theory, with the existence of berserk beasts, things shouldn’t develop to such a degree. At least, while having to face the threat of beasts, mankind should be temporarily united.


You can’t ignore the Tian family’s arrogance.

The Tian family attempted to become the strongest esper; they believed the Mandate. They moved to destroy the other forces first before moving onto the Federation, in order to dominate the entire world and unite mankind. The next action would be attacking the berserk beasts. Although many thought this war is a joke, the Tian family had a strong sense of self-confidence and thought that they were unmatched.

“Their brain must have short-circuited from too much cultivation.” Su Hao made this comment.

The Tian family had been sitting on the top spot for too long, and their brains also began to have issues.

If it’s as simple as what they think, this world would have long been unified. Forget about the others, Su Hao was well aware of the Federation and Origin Ability Association secretly plotting in the dark. That Zuo Xiaoyou was the best example. Who would have imagined one would lurk around for over a decade?

From here, one can see how ruthless the Federation can be.

In addition, there were still many mysterious problems regarding this world, which seemed to have been neglected. This seemingly peaceful Federation had too many mysteries. These matters, could they be as simple as what the Tian family thought?

In addition to cultivation, Su Hao would occasionally think about such matters, and then considered how to reap the rewards for himself in this chaos. However, what he didn’t expect was before he managed to think of one, a reward just sent itself to him.

“Lin Hu?”


“Join Team F to carry out a strategic mission.”


Su Hao was assigned to Team F.

A small team of ten, besides Su Hao, there were a total of eight absolute domain espers and a peak domain esper as the captain. If such strength is placed in the Federation, it’s sufficient to destroy any small family lacking a world esper. However, in the Tian family, such strength is only a small team.

Su Hao had a quick look.

Those who joined the Tian family recently had all been dispatched for missions. They were not afraid of those espers rebelling with the existence of the footprint. Moreover, every ten men squad would have a person who originally belonged to the core disciple of the Tian family to lead the team in performing the mission.


All ten men of Team F arrived.

The captain was the only peak domain esper and also an original member of the Tian family. As for the other nine members, they were all like Su Hao and participated in Tiankeng. Su Hao hadn’t seen them before.

Obviously he hadn’t seen them before because those he had seen were all killed under his hands…

“My name is Xie Te, the captain of Team F.” Xie Te coldly said. Having a quick glance at the team, his eyes halted at Su Hao, “You’re Lin Hu?”

“You know me?” Su Hao was amazed.

“Of course.” Xie Te smiled with a hint of fear flashing from his eyes, “Your performance in Tiankeng has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. I hope that you are capable of displaying meritorious deeds during the mission.”

“Yes!” Su Hao responded loudly.

As for the other members, they could only look at each other in dissatisfaction. Everyone just joined the Tian family and are eager to perform meritorious deeds, but never did they expect that from the start, this man called Lin Hu already received their favor. Everyone is also an absolute domain esper. On what basis is he better than others?

“Haha.” Xie Te didn’t add much, “After everyone is ready, we will move.”


Everyone shouted in unison.

The aircraft took off, carrying everyone. Before it took off, Su Hao seemed to know a gesture an absolute domain esper quietly showed to an outside staff member. As he carefully recalled the gesture, Su Hao’s expression turned grave…

That sign…

He saw it in the textbook before; kill!

Who does he want to kill?

Is it the mission or something else? Although there are not many clues, Su Hao didn’t think that it’s a joke among friends. Now, he would pay extra attention to this man.

Being alone outside, he had to be careful of each step.

“What are you thinking?” Xie Te couldn’t help but ask after noticing Su Hao being absent-minded.

“Nothing.” Su Hao scratched his head and continued in a straightforward manner, “I am thinking of what mission we are going to do this time.”

Everyone turned serious, listening to him.

In order to prevent the mission from being leaked, they knew nothing about the mission before they left. Even Xie Te as the captain wasn’t sure either.

“We’ll know soon.” Xie Te looked at the time. If nothing went wrong, it should be about the time for it to be revealed.


Their communication devices rang. Everyone quickly opened it. When they had a peek, they revealed a strange look. Even Su Hao was no exception.


Mission Name: Strategic Materials Collection

Mission Content: Go to Dream City and collect strategic materials, Nitai artifacts, a total of 386 pieces of equipment. After completing the quest, return to Tian City in secret. Nitai artifacts, when gathered together, will trigger too large energy fluctuation. After Clan Head uses a special technique to conceal the fluctuation, due to the targets being huge, an aircraft can’t be used. Only transportation via land is possible. One needs to pay attention to safety issues.

Mission Receiver: Team F

Progress: 0%


“Nitai artifacts?”

“386 pieces of equipment?”

Everyone felt a bit stupefied.

Although they were ready for war mission, the first mission already scared them to death. Nitai artifact isn’t strange but 386 pieces, isn’t that a little frightening? Those who had never seen a Nitai artifact before were even more shocking. Such amount…

“So it’s this mission.” Xie Te suddenly understood and laughed at everyone’s reaction, “Are you that surprised?”

“Of course, how could there be so many?!”

Everyone was speechless.

Su Hao was indeed a little stunned because, at this time, he thought of the Jin family. In the past, wasn’t the Jin family collecting Nitai artifacts like this too? If a family with dozens of Nitai artifacts worked for the Tian family, isn’t it normal for the Tian family to be able to collect such an amount?

Nitai artifacts are always something unique. Someone as weak as a specialized esper is already qualified to use it, and a domain esper could fully utilize it. Each Nitai artifact has a powerful ability. Weak ones can increase the overall combat capability. As for the strong ones, they could even use unique origin techniques, for example…

The light sword of the Chen family!

Although it would take a long time to recover after being used once, to be able to tear space as a specialized esper, it’s obviously a heaven-defying Nitai artifact.

Just that, such Nitai artifacts are rare.

Most Nitai artifacts are support types. Although one gains a benefit, the effect is weak.

However, despite this, the strength of a Nitai artifact is unquestionable.

From the specialized realm all the way to the domain realm, Nitai artifacts plays an important role in battles. As for Su Hao himself? He had never taken this thing seriously. Not because there is no chance, but he lacked time… a harsher word would be he lacked energy.

After one obtains a Nitai artifact, a lot of time of energy is needed to cultivate it so that it can exert its power. For Su Hao, time and energy are the most precious things!

To waste time on these foreign objects?

Absolutely not!

The existence of Model Analysis allowed him to have a good position of his own strength. To beat someone higher level is a common thing. This Nitai artifact is just something optional for him. After having this physical ability talent, a Nitai artifact is indeed useful, but…

Where could he find the energy to cultivate it?

Thus, in short, a Nitai artifact is a pile of waste to Su Hao.

Of course, he felt that he didn’t have to waste time on this. No matter how powerful a Nitai artifact is, once one reaches the peak of the domain realm, it no longer has any use because it’s ineffective against any world esper. Because once one reaches such a realm, they have something of similar strength, boundary spirit.

From a perspective, a boundary spirit is like an upgraded version of a Nitai artifact.

However, one needs to condense a boundary spirit by himself; because of this, a boundary spirit is tailor-made for oneself and is extremely powerful.

I already have a boundary spirit myself, what’s the need to use a Nitai artifact?

Su Hao comforted himself.

“These are all the Nitai artifacts collected by the Tian family in the past years. To collect these without being detected by Origin Ability Association isn’t easy.” Xie Te smiled, “However, since the war began, obviously such strength needs to be used. Our Clan Head is hoping for each domain esper to keep one for oneself.”


“Is this real or not?”

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

“Of course.” Xie Te smirked, “I forget to tell you that the reward for this mission is to have the right to select your personal Nitai artifact first.”

Everyone felt happy.

With so many Nitai artifacts, as long as they choose a suitable one, their overall strength would definitely increase by a large margin!

If they can choose first, then the reward for this mission is simply great.

“Great.” Xie Te regained his serious look, “The mission reward is great, but we need to return successfully first. Since the higher-ups arranged everything for us, we won’t face any problems when collecting them, but the trouble begins when we return! You all have seen the details of the mission. We can only walk back on foot!”

“This means an unimaginable danger!”

Everyone turned serious.

“In the Federation, for us, the threat of beasts is negligible, but if the other families take action, we will be in trouble. In theory, our mission should be confidential, but keeping a secret is never easy in this era. Thus, if necessary, we can only fight our way through!”

“Don’t worry too much. Unless a world esper takes action, it’s not something that our small team needs to be afraid of.” Xie Te eased the tense atmosphere.

After watching the members calm down, he asked a strange question, “Is there anyone here who mastered energy wings?”

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