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Godly Model Creator (Web Novel) - Chapter 853: There is a beast roaming around

Chapter 853: There is a beast roaming around

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Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Somewhere in a flat empty land, the wind was so cold that it bit him, while its coldness penetrated to the depth of his bones.

The violent cold wind made one almost impossible to open their eyes. Such a large bare land, yet not a single sight of man to be seen. It was impossible for anyone to survive in such a place, but at this moment, there seemed to be some noise accompanying the blowing wind, “Chen Ge, damn you!”


Su Hao spat out his saliva as his mouth was filled with ice.

With his physical fitness, such coldness did not affect him, but that nasty wind blew directly into his eyes! Everything was heading toward his body, which caused him to be in such a mess.

This damn broken place!

It took Su Hao several days to get used to it.

The wind was very strong; it was so strong that it was mind-blowing! If not for Su Hao’s current physical fitness, he would have long been blown away. Any ordinary domain esper isn’t qualified to stand here! However, Su Hao couldn’t understand. Why did Chen Ge send him here? Could it be that there’s something that he needs here?

Within this crazy wind, Su Hao took one step at a time and didn’t dare to waste any origin energy.

In an unfamiliar place, it’s necessary to always maintain one’s peak combat strength. After walking for a few minutes, it was still empty land. Su Hao activated his 2D mapping and scanned the surrounding. Only after scanning ten thousand meters away, did he finally discover a huge red dot flashing.

“Finally, I see a living being!” Su Hao rejoiced.

In these few days, this was the first time ever Su Hao seeing a response from his 2D mapping, “Let’s go and have a look.”

With such a strong wind, he couldn’t open his eyes. Su Hao rushed toward the location where the red dot was located, but he couldn’t see anyone. Within his synchronous space, it was a total blank.

“What happened?”

Just as this thought appeared in Su Hao’s mind, he felt his surroundings darken.

And then…

The sky had a change.

The sky turned dark.

In Synchronous Playback, he couldn’t see anything else. The surroundings became total darkness. It was as if when the sky turned dark; origin energy was also blocked.

“Strange.” Su Hao frowned slightly. There was still a red dot flashing in his 2D mapping, but he couldn’t see anyone at all.

Could that person be invisible? Su Hao pondered. The interesting part was that the surrounding wind also became still. The night became so peaceful that it terrified him.

“Something is amiss.” Su Hao’s alertness rose.

Although with his current strength that he wasn’t afraid of any ordinary domain esper, he might meet unexpected failure when someone with unique talent such as that lean man shows up. No longer moving, Su Hao sat cross-legged and closed his eyes to meditate. Silently accumulating his strength, he sensed everything around him.

Time seemed to no longer be an element here.

After a very long time, there was then a faint woman’s voice.

“Someone is here!” Su Hao’s spirit trembled in excitement. Although his synchronous space couldn’t be extended, he could still faintly capture that slight sound vibration. However, where did that sound come from? As he was thinking, the ground had a quake. Su Hao wasn’t stable and nearly fell to the ground. It was as if the ground tilted.

Su Hao’s eyes opened wide. He looked at this scene in disbelief.

The ground he was stepping on suddenly slanted.

“This is…”


The land tilted!

A stream of light could be seen coming from the sky. At this moment, the dim world became totally white, and the shielded synchronous space finally able to work again. Su Hao was able to see where he was clearly.

“Holy shit!” Su Hao was stunned.

Without having the chance to think, when he heard more familiar sounds from outside, his body moved, and a powerful origin technique suddenly erupted, “Mountain Breaker!”


A scream could be heard.

Countless roars could be heard within Su Hao’s location. It was so deafening that those horrifying sounds seemed to reverberate between Heaven and Earth. Su Hao calmly looked at this scene. He then saw the white gap became wider and wider. Countless afterimages could be seen traveling in the air, “Phantom Sprint!”



He finally rushed out from the little gap, and that familiar cold wind once again hit his skin. Su Hao’s mouth revealed a bitter smile. He had thought about all sorts of situations he would have to face his enemy, but never would he thought about this. He encountered a terrifying berserk beast! And during the first time they met, he actually got swallowed up!

Yes, at this moment, what stood in front of Su Hao was a berserk beast!

It was a horrifying figure, and sinister at the same time.

It was a giant figure!

The moment Su Hao arrived here, he got swallowed easily. Even the surrounding land got swallowed silently too. Because of this, Su Hao didn’t notice anything. As soon as it went dark, he was then in a different place. Even the surrounding trees were still there. Who would have thought that they would be swallowed?

The era of origin ability is truly amazing.

Su Hao wiped off his beads of sweat. If no one came, he would probably be digested after a while… Although with his strength, this berserk beast couldn’t deal with him.

Within the synchronous space, he had a turn.

Su Hao looked at the person who was fighting with the berserk beast. It was a girl, um… her figure looked so familiar. Su Hao continued to look at her face, and then saw the person who he missed the most, Chen Yiran! She was as cold as always, but Chen Yiran seemed to be more surprised than him at this moment.

“Yiran?” Su Hao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Su Hao?” Chen Yiran opened her mouth for a bit and before managed to absorb the current situation, “Why are you here?”



A roar echoed.

The beast which got injured by Su Hao earlier finally reacted and roared angrily. Its eyes turned red. Chen Yiran noticed that the situation wasn’t looking great, “Go, let’s leave here first.”


Su Hao pulled Chen Yiran away.


The ground split.

There was a giant hole where the place they stood earlier. Su Hao had some cold sweat. When he was inside, he couldn’t feel how terrifying this beast was. If he got hit by that claw, he could have to suffer heavy consequences.


Cold ice suddenly emerged.

Chen Yiran waved her hands, trying to delay the beast.

Seeing this, Su Hao didn’t hesitate. Leading Chen Yiran, they turned around to flee. The beast soon got free and chased after them again. Chen Yiran kept using her skill non-stop while Su Hao was running at full speed. The joy of reunion instantly vanished in the pursuit of a terrifying beast.

After all, escaping was the top priority!


Jianghe City.

Chen Ge swayed the goblet in his hand with great interest. Chen Ge’s mouth revealed a strange smile, “At this moment, that brat should be struggling in the polar region, right? The present that I give isn’t something that can be easily found…”

“You need to stay alive.”

“The legendary hurricane stone, can you obtain it?”

“I’m really looking forward to it.”

In the polar region, just as Chen Ge expected, Su Hao just reached here and already got hunted down. Unexpectedly, he accidentally reunited with Chen Yiran, and both of them quickly fled.

At this time, inside the ice crystal house built by Chen Yiran.

On top of a bed, Su Hao laid down and talked about recent things. Chen Yiran listened to the story in distress, but she laughed at the end of the story when she heard he got kicked and thrown here. Su Hao was helpless. The anger he had toward Chen Ge also vanished since he was sent to Chen Yiran.

Knowing that it was tough to travel alone, he was then sent here to accompany his girl. Although it was hard at the start, the result was a happy one. It seemed that Chen Ge isn’t too ruthless.

Su Hao had such thoughts.

Of course, if Chen Ge heard this, he would probably vomit out three liters of blood.

“How about you?”

“I’ve always been here.” Chen Yiran pointed at this ice crystal house and said with a smile, “I have been training here. Master said that only in a life and death situation can I grow stronger!”

“You don’t have to be like this.” Su Hao grabbed her hand, “You don’t have to work this hard.”

“I am not a vase.” Chen Yiran laughed, “Whether it’s for you, master, or myself, I need to work hard. After all, there are too many expectations on me.”

Su Hao hugged her apologetically.

Chen Yiran drew circles on his chest; it was as warm as always.

“Oh, yeah.” Chen Yiran suddenly raised her head, “I think I understand the overall intention of why Chen Ge sent you here.”

“Huh?” Su Hao was a little surprised.

“Don’t you need hurricane force? As far as I know, that beast who chased us earlier has some impure Rule Force. Although I am not sure what’s happening, it is quite certain that the beast must have something to do with hurricane force.” Chen Yiran carefully analyzed.

“It turned out to be this?” Su Hao exclaimed in admiration.

Chen Yiran frowned slightly and then looked at him angrily, “You can’t be thinking that Chen Ge used up the Rule Force he accumulated for months just to send you here to stay with me for a few days?”

Su Hao looked up at the sky.

This is such a shame…

“You!” Chen Yiran ruthlessly pinched him and didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“Well, I can’t help it. After all, I have endured for too long.” Su Hao gave a hollow laugh and felt a little shameful, “I am after all a man. At times, sperm will reach my brain. You would understand, right? Cough, cough…”

“Alright, I will forgive you.” Chen Yiran’s lips gently pecked his face with a slight smile, “Then, this manly master, isn’t it about the time for you to get up?”

Su Hao’s heart instantly warmed up.

Both hadn’t seen each other for such a long time, and the thoughts in their heart now turned into sweetness at this moment.

After getting up, Chen Yiran waved her hand, and the ice crystal house gradually disappeared. Looking at Su Hao’s confused expression, Chen Yiran chuckled, “My training is almost over. The final goal is that beast. However, you have personally witnessed that its Rule Force isn’t easy to deal with.”

“No worry.” Su Hao recalled the situation of them being chased earlier.

Earlier, because they met each other after such a long time and worried about one another, they decided to flee. At this time, they already knew the strength on both sides. Su Hao felt that it’s not impossible to deal with this beast. First of all, this polar region belongs to the Federation, and for a beast to appear here is already strange.

The power of impure Rule Force…

A mysterious and powerful berserk beast…

Recalling the situation of Huangliang City, Su Hao faintly had this thought that things couldn’t be simple. Could this be another special life form again?

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