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Godly Stay-Home Dad (Web Novel)


Hero Zhang Han was frustrated in life originally, but he stepped into the Cultivation World by a stroke of luck. Possessing divine natural gifts, he ascended into the disaster-crossing period step by step. He had imagined his life would not have any hardships anymore, but unfortunately incurred the god thunder since he violated the fate. After he woke up, he was surprised to find that he was reborn, going back a few years ago. He found that the world was different from what it used to be after his rebirth and he had a lovely daughter.

Zhang Han’s fate thus underwent a huge transformation. In the fast-paced urban life, he opened up a place for his daughter to have fun. Because of his daughter’s enthusiasm for food, he opened a restaurant, which attracted countless diners. His business was booming and money did roll in. In his spare time, he also wrote songs to earn extra income. At the same time, he performed a sweet love story with his daughter’s mother…

After his rebirth, he became a godly stay-home dad in the accumulation of experience. “Dote on my daughter and love my daughter” became his life creed. Although a few nasty guys occasionally appeared in his life, they were all beaten off by virtue of his mightiness.

Let’s take a look at how this godly stay-home dad lived in the city and how Zhang Han led his happy life.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 795 The Boisterous Mount New Moon2021-01-14
Chapter 794 When the Rainbow Bridge Rises2021-01-12
Chapter 793 Picking up the Bride2021-01-10
Chapter 792 The Wedding Day2021-01-08
Chapter 791 A Crisis?2021-01-07
Chapter 790 On the Eve of the Wedding2021-01-04
Chapter 789 A Storm Is Coming?2021-01-02
Chapter 788 Learning the Supernatural Power by Himself2020-12-31
Chapter 787 God Realm Cleaner2020-12-30
Chapter 786 The Divine List Is about to Be Opened2020-12-30
Chapter 785 A New Semester2020-12-30
Chapter 784 Zi Yan Cried2020-12-30
Chapter 783 Formation Completed2020-12-30
Chapter 782 Star and Five Elements Formation2020-12-27
Chapter 781 Going Back to Xiangjiang2020-12-25
Chapter 780 A Dispute2020-12-23
Chapter 779 He Will Be Invincible in the World2020-12-21
Chapter 778 Invincible in the Divine Realm?2020-12-19
Chapter 777 Mighty Emperor Qing2020-12-17
Chapter 776 Cultivating the Skin of Demon2020-12-15
Chapter 775 Massive Resources2020-12-13
Chapter 774 Golden Age2020-12-11
Chapter 773 At Compound Interest2020-12-09
Chapter 772 The Test2020-12-08
Chapter 771 Athanasia Demon Gong2020-12-06
Chapter 770 The Arrogant Hei Trio2020-12-04
Chapter 769 The Treasure-seeking Dog2020-12-04
Chapter 768 Leaving Without Hesitation2020-12-04
Chapter 767 Chaos in the Wind Snow School2020-12-04
Chapter 766 Breaking All Resistance2020-12-04
Chapter 765 Asking for Help2020-12-04
Chapter 764 A Son like Zhang Han2020-11-22
Chapter 763 Retiring After Winning Merit2020-11-21
Chapter 762 Retreating the Enemies in One Day2020-11-20
Chapter 761 A Bolt From the Blue2020-11-20
Chapter 760 Sweeping Clean2020-11-18
Chapter 759 Trophies2020-11-18
Chapter 758 Deviating From the Script2020-11-17
Chapter 757 Pointing at the Seven Harmony World2020-11-15
Chapter 756 Innateness Stage2020-11-14
Chapter 755 An All-out War2020-11-13
Chapter 754 Be Ready for a Breakthrough2020-11-13
Chapter 753 Take Him Down!2020-11-11
Chapter 752 Zhang Han Was Exposed2020-11-11
Chapter 751 The Last Time2020-11-10
Chapter 750 Soaring Thunder Clouds2020-11-09
Chapter 749 Irrefutable Evidence2020-11-09
Chapter 748 Retiring After Winning Merit2020-11-09
Chapter 747 Taking the Blame2020-11-05
Chapter 746 Entering the Wind Snow School Once Again2020-11-04
Chapter 745 Dahei’s Fists2020-11-04
Chapter 744 You Cannot Leave2020-11-04
Chapter 743 Breaking the Formation2020-11-04
Chapter 742 Little Hei’s Fangs2020-10-31
Chapter 741 Moved Dong Chen2020-10-30
Chapter 740 Zhang Guangyou Is Stunned Again2020-10-29
Chapter 739 Going Out for Fun Again2020-10-28
Chapter 738 The Third Generation of the Martial Arts Family2020-10-27
Chapter 737 Behave Yourself2020-10-26
Chapter 736 Razed to the Ground2020-10-25
Chapter 735 Who Were They Trying to Kill?2020-10-24
Chapter 734 The Elder Was Coming2020-10-23
Chapter 733 Harsh Words?2020-10-22
Chapter 732 Fighting in the Sky2020-10-22
Chapter 731 Lv Kong Is Coming2020-10-20
Chapter 730 Winning Favor Preliminarily2020-10-20
Chapter 729 Meeting Parents-in-law2020-10-18
Chapter 728 Taking Action2020-10-18
Chapter 727 Someone From the Lyu Family2020-10-16
Chapter 726 An Auspicious Day2020-10-15
Chapter 725 Visiting New Relatives2020-10-14
Chapter 724 Talking at Night2020-10-14
Chapter 723 Being Killed after Showing Up2020-10-12
Chapter 722 Reuniting2020-10-11
Chapter 721 The Homeward Journey2020-10-10
Chapter 720 Heavenly Knights Sect2020-10-09
Chapter 719 He Is Also Amazing2020-10-08
Chapter 718 Wind Snow School2020-10-07
Chapter 717 Formidable Enemies?2020-10-06
Chapter 716 Zhang Guangyou’s Surprise2020-10-05
Chapter 715 Reuniting2020-10-05
Chapter 714 Going up the Mountain2020-10-03
Chapter 713 The Befuddled Parents2020-10-02
Chapter 712 Returning2020-10-02
Chapter 711 Setting off2020-09-30
Chapter 710 The Arrival2020-09-29
Chapter 709 Teaching at the Heavenly Talisman Sect2020-09-28
Chapter 708 The Successful Exchange2020-09-27
Chapter 707 Going up to the Seventh Floor2020-09-26
Chapter 706 Ye Longyuan Purchased His Treasure2020-09-25
Chapter 705 How Could He Get So Many Points?2020-09-24
Chapter 704 Exchange With Points2020-09-23
Chapter 703 The Grand Gathering2020-09-22
Chapter 702 Cloud Sea City2020-09-21
Chapter 701 Where to Go for Summer Vacation?2020-09-20
Chapter 700 Heavenly Treasure School2020-09-19
Chapter 699 The Evolution of Dahei2020-09-18
Chapter 698 A Leisurely Weekend2020-09-17
Chapter 697 Parent-Child Activities2020-09-17
Chapter 696 Zi Yan’s Roc2020-09-16
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