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Godly Stay-Home Dad (Web Novel) - Chapter 345 The Makings of a King

Chapter 345 The Makings of a King

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While Gu Chuanlong was speaking…

All people kept their eyes fixed on him.

He still looked so decent and dominating, like a strong man lecturing his subordinates.

“But what about the shabby chair with only one leg under your ass?”

It seemed strange to the people present. Thinking of their collision just then, they all felt that Master Gu was forcing himself at the moment.

Following Gu Chuanlong’s words, everyone looked at Zhang Han once again.

That time, there was no contempt in their eyes.

They were filled with shock!

“He is so strong that he can even beat Master Gu!”

Ye Han was the most excited at the moment. If it weren’t on such an occasion, he would have shouted loudly.

Ye Qi’s heart also beat faster, because he faintly felt that his son had invested in a rather strong force!

He had thought that he was just a little frog in the pond, but who would have expected for him to be a dragon in the sea!

That was such a big contrast!

Under everybody’s attention, Zhang Han didn’t have any expression. He was just as composed as before. He took a look at Guan Chuanlong, and then looked at Dahei, who had already calmed down with bloody red eyes.

Because it felt that its master had already avenged it.

Zhang Han extended his right hand and patted Dahei on its belly. Then he chuckled and said something that shocked everyone,

“Kill them if you want.”

“Oh?” Dahei’s eyes gradually widened.

It showed its teeth while looking at Jiang Zonghao and the others lying on the ground.

Those people who were being stared at suddenly felt so cold, just like having fallen into a frozen abyss.

Especially Jiang Zonghao; he felt extremely cold, with strong remorse deep inside.

“What a monster have I offended?”

The others were even more remorseful. In order to please Jiang Zonghao, they were even about to lose their lives! “Why is it like this?”

After hearing the words, Dahei walked toward Jiang Zonghao.

It didn’t walk so fast because it knew that the people in the front couldn’t move at all.

Seeing Dahei as it neared, the faces of Jiang Zonghao and the others turned pale and they hurriedly yelled for help,

“Master Gu, help us!”

Gu Chuanlong couldn’t just look on, so he stood up.

The shabby chair with only one leg finally fell to the ground, but he didn’t care. He looked straight at Zhang Han and said,

“Are you sure? Jiang Zonghao is the great deacon of the National Security Agency, and all the others have their own forces. If you kill them today, you’d have infinite trouble in the future. Young man, don’t be driven by anger. Moreover, I, Gu Chuanlong, am still here!”

After hearing the words, Zhang Han smiled. He stopped being so composed for the first time.

The looks in his eyes became indifferent, showing the indifference to life, and he appeared to be extraordinarily refined. It seemed that he was still just a calm martial artist the last moment, but in the next he had become the king of the land!

He looked at Gu Chuanlong and said indifferently,

“Who do you think you are?”

“What’s so special about the National Security Agency?”

“They are just as lowly as ants! So what if I kill them?”

His words slapped everyone in their hearts like huge waves.

Many people gasped in astonishment.

They were completely shocked at the moment.

They hadn’t expected that the man would have the makings of a king who was ruling the whole land!

Just then, Ye Han was so excited that he trembled and felt goose bumps all over his body. He was shouting in his heart,

“Mr. Zhang is awesome!’

“This is Mr. Zhang! This is Mr. Zhang! I won my bet!’

Ye Qi, who was next to him, all the martial artists and the rich people were struck dumb with astonishment.

“He ignored Gu Chuanlong and the National Security Agency. He also said those masters were just like ants!”

“What kind of person can and dare to say such things?”

In any case, they had completely imprinted Zhang Han in their minds; his expression, his words, and the title of Master Zhang of New Moon Bay!

They couldn’t fully believe it for the time being, but when they thought of what had happened on that day a few years later, they would say, “Mr. Zhang’s words weren’t so harsh at that time!”

Not only those people, but Zhao Feng was also trembling behind them.

“Is a cultivator just like this?”

“Are those the true features of a master?”

“It turns out that he’s so overbearing when he’s angry and he has such a strong temperament.”

“He always stands aloof from worldly success because he’s not willing to fight, but once he begins to fight, he’ll become the king of the world!”

Zhao Feng thanked fate once again, because if he hadn’t met the master, he’d probably have lost his life!

At the same time, he sighed with emotion deep inside.

In front of Zi Yan and Mengmeng, his master was easygoing and living cozily, just like an ordinary excellent man, but under the ordinary appearance was hidden a strong and unbeatable heart.

After that, Zhao Feng looked at Jiang Zonghao and the others on the ground and shook his head slightly.

He sighed.

“Master almost paid no attention to their affairs, yet they still irritated him. They really deserve to die!”

He finally understood his master.

“If someone slightly ridiculed him or provoked him, perhaps he’d ignore it, but if they hurt Mengmeng and Zi Yan, they would be so pathetic because they’d definitely end up a miserable failure.”

Just then, on the field…

After Gu Chuanlong heard Zhang Han’s words…

He was stunned at the first moment.

And then, he looked at Zhang Han carefully and his heart skipped a beat.

It seemed that he had seen such an imposing manner from Emperor Qing many years ago, but because he was far away, he didn’t feel anything. However, he felt the man in front of him was indeed indifferent to the lives of those people on the ground from the bottom of his heart.

It seemed that they were just ants who should be stepped on and die.

At the next moment…

Gu Chuanlong’s face suddenly turned red and then darkened.

He was angry.

Because Zhang Han had just said, “Who do you think you are?”

“Who am I?”

Gu Chuanlong’s body became stiff. He stepped forward by three centimeters and wanted to fight him, but then, he stopped because he wasn’t sure he’d win.

After thinking about it, Gu Chuanlong snorted and said,

“Good! You are something else! If you dare to do it, you’ll definitely have trouble in the future! That’s all I needed to say. Do as you wish!”

While Gu Chuanlong was speaking, Zhang Han didn’t even look at him.

Instead, he turned and walked back, while saying calmly,

“Hurry up. We should go back.”

People knew that he said those words to the gorilla.

After saying that, Zhang Han went straight to the intersection ahead and Zhao Feng followed him quickly from the side.

Dahei opened its mouth and stepped forward to Jiang Zonghao. Then, it grabbed his ankle and lifted him up.

All people present were frightened, fearing that Master Jiang would die on the spot if the gorilla punched him a few times.

However, Dahei glanced at Gu Chuanlong and rolled its eyes before that. Then, it didn’t beat him so hard.

It grabbed Jiang Zonghao’s leg and threw him upwards, hovering three meters high, before giving a side-kick with its right foot.

Bang! Bang!

Just like a ball that was being kicked, Jiang Zonghao was kicked away and crashed into the cliff at the back before falling on the ground. Then he spit out a few mouthfuls of blood and fainted.

Dahei also did the same thing to Mu Wu, Huang Qi and the others. They were kicked away just like balls and then fell on the ground next to Jiang Zonghao.

It was finished.

Dahei clapped its hands and glanced at the crowd.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”

After the cry, Dahei jerked out its right fist.

That scared a lot of people.

Then, it showed them the middle finger in contempt before turning and running to follow Zhang Han.

At the moment, all people were looking at the backs of Dahei, Zhang Han and Zhao Feng, who felt insignificant.

There was a dead silence on the field!

They hadn’t expected that things would develop like that.

“Are… are they dead?”

Suddenly, a trembling voice was heard.

It was a Profound-stage Master who had almost joined the fight earlier but then stopped in time. He was the most nervous at the moment, since he had already decided to help those masters at that time. If he really did, he would… The consequences would be disastrous.

After he asked, Gu Chuanlong moved his body and went to the cliff quickly. He squatted down to check them and then felt relieved.

“They’re seriously injured, but they won’t die.”

Gu Chuanlong responded, while reaching out his hand to press the acupoints on those people’s bodies.

Poof… Poof…

Those people spit out blood again. With pale faces, they finally opened their eyes.

“Mas… Master… Gu…” Jiang Zonghao said extremely weakly.

“No need to say anything.”

Gu Chuanlong stood up and glanced at the crowd, saying slowly as a senior,

“Master Jiang, you took the initiative and invited him here to fight, so I didn’t intervene. However, we’re all good friends and I’ll surely make him pay for your injuries today. I’ll personally avenge you after a few days. Guards, take them back to rest.”

It was rather interesting that he said such things to those who were injured and pretended that he did care about them. At least, many people were convinced that,

“It turned out that Master Gu didn’t fight because of this. If he did, that man would have surely been defeated.”

However, a lot of rich people and a few martial artists looked at him strangely.

“If you’ll personally avenge them, why didn you fix the date with that man just now?”

“Also, how will you explain why you were kicked away by him earlier?”

“How will you explain the shabby chair you were sitting in just now?”

The green hands in the martial arts world couldn’t understand Master Gu’s thoughts.

After Gu Chuanlong finished speaking, some people rushed over from the back to take Mu Wu, Jiang Zonghao and the others away.

Gu Chuanlong meditated in silence.

“I’ll go back and improve myself soon. After that, that brat will know what a real Heaven-stage Master will be like!”

“I’ll show him the great difference between the Heaven-stage and the Profound-stage!”

“Let’s call it a day. Dismissed.”

Gu Chuanlong waved his hand. Before everyone left, he jumped up onto the cliff and rose by a dozen meters in only a few steps. Then he landed on a tree, appearing to be a great master.

What was a master? What was a senior?

The person who didn’t take the usual path.

He looked back calmly, and suddenly saw Hong Qitao and the others on the back of the crowd.

He was just thinking about how to make himself less embarrassed, but he had forgotted them.

Then Gu Chuanlong looked at them coldly while saying,

“Hong Qitao, send Hong Li and Nini to my house in five days to make amends to my nephew for three days, otherwise…”

He planned to say,

“You’d end up just like Jiang Zonghao and those guys!”

But soon, he found it not appropriate, since those people were seriously injured by others, not him!

Then, Gu Chuanlong thought for two seconds, but still didn’t know what to say.

So he just snorted and then left.

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