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Godly Stay-Home Dad (Web Novel) - Chapter 420 Thinking of Proposing Marriage

Chapter 420 Thinking of Proposing Marriage

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“Is it…”

Zhang Han’s pupils suddenly shrank!

He thought of some information that he had read before.

Some people were born as talents with unique physiques, but physiques had different levels.

For example, Emperor Qing had Qing Dragon blood and the details were still unknown, but even if his blood belonged to the strongest branch of Qing Dragon blood, it was still only the third echelon.

Zhang Han was awakened back then through time traveling, which belonged to the classification of space, and the attributes were at the top of the second echelon.

The attributes of the first echelon were closest to the original source, just like wind, water, fire, the sun, the moon, stars, yin, yang, life and death, and so on. Possessing the attributes of the most original power was the capital for one person to defeat those who were stronger than him!

That was the main way among thousands of ways. With one of them, a cultivator could pass the tribulation easily and become an immortal.

Rumors said that there were extremely special people who were born with the attributes of the first echelon. That group of people had sacred bodies. Some of them couldn’t cultivate in the early stage, nor could they absorb energy. But after awakening, they would improve fast and absorb energy like drinking water. Nothing would stop them and they would go all the way to success.

“Was Zi Yan born with a sacred body?”

Zhang Han was a bit confused. “If this is the case, I’ve gotten the strong backing in advance, right? I’ll be a kept man of my queen!

“No, it’s not right!”

Even if she had a sacred body, there would still be energy fluctuations. When the inexplicable energy helped him get the 10-inch Dantian, he did not feel anything at all.

“Even if it was a sacred body, it will not directly make people break through to the 10-inch Dantian, right?

“I’ve never heard of the 10-inch Dantian before.

“Is it that… Zi Yan’s body is more powerful than a sacred body?”

Zhang Han thought for a while, but couldn’t understand.

“PaPa, it’s time to tell the story.”

Mengmeng’s cute words bring Zhang Han back to reality.

“Yeah, let’s go. I’ll tell the story.”

Zhang Han smiled and returned to the bedroom with Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

The two of them sneaked under the quilt first and then stared at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han took off his clothes directly and went to the bed with underwear.

Zi Yan’s big eyes blinked, since she’d bought several pajamas for Zhang Han, but he hadn’t worn one yet.

However… it seemed that she also didn’t need to wear pajamas when they were sleeping recently.

“Do you still remember where we were last time?” Zhang Han asked while lying on the left side of Mengmeng.

“I remember. Many big sharks were coming and the dwarfs and elves were about to run,” Mengmeng said cheerfully.

“I’m really so happy every night to listen to PaPa tell stories.”

“Then I’ll continue. ‘The big ship of the dwarfs and elves was chased by a large group of sharks. Seeing the ship was about to sink, they saw a very large island not far away, so…’”

After about 20 minutes, Mengmeng fell asleep.

Zhang Han smiled lightly. He moved his head closer and rubbed Mengmeng’s cute little face with his nose a few times. Then, he gently lifted up the little girl and put her on the cot on the left.

After going back to the big bed and lying down, he looked at Zi Yan, finding that she was lying there silently with closed eyes and slow breathing. It looked like she was asleep, but her eyelashes were trembling.

“Is she pretending to be asleep again?”

Zhang Han looked at her with a smile and stretched out his hand under the quilt. He moved his hand from the lower side of the pajamas and then went up. When he reached the key part, he used more force.

“Mm… You’re annoying.”

Zi Yan opened her eyes. Like a snake, she pressed against Zhang Han’s body.

She stared at Zhang Han with tenderness while whispering, “You want to go to see my family and get engaged, but you haven’t proposed to me yet.”

“I owe you that, okay? I want to do it at a special moment,” Zhang Han said softly.

“Hmph, then, say you love me,” Zi Yan said while blinking her beautiful eyes.

“I love you.”


Zi Yan went closer and kissed Zhang Han.

“Say it once again.”

“I love you.”


“Do you want to marry me?”

“I’m looking forward to that.”


Zhang Han didn’t let Zi Yan move her head back, and the two of them had a long kiss.

They had forgotten about time, but they knew it was a long time. As Zi Yan’s pajamas went missing, the two of them hugged each other tightly, and they got hotter and hotter.

Zhang Han carried Zi Yan in his arms, went all the way to the secondary bedroom, and closed the door.

Zi Yan’s beautiful and sexy groans were faintly heard. Finally, she couldn’t suppress it and began to scream.

At the same time…

Below Mount New Moon, two cars were parked silently.

Protector Du from the Heavenly Elixir Sect took the lead and stood in the front, followed by several fellow disciples.

They had been in Hong Kong for more than three years and their target was the five elements furnace.

Every once in a while, Protector Du would go to the Treasure House to take a look at the five elements furnace, but the last time he was there, he found that it was gone!

“The five elements furnace is missing?”

He was shocked and hurriedly called Lei Tiannan, but he got information that disappointed him.

“The five elements furnace couldn’t be exchanged temporarily.

“It’s cancelled?”

Protector Du got angry. He made some investigations and found that it was actually Zhang Hanyang who had taken it away!

“It turned out to be him!”

Protector Du felt helpless.

Whenever he thought of the battle on Strange Peak Island and the cards flying out of He Qingtian’s body, he would feel fearful.

He couldn’t let it go, so he asked others to investigate. Then, he found that the five elements furnace was on that mountain, and in addition to that, there were still a lot of spirit treasures!

However, there were only two spirit beasts guarding the mountain!

“Should I do it?”

Protector Du’s eyes were fixed on Mount New Moon.

His palms couldn’t stop trembling.

“How about I leave Hong Kong directly after taking it away?

“But that means I’ll become his sworn enemy!

“What if he comes to seek revenge?

“Given my strength, I’ll be killed by him in an instant!

“Although there’ll be no worries in the Heavenly Elixir Sect, will I never leave the sect again for the rest of my life?

“What on earth should I do?”

Protector Du was hesitating without blinking his eyes, which became slightly red.

“Senior…” a younger disciple at the back reminded, “Will we do it?”

“Should I do it or not?”

Protector Du’s body began to tremble.

His mind was still struggling at the last moment.

But gradually, the scene of He Qingtian’s death on Strange Peak Island constantly appeared in his mind.

That sent a chill down his spine.

“Hiss… puff…”

After taking a deep breath, he said disappointedly, “Let’s go! Tell Eighth Elder that… we failed the mission.”

“Yeah, let’s go. The man who could kill He Qingtian cannot be offended. Am I right?” another younger disciple said quickly. “We’ve been standing here for 10 minutes. If we’re discovered, we won’t end up well.”

Other people echoed, “Let’s go.”

Just when everyone was going to get in the cars, suddenly, they all looked at the jungle in front and trembled.

They saw a ghost-like, pitch-black shadow coming out of the jungle.

Its gaze was as ferocious as a hungry wolf’s and the fangs in its mouth reflected a chilling light.

“What… what is this?”

“It’s too fierce.”

The two younger disciples’ expressions were a bit stiff.

“Let’s go. Slow down a bit.”

Protector Du got nervous, since he felt a sense of crisis from Little Hei, who was not far away in the front.

“This spirit beast is definitely stronger than an Earth-Stage Master!”

He was scared and said something in a low voice. Then, he slowly returned to the car and left.

Little Hei stared at the car coldly for a while and then turned to leave. He went back to Dahei’s side at the back of the mountain and saw that it was still snoring. “Just look at it. It wouldn’t know even if something was lost on Mount New Moon.” Fortunately, Little Hei was reliable.

After lying down beside Dahei, it closed its eyes and fell asleep.

In one of the two cars, Protector Du exhaled a long breath and shook his head again and again.

“Even if we went to the mountain, I’m afraid that we wouldn’t be able to take anything away. Where did he find such a high-level spirit beast? It’s incredible.

“It cannot be offended.

“It cannot be offended.”

Protector Du completely gave up his thoughts because even if the five elements furnace could be exchanged, he would still need to give it to Eighth Elder. He thought that he didn’t have to risk his life to steal it.

He found that except for Eighth Elder’s disciple, all the other people’s attitudes were like his.

“Should I offend the ruthless Master Zhang just for the credit?

“It’s not worth it. Eighth Elder’s strength is similar to He Qingtian’s. He could also be killed by Master Zhang in an instant. Even if I succeeded in stealing it today, what would I do if he shirks his responsibility and blames me for this later?”

After considering carefully, he decided not to take the risk.

Protector Du thought that he could exchange the 800,000 points for a lot of resources for his personal use.

He found that although he couldn’t get the magical pellets and recipe from Eighth Elder, he would still benefit a lot!

After thinking for a while, those people relaxed and drove straight back to their accommodations.

Meanwhile, in the restaurant…

The faint and soft sounds didn’t stop until 12 o’clock. After a burst of exhilarating sounds, the secondary bedroom became silent.

But after less than 20 minutes, some very rhythmic sounds were heard from the secondary bedroom again.

Apparently they did it once again.

At half past six the next day…

Zhang Han energetically went downstairs to cook while Zi Yan was still sleeping.

But soon after, at seven o’clock, she was woken up by Mengmeng.

They got up and washed. Just then, the diners also arrived one after another. After a few minutes, Wang Ming, Zhang Li, and the others also arrived.

Both Wang Ming and Rong Jiaxin were used to getting up early. At six o’clock, they went to exercise for a while on the second floor of the company. When everyone got up, they got dressed and went to the restaurant.

But it wasn’t that the two of them got up early on that day. It was… they didn’t sleep all night!

After they went back and ate the pellet the previous night…

Wang Ming suddenly found that:

“I’ve made a breakthrough and become a Wu Dao Grand Master!

“A Grand Master!

“A Mu Dao Grand Master!

“An awesome Wu Dao Grand Master!”

Wang Ming felt like he was in a dream and he got excited!

Rong Jiaxin also broke through to the late Heaven Stage from the Profound Stage. Wang Ming felt it was incredible! It was terrible!

At about midnight, he dialed the phone number of his father, Wang Zhanzong. Nobody answered the first time so he dialed again.

He finally got through the fifth time.

“Little brat, why are you calling me so late at night? I was just about to study a formation!”

“Dad, I’m a Grand Master now!”

“What Grand Master?” Wang Zhanzong asked in confusion on the phone.

“Wu Dao Grand Master. I’m a Wu Dao Grand Master now! I made a breakthrough! I’m the fourth Grand Master in the Wang family!” Wang Ming said in excitement.



A bang was heard over the phone. It seemed that the phone had fallen to the ground.

Then, Wang Zhanzong hurriedly asked, “What did you say? Say it again.”

“I’ve made a breakthrough and become a Grand Master… It’s all thanks to Han. He knows about alchemy and it’s very powerful, more powerful than his formations. I…”

After Wang Ming explained it for a while, Wang Zhanzong kept silent for a few minutes and finally, he signed with emotion.

“He’s such a talent. It’s unbelievable! I seem to see that he’s about to defeat all the talents of the world and become the king of the whole land…”

He and Rong Jiaxin were too excited to sleep for the whole night.

There were also a few others who couldn’t fall asleep.

They were Zhao Feng, Instructor Liu, Ah Hu, Leng Yue, and the rest.

They ate the pellets in the training room on the third floor, and then…

“Wow, hahaha, Qi Strength Master. It’s awesome! I’ve become a Qi Strength Master! I’ll make a call now. Hello? Uncle! I have some great news to tell you. I’ve become a Qi Strength Grand Master! Isn’t it great?”

“Qi Strength Master! Cool!” Ah Hu’s eyes were shining with excitement. He looked at Elder Meng and laughed. “Let’s have a fight, shall we?”

“I’m not afraid of you.” Elder Meng sneered.

Then, the two of them began to fight.

As for the other three people, Zhao Feng, Leng Yue, and Xu Yong, they were also very excited, but still sat there. They were relatively calm.

“Qi Strength Master…” Zhao Feng clenched his fist.

After feeling the great power, he was amazed.

Over two months ago, he was only a small leader in the underworld. Right, he was just a small leader. But currently, he had become a martial artist, a Qi Strength Master, which was all thanks to his master’s help.

“Master gave me a second life. I, Zhao Feng, will use my life to guard him!”

With firmness in his eyes, Zhao Feng moved his body. He stood up quickly and did a simplified version of Big Dark Devil Shadow. He found that he had almost mastered all the remaining movements.

Leng Yue and Xu Yong also began to practice after seeing that.

They knew that they got such opportunities because of their own efforts. They wouldn’t be lazy just because they had been promoted to Qi Strength Masters. They knew that there was still a big gap between them and the boss. They were also ambitious. They hoped that one day, they could become the boss’s most capable assistants!

So, they also stayed up all night to get familiar with their own strength. They needed some time to adjust themselves from Peak Strength to Qi Strength.

It was not until morning that they finally calmed down. When Zhao Feng and the others went to the restaurant, Zhang Han was about to bring the food to the second floor.

They didn’t say anything about promotion, after all, many diners were there. But there were other things that attracted their attention.

Including Wang Ming and Rong Jiaxin, no one could help looking at the breakfast.

“Wow, we can eat small steamed buns again! Brother, what stuffing is it?” Zhang Li asked with a smile.

“There are soup dumplings and small steamed buns with vegetable stuffing,” Zhang Han responded and took the lead to the second floor.

Other people also helped him take the food and bring it to the second floor.

In addition to steamed buns, there were cow’s milk, goat’s milk, boiled eggs, rice porridge, shredded potato salad, and okra salad.

The breakfast was very refreshing.

The word “refreshing” was very accurate.

The small steamed buns smelled great. After one bite, one would feel its soft skin and fresh vegetable stuffing. With some dipping condiments, those who liked vegetarian food would be addicted.

For those who liked meat, the soup dumplings would be more attractive. After one bite, the delicious soup would flow through the teeth and occupy the entire mouth. That was some fresh and strong aroma, with the unique taste of meat.

Eating it in one bite, one would feel the amazing combination of the dough and the meat stuffing. That taste could capture one’s soul.

With some dipping condiments, its taste would be neutralized, making it have a stronger flavor.

When many older customers downstairs ate a few steamed buns, they always shook their heads and sighed with emotion.

“The taste of these steamed buns is just like the pure meat buns that we ate when we were young. The oil would flow out after one bite.”

“But these steamed buns are more delicious than those in my memory.”

The aroma of breakfast permeated the whole room.

After the breakfast, everyone sat there, chatting and resting.

While Zhang Han was cleaning up the kitchen, a man came in lamely through the door.

Zhao Feng, who was sitting next to Sun Dongheng, glanced at him.

He knew that that person was Wu Chengdong.

Seeing that he went over to Master with a warm smile, Zhao Feng didn’t stand up.

“Hello, Mr. Zhang, I’m Wu Chengdong, president of the Royal Entertainment Company. You can call me Xiao Wu.”

Zhang Han didn’t speak and just glanced at him calmly.

His look was calm, but Wu Chengdong felt extremely stressed, and he was very nervous deep inside.


“It’s so uncomfortable to talk with such a big shot!”

Wu Chengdong swallowed his saliva and said in a low voice, “Well, I’m looking for your wife to talk about the album.”

“Oh, go upstairs,” Zhang Han responded and continued working.

What work?

He was washing dishes.

Cooking, eating, and washing dishes made Zhang Han feel that he was very close to an ordinary life. He liked that kind of life.

He had been longing for such a simple and plain life.

Wu Chengdong nodded after hearing the words. “Okay, I… I’ll go upstairs.”

He smiled after saying that, and then went to the second floor.

“Hello, everyone.”

Wu Chengdong arrived at the second floor and saw a lot of people, so he politely said hello. Then, he looked at Zi Yan and said, “I came to talk about the album.”

“Boss Wu, sit here.”

Zi Yan smiled slightly and went to the small sofa in the front with Zhou Fei.

Rong Jiaxin and the others knew that they were going to talk business, so they lowered their voices. Mengmeng sat on the sofa to watch cartoons carefully and didn’t make any noise.

Seeing that Zi Yan and Zhou Fei went there, Wu Chengdong also walked lamely in that direction.

After thinking about it, he said, “A few scenes were missing for the last MV, but we made some by editing the other ones. The press conference is expected to be on the 15th, right? There are still five days left. So, I came over to ask what you think.”

“Let’s hold it according to the plan.” After Zi Yan thought for a moment, her eyes suddenly lit up. Then, she said, “Right, I have a new song that will be finished in two days. We can release them together. As for the MV, I want simple animation.”

“Okay, I will arrange it later when I go back.” Wu Chengdong nodded his head like her subordinate.

One’s strength determined one’s status. That sentence made some sense.

“There are five days left. I’ll make the accompaniment today, and the finished product will be ready after I record it tomorrow,” Zi Yan said.

“There will be three days left. It’s not too late.” Wu Chengdong nodded.

He planned to ask the department members to work overtime to make the MV, two days would be enough.

“Okay, that’s it,” Zi Yan said.

“There is another thing. We had a meeting about this album and decided to publicize it for you for free. All the profits will be yours,” Wu Chengdong said.

“There’s no need. I’ll leave its sales to you. Just take it as a full stop for me at the Royal Entertainment Company,” Zi Yan said with a slight smile.

Her several songs were still in the top position on all the lists. The fans were looking forward to her new songs, so the sales of the new album could be imagined, and it would definitely be a hit. Zi Yan would like to let the Royal Entertainment Company earn the money. Teacher Ma and the others had been working very hard, so she would show her gratitude in that way. Moreover, she also didn’t want to take advantage of it.

“This…” Wu Chengdong looked at Zi Yan and knew that she was serious. Then, he smiled bitterly and nodded, saying, “All right, the contracts on copyright are also ready. Several companies contacted us and want to use your songs as the opening songs of their films and TV series. I won’t say much about this.”

“Just leave it to me,” Zhou Fei said.

“Okay. Zi Yan, I wish you a good job and a happy life in the future. I’m going back. See you at the press conference.” Wu Chengdong stood up and smiled.


Zi Yan and Zhou Fei stood up and said goodbye.

Then, Wu Chengdong said goodbye and left.

After a while, Zhang Han went over. After Mengmeng finished watching the cartoon, all the people set off for Mount New Moon.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei went to the music studio accompanied by Leng Yue and the others. They planned to finish the accompaniment.

After Zhang Han and the others arrived at Mount New Moon, they played for a while at the back of the mountain as usual. Then, Zhang Han began to refine pellets.

There would be more pellets because more than 10 would be produced in one furnace. Because of the lower level, it was much easier to control.

In the morning, Zhang Han refined three furnaces, and half of the spiritual herbs were left, which would be finished in the afternoon.

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