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Godly Stay-Home Dad (Web Novel) - Chapter 422 To Change the Void Stone

Chapter 422 To Change the Void Stone

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Mengmeng sat next to them. She stared at them with her big bright eyes for a while and muttered, “MaMa, who is coming?”

“It’s… MaMa’s younger sister. You should call her Aunty,” Zi Yan replied.

“Mm, there’s another aunty.” Mengmeng thought about it while counting on her little fingers. “There is Aunty Lili, Aunty Ya, Aunty’s mom, Aunty’s dad, Aunty Feifei, and Uncle Feng. There are so many. Another aunty is coming now. Mengmeng can’t remember them all!”

“Poof…” Zi Yan laughed out loud.

She sighed with emotion in her heart. When it was only Mengmeng and herself, she only had two friends in San Diego to hang out with occasionally. She didn’t have contact with too many people. She was actually a little introverted and timid.

At present, the whole family was reunited and there were more people around Mengmeng. Especially after her father was back, the little girl became more outgoing, which made Zi Yan very happy.

However, there was a small problem. Zhang Han spoiled Mengmeng too much and it was easy for her to develop bad habits. Zi Yan thought she needed to take care of that herself.

Every time she interfered, Mengmeng always pouted her mouth and said, “PaPa said I can do that.”

Every time that happened, Zi Yan would complain a little. “With the development of time, how could I have become a strict mother in my daughter’s heart?

“It’s all his fault!


Fortunately, Zi Yan educated her very well before and the girl was still very well-behaved up to now. Otherwise, under the guidance of such an undemanding father, her daughter would have become a wild kid without manners!

Thinking of that, Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han in anger.

Zhang Han was a bit confused.

“What’s wrong with her?”

Then, Zi Yan held Mengmeng in her arms and said, “Not only your aunty, you’ll also see your grandfather and grandmother in a few days.”

“Oh? Grandfather, Grandfather…” Mengmeng began to think while muttering, “PaPa’s papa is my grandfather. PaPa’s mama is my grandmother. MaMa’s papa is also my grandfather. MaMa’s mama is also my grandmother. Oh, it’s them!”

“Right, they’re your grandparents,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Then, will they like Mengmeng?”

“Of course they will.”

“Then they will buy me potato chips, tomato-flavored potato chips, shrimp chips, biscuits, seaweed…”

When Mengmeng began to talk about various snacks, Zi Yan couldn’t help laughing.

Mengmeng remembered all kinds of snacks so clearly. She wondered how many times Zhang Han had secretly given them to her!

Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han again.


Zhang Han grinned and said, “I’ll make a call.”

While they were speaking, he walked to the tea table, picked up his mobile phone, and dialed Lei Tiannan’s number.

“Hello, Director Zhang, I heard that you’ve gotten a lot of natural precious materials recently. How about the five elements furnace?” Lei Tiannan asked jokingly.

“Not bad,” Zhang Han responded.

Lei Tiannan waited for 10 seconds and got confused.

“Not bad? Is that all?

“Won’t he show his gratitude? He has so many treasures. Won’t he give me some?”

“Why did you call me?” Lei Tiannan asked directly.

“I want to exchange something with you.”

“What do you want?”

“A Void Stone!”

“Poof… Zhang Han, that’s enough!” Lei Tiannan felt a little angry. He said, “There are only three Heaven-grade treasures in the Treasure House. I’ve already given you one. If you take one more away, the Treasure House would look so shabby, right?”

After that, Lei Tiannan continued to ask, “You’ll exchange something for that? What will you give me?”

“A medicinal pellet.”

“What medicinal pellet?”

“The medicinal pellets can promote a Heaven-stage Master to a Wu Dao Grand Master. They’re also Heaven-grade treasures,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“Hiss… Heaven-grade medicinal pellets?” Lei Tiannan raised his eyebrows, saying, “How many?”


“You want to exchange one pellet for the whole piece of Void Stone? No, no, no, it’s not enough. At least two.”

“Then I’ll get half of it.”

“Deal! When will you come to take it?”


“Then I’ll wait for you.”

Through a simple conversation, that matter was fixed.

After that, Zhang Han hung up the phone and went to the sofa to sit beside Zi Yan. They watched cartoons with Mengmeng for more than half an hour and it was after 10 o’clock.

Moving her body in Zi Yan’s arms, Mengmeng looked up and asked, “The cartoon is over. MaMa, how about we go listen to dad tell stories?”

“Okay, let’s go. We’ll go to bed after washing up.” While speaking, Zi Yan carried Mengmeng to the bathroom.

“Let’s go!” Mengmeng stretched out her small arms and waved.

“Oh my, you got heavier. I won’t be able to carry you if you grow bigger,” Zi Yan patted her butt and said.

“Not at all. When PaPa carries me, he says I’m very light,” Mengmeng pouted her small mouth and said.

“That’s because your PaPa is strong. MaMa is weak.”

“Then you should be stronger, MaMa.”

Zi Yan giggled, saying, “Okay, MaMa will practice more and still carry you later.”

They entered the bathroom while talking.

Looking at their backs, Zhang Han smiled softly.

He planned to get the Void Stone because he wanted to refine the space ring. With the space treasure, it would be much more convenient to bring anything over.

So far, he had seen several people with space treasures.

Protector Leng wore a green thumb-ring before, which was a space treasure. Lei Tiannan, Wang Zhanpeng, and Xiang Qitian from the Mystical Fog Sect all had a space ring respectively. Apparently, the Void Stone wasn’t a very rare treasure there.

It was obvious since it could be exchanged for certain points.

Soon, Zi Yan and Mengmeng went out of the bathroom and went to the master bedroom. They put on their pajamas, while Zhang Han took off the jacket.

After they went to bed, Zhang Han continued to tell the story.

After about 20 minutes, the little princess fell asleep.

But Zi Yan’s big eyes were still blinking. She looked spirited.

While grinning at her, Zhang Han went over to the bed and hugged Zi Yan quickly.

“Oh no, wait a sec. There’s still something,” Zi Yan twisted her body and whispered.

“What is it?” Zhang Han asked with a chuckle.

“Wait a sec.”

Zi Yan’s big eyes lit up. She bit her lips and took the phone from the other side. After plugging in the headphones, she gave one to Zhang Han and left the other one for herself. Then, she opened a file on the phone and clicked it to play.

The accompaniment began.

It was the accompaniment that they had listened to at noon.

After a few seconds, Zi Yan’s beautiful and sweet voice was heard.

“I close my eyes and breathe next to your heart; At this moment on the earth, there are only us; Your smiling lips always hook my heart; Every second, I want to kiss you; I love you, love you, love you; I want to be with you forever; I like the smell of your coat; I like being in your arms…”

The sweet song interpreted the taste of happiness. Through it, one could fully feel her happiness that was brought by a man’s deep love for her.

Zi Yan felt that Zhang Han was the Prince Charming that God had given her.

He should’ve become an immortal, but he got reborn.

In the last life, there wasn’t her.

But Zhang Han returned.

In the present life, there was her and Mengmeng.

“Isn’t he the Prince Charming that God sent to me?”

Zi Yan had a soft heart. The happiness brought by sweet love gave her a lot of inspiration. So, she wrote that song in just two days to express her feelings.

Just like that, the two of them listened to the whole song quietly.

After that, Zhang Han fixed his eyes on Zi Yan, which almost melted Zi Yan’s heart.

“Do you know what the song’s name is?” Zi Yan licked her lips and whispered.

Zhang Han smiled and shook his head slightly.

“It’s called ‘Loving You’.”

Zi Yan’s beautiful eyes blinked. She stared at Zhang Han, whispering, “Do you have anything you want to tell me?”

“I love you too.” Zhang Han smiled slightly.

His heart had become extremely soft. He even thought of quitting cultivation and living a plain life with Zi Yan, Mengmeng, and his family.

It would be enough.

He was just like a king in ancient times who would abandon the whole nation just for the woman he loved.

Their thoughts were quite similar.

Zhang Han was also very moved. He thought since she did that to him, he would certainly not let her down in her whole life.

Not only was Mengmeng his little princess, but she was also his princess.

Zi Yan felt love from Zhang Han’s gaze, but she still pouted her mouth and snorted, “That’s too simple.”


Zhang Han burst into laughter. After thinking for a moment, he stared at Zi Yan and said slowly in a deep voice, as if he was taking an oath, “I returned to this life… to love you.

“I promise I’ll never… let you down.”

“You passed the test.” Zi Yan smiled.

Zhang Han leaned sideways to press against Zi Yan’s body and asked, “Is there any reward?”

The masculinity made Zi Yan a little dizzy. With a blush appearing on her pretty face, she bit her lower lip and said, “What reward do you want?”

“Tomorrow, I’ll buy some sexy black…”

“Hmph, you’re dreaming. Hmph, annoying. Go to the secondary bedroom.”


The next day, the sky was clear and bright.

At the Singapore International Airport, three young girls were waiting for a plane.

Among them, two girls had good figures and pretty faces. One of them was about 1.68 meters tall, with yellow hair and an oval face. Her eyes were slanting a bit upwardly, looking very attractive and sexy.

Another girl had long brown curly hair, with long eyelashes and big eyes. Her eyebrows were similar to Zi Yan’s. That was Zi Yan’s younger sister, Zi Shiya.

The other girl wasn’t very good-looking. People often said that for a girl, fair skin would cover all her disadvantages and a fat body would destroy all her advantages. That girl was a bit fat. She was about 1.6 meters tall, but her weight… It looked like she was over 70 kg.

“Liu Shasha, we could’ve gone to a celebrity party this evening, but you insisted on going to see your boyfriend. Don’t blame me for not taking you there,” Zi Shiya looked at the tall girl next to her and said.

“I have no other choice. It’ll be my boyfriend’s birthday. I have to go there to celebrate it.” Liu Shasha rolled her eyes. Then, she looked at the slightly fat girl and said, “Yuwei, you’ve always wanted to join a celebrity party. We didn’t have the chance this time. Please don’t worry about it.”

“Oh, it’s all right!” Yuwei smiled naturally. Then, she said, “We were experiencing that every day recently. I really didn’t expect that Shiya’s family is so rich. Wow, it seems that your courtyard is as big as our university, right? The food was also good. The lobster was so delicious. It’s awesome.”

A person who was broad-minded tended to grow fat easily. That sentence did make some sense. Seeing that Yuwei didn’t care at all, both Zi Shiya and Liu Shasha laughed.

She had hung around with her two friends for a few days and showed them the Zi Clan’s great power, but she wasn’t that proud. Her family being rich didn’t mean that she was rich. Her pocket money for one year was only more than one million. Yuwei’s family was also very rich. When her dad sent her to school, he drove three Bentleys. However, what she cared about most was food, followed by clothes and other things.

As for Liu Shasha, she wasn’t rich, but she wasn’t lacking anything because she had a boyfriend who was studying in a university in Hong Kong. It was very close to Shenzhen, so the two of them saw each other every week.

“Shasha, you and Yunlei have been together for only two months, and you’re not in the same place. Aren’t you worried that he’ll have an affair?” Zi Shiya suddenly said.

She had met Liu Shasha’s boyfriend three times and his name was Yunlei. Every time they dated, he’d spend 20 or 30 thousand yuan. He was quite rich, but he was ordinary-looking and 1.7 meters tall.

Zi Shiya felt that Liu Shasha’s boyfriend occasionally looked at her secretly and his looks were abnormal. Therefore, she thought that he was a man who wasn’t loyal to love and liked to play the field.

“He wouldn’t. I have a classmate who is in the same department as him at his university and they often see each other. If something is wrong, she would tell me!” Liu Shasha said with a smile, “Shiya, don’t talk about me. There are also several men who are pursuing you. Don’t you like any of them?”

“That’s right.” Yuwei was interested in this and she said, “There are two handsome guys. Both the sophomore, who’s the chairman of the Student Union, and the most good-looking man in our department are wonderful! They look so cute and obedient. If I were you, I would’ve already dated them.”

“Come on, you’ve watched too many Korean dramas. You like that kind of guy.” Zi Shiya curled her lips and said, “I don’t like such kind of cute guys. I like masculine men who are very tough or look cold. He wouldn’t like to smile at outsiders, just at me.”

As she spoke, Zi Shiya began to laugh.

There was one point that she did not tell them. As a legitimate daughter in the Zi Clan, there was an unwritten rule in the family, which was that her marriage had to be beneficial to the development of her family.

It would be good if the man she fell in love with was from a famous and influential family. But, if he wasn’t, that would be very difficult. There were many lessons in the past, so she was afraid to start a relationship.

But she also hoped to have a romantic relationship with a masculine or cold, mature man. She thought that even if her family didn’t agree, she could go out and live independently like her sister. That would also be good.

Thinking of that, Zi Shiya said with a smile, “Although we couldn’t make it to the party, I’ll take you to see my sister. I promise that’ll surprise you a lot!”

“Can your sister surprise us?” Yuwei shook her head again and again, saying, “I don’t think so. Only big lobsters can surprise me.”

“Come on, I’m not joking with you. It’s true. I’ve contacted her and she’ll come to pick us up when we get off the plane.” Zi Shiya said.

“Who is your sister?” Liu Shasha asked with curiosity.

Zi Shiya hesitated a bit. Then, she stamped her feet lightly and said, “I planned to tell you when we get off the plane. Hmph. I’ll just tell you now. You must’ve heard my sister’s name because many songs we’ve been listening to recently are sung by her.”

“Songs? Her songs? We’ve been listening to her songs? Surnamed Zi…” Liu Shasha said. With her eyes open wide, she covered her mouth with her right hand and said in surprise, “Is it Zi Yan you’re talking about?”

“Ah? She is your sister?” Yuwei almost choked on her own saliva.

“Of course.”

Zi Shiya’s eyes flashed with adoration. She said, “Zi Yan is my uncle’s daughter. I often played with her when I was a child. She was very popular five years ago and almost became a movie queen. You must know her, right?”

“Right, of course we know her.” Yuwei nodded her head constantly.

“Now I know why you always looked strange when you listened to her songs recently,” Liu Shasha said, and then she quickly asked, “Why did she stop working five years ago? Do you know the reason?”

“Because she went to North America. Working in the entertainment circle was tiring and she needed to learn something there. I went to see her once two years ago and I don’t know about other details. She made a comeback a while ago, and what happened? It didn’t take long for her to be popular again!” Zi Shiya said proudly.

“It’s time to check in. Let’s go,” Yuwei reminded them.

Then, the three of them boarded the plane.

After sitting in a row, Liu Shasha leaned over to Zi Shiya and whispered, “Your sister is a superstar. Can we take a photo with her later?”

“Of course. We’re on good terms. She won’t refuse my request!” Zi Shiya nodded while speaking.

“It’s awesome! What a big surprise!” Yuwei said happily, “Shasha, let’s not go to meet your boyfriend at noon. How about we go there at night?”

“No, we’ve made a deal. Yunlei has booked the restaurant at noon. His roommates and friends will be there, too. We can’t stand them up. There are other activities in the evening,” Liu Shasha shook her head while saying.

“It’s all right. We’ll arrive there at nine o’clock. So, we can rest in my sister’s place for two hours and then go to the restaurant. In the evening, I guess Shasha will stay with her boyfriend. Yuwei and I will go to my sister’s place. Let’s meet and go back to school the next day,” Zi Shiya said after thinking about it.

“Okay, let’s play it by ear.” Liu Shasha nodded.

“Shiya, I want to take a photo with her and want her autograph. I also want her to sign my clothes. I really like your sister. There is no gossip about her in the entertainment circle. She’s as pure as a water lily who lives in silt but is not imbrued…” Yuwei said again and again.

“All right, you’ll get whatever you want,” Zi Shiya giggled and replied.

After more than three hours of flying, the plane landed at the Hong Kong International Airport.

After getting off the plane, Zi Shiya first called Zi Yan. After a few words, she hung up the phone.

“Let’s go. She’s at the intersection on the far right of the parking lot.”

After saying that, Zi Shiya took the lead and walked out of the airport.

“Oh my, I’m going to see my idol. I’m so excited,” Yuwei said with a grin.

“Just look at yourself!” Liu Shasha rolled her eyes to her. Then, she hurriedly asked Zi Shiya, “Shiya, does your sister have a good temperament? I heard that she is rather aloof.”

“Aloof? That’s to outsiders. Don’t worry. My sister is very good-tempered,” Zi Shiya said with a smile. She took the lead out of the airport and went all the way to the right.

When they arrived at the end of the road, the three of them kept looking around.

“Where is she?” Yuwei said while looking around.

“She said she’s on the far right. I’ll call her again,” Zi Shiya said with confusion while taking out her mobile phone.

“Uh, Shiya, I think there’s no need to call her. Is that your sister opposite there?” Liu Shasha looked at the front and asked with confusion.

Several people were standing in the front. She faintly felt that the tall woman with sunglasses was Zi Yan. Although she wasn’t sure, she knew about the two Rolls-Royce Phantoms at the back. She was very surprised and confused. “Why is there a man holding a kid next to her?

“Is that not Zi Yan?”

So, Liu Shasha reminded her.

After that, Zi Shiya looked over.

“That’s my sister!”

But then, she was stunned.

“Who’s the man who’s holding a kid next to her?”

Zi Shiya was confused at that moment.

“What’s going on?”

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