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Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband (Web Novel)




Drama Romance

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Gu Nianshen had thought all along that he was raped by an older lady five years ago when he got really drunk at a nightclub. When he met a child who resembled him and Lin Yiqian, he carried the child in his arms.

“Where is your Mommy?” He asked. Calmly, the child pointed a finger at the screen of his phone.

“There. She’s performing at a concert.” Coincidentally, the screen was displaying how a wealthy fan gifted the female singer on stage with 999 roses.

Gu Nianshen’s facial expression turned spiteful as he gave his secretary an order. “Give Lin Yiqian a call. Tell her that her son has been kidnapped. She will have to turn herself in to get him in return.”

“Bad guy…” Before the child could finish uttering his sentence, his biological father had placed a hand over his mouth. “You are being kidnapped!” Gu Nianshen fumed.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 366: Dominant Top, Please Provide Financial Support2020-06-01
Chapter 365:2020-06-01
Chapter 364: Three-Meter CEO With Great Stamina2020-05-31
Chapter 363: Are You Aware of This Kid’s Background?2020-05-31
Chapter 362: But I’ve Already Paid For the Food2020-05-30
Chapter 361: I Don’t Need It2020-05-30
Chapter 360: He Was Curious About Another Woman2020-05-30
Chapter 359: Catwoman Was Actually the Little Jerk’s Mother2020-05-30
Chapter 358: This Is An Exciting Question2020-05-30
Chapter 357: He Really Was Shallow-Minded2020-05-30
Chapter 356: Remember That You Still Owe Me Five Kisses2020-05-30
Chapter 355: Did He Ever Care About Social Civility?2020-05-29
Chapter 354: Her Husband Was a Great Actor2020-05-29
Chapter 353: Husband, You’re Here2020-05-28
Chapter 352: Are You Bullying A Member of the Gu Family Again?2020-05-28
Chapter 351: Are You Disappointed That He Did Now Show Up?2020-05-28
Chapter 350: Gu Nianshen, Why Do You Want To Have A Daughter With Me?2020-05-28
Chapter 349: Gu Nianshen, Are You Jealous?2020-05-27
Chapter 348: Get Rid of Him Once And For All2020-05-27
Chapter 347: The Master of Disguising As A Woman2020-05-26
Chapter 346: But You Are My Wife2020-05-26
Chapter 345: My Wife, I’m Sorry For the Trouble2020-05-25
Chapter 344: It’s Dangerous For Me To Drive As I Haven’t Slept All Night2020-05-25
Chapter 343: I Become Whatever My Husband Is2020-05-24
Chapter 342: Xiaoxiao Is the Only Dog We Have2020-05-24
Chapter 341: Do Humans And Dogs Eat the Kind of Foods?2020-05-23
Chapter 340: That’s Not Me2020-05-23
Chapter 339: Why Did You Rummage In the Dumpsters Late In the Night?2020-05-23
Chapter 338: You Will Pay For This2020-05-23
Chapter 337: The Clothes Look Good On Your Uncle Too2020-05-23
Chapter 336: The Clothes Aren’t At the Junkyard2020-05-23
Chapter 335: The First Encounter With A Cunning Woman2020-05-23
Chapter 334: Do You Go After Married Women?2020-05-23
Chapter 333: Sun2020-05-23
Chapter 332: Did She Buy the Clothes For Him?2020-05-23
Chapter 331: Unaffected Desire2020-05-23
Chapter 330: What Right Do You Have To Order My Wife Around?2020-05-23
Chapter 329: You Can’t Regret It2020-05-23
Chapter 328: Do You Not Want Me Anymore?2020-05-23
Chapter 327: She Would Always Have A Weak Spot For Gu Nianshen2020-05-23
Chapter 326: You Haven’t Given Your Blessings As Mother-in-law2020-05-23
Chapter 325: A Gift For My Wife2020-05-23
Chapter 324: Where Did the Idiot Go?2020-05-22
Chapter 323: Do You Want To Be A Father?2020-05-22
Chapter 322: She Would Only Be Responsible For Giving Birth2020-05-21
Chapter 321: She Forgot That She Didn’t Even Have A Daughter Yet2020-05-21
Chapter 320: The Country Owed Her An Adorable Daughter2020-05-20
Chapter 319: Desire For A Daughter2020-05-20
Chapter 3182020-05-19
Chapter 317: There Won’t Be A Next Time2020-05-19
Chapter 316: The Teacher Is At Fault For Not Being Strict2020-05-18
Chapter 315: I Am Gu Nianjia’s Professor, Zhang Jingyu2020-05-18
Chapter 314: Sue Us If You Want To2020-05-17
Chapter 313: Don’t Demean My Youngest Uncle2020-05-17
Chapter 312: Kind And Pretty Sister-in-law2020-05-16
Chapter 311: Change the Way You Plead2020-05-16
Chapter 310: Better Digestion If Two People Eat Together2020-05-15
Chapter 309: Gu Nianshen Is A Headstrong Male2020-05-15
Chapter 308: I’m So Happy! What Should I Do?2020-05-14
Chapter 307: This Is What Love Feels Like2020-05-14
Chapter 306: I Would Rather Be Gay Than Expose My Body2020-05-12
Chapter 305: Could This Person Be Any Less Shameless?2020-05-12
Chapter 304: She Would Like to Have Her Husband Send Her Home2020-05-11
Chapter 303: Not As Good As Dumplings, Not As Fun As Our Sister-in-law2020-05-11
Chapter 302: He Could Brag About It For The Rest Of His Life2020-05-10
Chapter 301: She Wanted To Give Gu Nianshen A Hug2020-05-10
Chapter 300:2020-05-09
Chapter 299: His Wife Had Arrived2020-05-09
Chapter 298: Lin Yiqian Is Too Powerful2020-05-08
Chapter 297: Family Members Are Not Allowed2020-05-08
Chapter 296: Jealous2020-05-07
Chapter 295: I Haven’t Played Basketball For Several Years2020-05-07
Chapter 294: This Dumb Woman Did Not Know When to Shut Up2020-05-06
Chapter 293: Very Sweet2020-05-06
Chapter 292: You Are My Wife2020-05-05
Chapter 291: A Heart-warming Attention to Detail2020-05-05
Chapter 290: It’s Not Easy Being The Little Jerk’s Mother2020-05-04
Chapter 289: This Bastard2020-05-04
Chapter 288: Kneeling on Keyboards and Durians2020-05-03
Chapter 287: You Don’t Have To Explain To Me2020-05-03
Chapter 286: Lin Yiqian, I Am Sorry!2020-05-02
Chapter 285: The Possibility of Lin Yiqian Cheating On My Brother2020-05-02
Chapter 284: Mrs. Gu Asked Me About Your Schedule Yesterday2020-05-01
Chapter 283: He Will Make Breakfast For Her Everyday2020-05-01
Chapter 282: How Was He Not Better Than Song Changlin?2020-05-01
Chapter 281: It Hurts So Badly!2020-05-01
Chapter 280: Xi Xia Has Been Discharged2020-05-01
Chapter 279: Something She Pursued After Throughout Her Youth2020-05-01
Chapter 278: Gu Nianshen, I’m A Little Upset. What Should I Do?2020-05-01
Chapter 277: My Brother Fully Supports Me In Being A Matchmaker2020-05-01
Chapter 276:2020-05-01
Chapter 275: Your Sister-in-law Is Very Capable2020-05-01
Chapter 274: But He Has Married Me2020-05-01
Chapter 273: Because My Husband Is Gu Nianshen2020-05-01
Chapter 272: She Could Not Afford To Be Proud2020-04-30
Chapter 271: CEO, Your Face Is Red2020-04-30
Chapter 270: Embarrassment From A Moment Of Pleasure2020-04-29
Chapter 269: Her Entire Body Feels Weak2020-04-29
Chapter 268: Because She Likes It2020-04-28
Chapter 267: She Will No Longer Observe Him From Afar2020-04-28