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Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband (Web Novel)




Drama Romance

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Gu Nianshen had thought all along that he was raped by an older lady five years ago when he got really drunk at a nightclub. When he met a child who resembled him and Lin Yiqian, he carried the child in his arms.

“Where is your Mommy?” He asked. Calmly, the child pointed a finger at the screen of his phone.

“There. She’s performing at a concert.” Coincidentally, the screen was displaying how a wealthy fan gifted the female singer on stage with 999 roses.

Gu Nianshen’s facial expression turned spiteful as he gave his secretary an order. “Give Lin Yiqian a call. Tell her that her son has been kidnapped. She will have to turn herself in to get him in return.”

“Bad guy…” Before the child could finish uttering his sentence, his biological father had placed a hand over his mouth. “You are being kidnapped!” Gu Nianshen fumed.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 453: Was He Trying To Find Fault With Her?2020-07-13
Chapter 452: I’m Only Interested In My Husband2020-07-13
Chapter 451: To Control A Man, One Must First Sleep With Him2020-07-12
Chapter 450: Nothing In The World Feels Better Than Hugging Gu Nianshen2020-07-12
Chapter 449: You Have My Blessing2020-07-10
Chapter 448: Being Wary of One’s Best Friend2020-07-10
Chapter 447: I Have Sinned2020-07-09
Chapter 446: Let Me Hug You For A While2020-07-09
Chapter 445: Gu Nianshen, You’re Going Too Far2020-07-08
Chapter 444: Please Do Not Flirt With A Married Woman2020-07-08
Chapter 443: Why Did These People Not Appreciate His Wife’s Hard Work?2020-07-07
Chapter 442: Any Man Would Be Lucky To Have Her As His Wife2020-07-07
Chapter 441:2020-07-06
Chapter 440: Brother, Don’t Cut The Queue2020-07-06
Chapter 439: Be A Professional Son2020-07-05
Chapter 438: This Little Jerk Relies On His Acting2020-07-05
Chapter 437: Never Bring The Little Jerk Home Again2020-07-04
Chapter 436: You Will Understand When You Are Older2020-07-04
Chapter 435: This Child Looks Very Much Like You2020-07-03
Chapter 434: His Wife Was Far Too Beautiful2020-07-03
Chapter 433: You Really Are My Awesome Sister-in-law2020-07-02
Chapter 432: You Seduced Me2020-07-02
Chapter 431: Men Should Be More Proactive2020-07-02
Chapter 430: My Sister-in-law Wishes To Reconcile2020-07-01
Chapter 429: I’m Your Sister-in-law, Not An Outsider2020-06-30
Chapter 428: My Brother Is A Superficial Man Too2020-06-30
Chapter 427: Shamelessly Taking Advantage Of Her2020-06-29
Chapter 426: Hugging His Pillow To Sleep2020-06-29
Chapter 425: That’s A Reward2020-06-28
Chapter 424: Do You Miss Xiaoyu?2020-06-28
Chapter 423: I Disagree With Catwoman Becoming Our Aunt-in-law2020-06-27
Chapter 422: My Goddess Can’t Possibly Be Homosexual2020-06-27
Chapter 421: You Might Not Be Able To Graduate In This Lifetime2020-06-27
Chapter 420: Has Zhang Jingyu Lost Control Over You?2020-06-27
Chapter 419: This Timid Child Is Forgetful2020-06-26
Chapter 418: Poor Little Jerk Constantly Looking For Daddy2020-06-26
Chapter 417: Demand The Irresponsible Woman To Return Everything And More2020-06-25
Chapter 416: The Irresponsible Mother Doesn’t Treat The Little Jerk All That Badly2020-06-25
Chapter 415: He Was Always Excited About Backstabbing Her Husband2020-06-24
Chapter 414: Was He The Pure Youth She Once Knew?2020-06-24
Chapter 413: Gu Nianshen’s Hired Marine Soldiers2020-06-22
Chapter 412: The Little Jerk Indeed Topped Up His Account2020-06-22
Chapter 411: Are Mommy And Daddy Taking A Bath Together?2020-06-21
Chapter 410: Married To The Most Handsome Man2020-06-21
Chapter 409: This Ruthless Jerk2020-06-20
Chapter 408: I Like My Wife The Most2020-06-20
Chapter 407: If It Rained, Would You Hold An Umbrella For Me?2020-06-19
Chapter 406: Mr. Gu Climbing The Wall Late At Night2020-06-19
Chapter 405: Poor Daddy2020-06-18
Chapter 404: Why Didn’t We Wait For Daddy?2020-06-18
Chapter 403: What Does Catwoman Really Look Like?2020-06-17
Chapter 402: Was Gu Nianshen Expected To Beg A Female Singer On His Knees?2020-06-17
Chapter 401: Why Would Catwoman Participate In Such A Lowly Event?2020-06-17
Chapter 400: Call Me Daddy2020-06-17
Chapter 3992020-06-16
Chapter 398: Still Deeply In Love With Him2020-06-16
Chapter 397: Look After Your Mother And Make Sure She Stays Put2020-06-15
Chapter 396: Are You Really Admitting That It’s Your Fault?2020-06-15
Chapter 395: Mr. Gu May Be Cheated On2020-06-14
Chapter 394: They Are Too Cheap2020-06-14
Chapter 393: She Felt Like A Cunning Mistress2020-06-13
Chapter 392: Gu Nianshen, You Big Jerk2020-06-13
Chapter 391: This Girl Has Great Taste2020-06-13
Chapter 390: Why Did You Throw Daddy’s Phone Away?2020-06-13
Chapter 389: I Clearly Look Better2020-06-13
Chapter 388: Mommy Will Give You A Unique Set2020-06-13
Chapter 387: I Am Too Shy To Be Naked2020-06-13
Chapter 386: He Was Picking A Fight2020-06-12
Chapter 385: Look For My Wife At The Parking Lot2020-06-12
Chapter 384: Why Did You Change Your Jersey?2020-06-10
Chapter 383: I Can’t Play Without Lin Yiqian2020-06-10
Chapter 382: Cheer For Me On The Basketball Court, Chief Lin2020-06-09
Chapter 381: My Husband Has A Winning Streak2020-06-09
Chapter 380: It’s Been A While Since We Last Met2020-06-08
Chapter 379: Darned Menstruation2020-06-08
Chapter 378: Kiss Her In Front Of Her Mother-in-law2020-06-07
Chapter 377: Do You Think Of Nianshen As Your Husband?2020-06-07
Chapter 376: Why Did You Lie To Xiaoyu?2020-06-06
Chapter 375: A Shameless Jerk2020-06-06
Chapter 374: Forget Those Big Sisters2020-06-05
Chapter 373: I’m Her Ideal Match!2020-06-05
Chapter 372: Get Nianshen To Invite Catwoman2020-06-04
Chapter 371: I’ll Call Them Daddies If They Give Me Money2020-06-04
Chapter 370: Daddy Is Not An Outsider2020-06-03
Chapter 369: This Was Probably the Most Exciting Moment In Xiaoyu’s Life2020-06-03
Chapter 368: Assume Responsbility For One’s Mistakes2020-06-02
Chapter 367: I Want To Bite Your Head Off2020-06-02
Chapter 366: Dominant Top, Please Provide Financial Support2020-06-01
Chapter 365:2020-06-01
Chapter 364: Three-Meter CEO With Great Stamina2020-05-31
Chapter 363: Are You Aware of This Kid’s Background?2020-05-31
Chapter 362: But I’ve Already Paid For the Food2020-05-30
Chapter 361: I Don’t Need It2020-05-30
Chapter 360: He Was Curious About Another Woman2020-05-30
Chapter 359: Catwoman Was Actually the Little Jerk’s Mother2020-05-30
Chapter 358: This Is An Exciting Question2020-05-30
Chapter 357: He Really Was Shallow-Minded2020-05-30
Chapter 356: Remember That You Still Owe Me Five Kisses2020-05-30
Chapter 355: Did He Ever Care About Social Civility?2020-05-29
Chapter 354: Her Husband Was a Great Actor2020-05-29