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Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband (Web Novel)




Drama Romance

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Gu Nianshen had thought all along that he was raped by an older lady five years ago when he got really drunk at a nightclub. When he met a child who resembled him and Lin Yiqian, he carried the child in his arms.

“Where is your Mommy?” He asked. Calmly, the child pointed a finger at the screen of his phone.

“There. She’s performing at a concert.” Coincidentally, the screen was displaying how a wealthy fan gifted the female singer on stage with 999 roses.

Gu Nianshen’s facial expression turned spiteful as he gave his secretary an order. “Give Lin Yiqian a call. Tell her that her son has been kidnapped. She will have to turn herself in to get him in return.”

“Bad guy…” Before the child could finish uttering his sentence, his biological father had placed a hand over his mouth. “You are being kidnapped!” Gu Nianshen fumed.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 172: He Can Eat, Sleep, and Set People Up2020-04-16
Chapter 171: He Wished He Could Offer Her the Entire World2020-04-16
Chapter 170: Let’s Sleep Together2020-03-16
Chapter 169: Daddy Once Wore Pink Underwears Too2020-03-16
Chapter 168: His Identity Can’t Be Kept A Secret For Long2020-03-15
Chapter 167: A Secret Between Father And Son2020-03-15
Chapter 166: Send Xiaoyu to the Police Station2020-03-13
Chapter 165: Did He Just Reject Xi Xia?2020-03-13
Chapter 164: Call Me Daddy2020-03-13
Chapter 163: He’s Probably Adopted2020-03-13
Chapter 162: It Feels Really Bad2020-03-13
Chapter 161: You Should Behave Like A Son2020-03-13
Chapter 160: I Urinated Nearly Two Meters Away2020-03-13
Chapter 159: Does It All Smell Like Xi Xia?2020-03-12
Chapter 158: She Worked Hard To Be By His Side2020-03-12
Chapter 157: She Stole It2020-03-12
Chapter 156: Gu Nianshen, You Jerk!2020-03-12
Chapter 155: I Want Mister Gu2020-03-12
Chapter 154: Forever the Beam of Moonlight in His Heart2020-03-12
Chapter 153: Could He Be Your Illegitimate Child?2020-03-12
Chapter 152: That’s the Nail in My Coffin, Mrs. Gu!!2020-03-11
Chapter 151: I’ll Sell You Off If You Don’t Let Go2020-03-11
Chapter 150: Ask His Family To Pay One Million In Ransom2020-03-10
Chapter 149: I’ll Only Wait For An Hour2020-03-10
Chapter 148: It’s Normal To Have an Illegitimate Child2020-03-09
Chapter 147: Xiaoyu is Upset2020-03-09
Chapter 146: The Father of My Choice2020-03-08
Chapter 145: He is With Your Husband2020-03-08
Chapter 144: Xiaoyu is Missing2020-03-07
Chapter 143: I Know That You Have Cheated Before2020-03-07
Chapter 142: Working Hard for the Company2020-03-06
Chapter 141: We Met in the Restroom2020-03-06
Chapter 140: It’s Time to Have A Child2020-03-05
Chapter 139: Xiaoyu Misses You A Lot2020-03-05
Chapter 138: He Might Be Upset2020-03-04
Chapter 137: When Do You Plan To Have Kids?2020-03-04
Chapter 136: Who Was That Man?2020-03-04
Chapter 135: Live Happily As Gu Nianshen’s Wife2020-03-04
Chapter 134: Physical Attraction Comes Before Emotional Connection2020-03-03
Chapter 133: His Gentle Behavior Was All an Act2020-03-03
Chapter 132: Call Me Husband2020-03-02
Chapter 131: A Protective Husband2020-03-02
Chapter 130: Dance For My Wife2020-03-01
Chapter 129: She Wants To Exchange A Rose For You2020-03-01
Chapter 128: Exhausted to the Point of Giving Up2020-02-28
Chapter 127: Refusing to Live the Dreams of Millions2020-02-28
Chapter 126: Bosses Are Meant To Be Ruthless2020-02-28
Chapter 125: I’m Married And I’m Afraid of My Wife2020-02-28
Chapter 124: Uniquely Famous Catwoman2020-02-28
Chapter 123: Who Was the Senior?2020-02-28
Chapter 122: The Outcome of Being Blacklisted by the Entire Industry2020-02-28
Chapter 121: His Assistant’s Public Display of Affection2020-02-27
Chapter 120: My Wife Doesn’t Need to Demand Respect from Anyone2020-02-27
Chapter 119: Looking For My Wife2020-02-26
Chapter 118: Miss Su Makes A Living With Her Appearance2020-02-26
Chapter 117: Stealing the Thunder Without Even Speaking2020-02-25
Chapter 116: Worthy of Chief Lin’s Exquisite Beauty2020-02-25
Chapter 115: Color of Temptation2020-02-24
Chapter 114: A Dress Personally Chosen by the CEO2020-02-24
Chapter 113: You Don’t Have A Choice2020-02-23
Chapter 112: Gu Nianshen Would Like It Slightly Longer2020-02-23
Chapter 111: An Open-Minded Man2020-02-22
Chapter 110: Feeling Tricked2020-02-22
Chapter 109: Where Is the Hair Salon?2020-02-21
Chapter 108: I Won’t Accept Anyone’s Help2020-02-21
Chapter 107: Actress Su2020-02-21
Chapter 106: Dumber Than A Pig2020-02-21
Chapter 105: Have You Seen Someone This Shameless?2020-02-21
Chapter 104: A Semblance to Soldier Boys2020-02-21
Chapter 103: You Don’t Look Good with Long Hair, Cut It off2020-02-21
Chapter 102: She Had Never Been Disappointed by His Immaturity2020-02-21
Chapter 101: The Lin Family Does Not Lack Members2020-02-21
Chapter 100: Your Brother Is on My Side2020-02-21
Chapter 99: Lin Yiqian, You Are in Trouble2020-02-21
Chapter 98: Men Sent Over by Gu Nianshen2020-02-21
Chapter 97: There Is a 90% Chance She Likes You2020-02-21
Chapter 96: What’s In It For You?2020-02-20
Chapter 95: I Don’t Intend to Discuss It with You2020-02-20
Chapter 94: You Are Very Embarrassing2020-02-20
Chapter 93: Did You Know That I Am Allergic to Alcohol?2020-02-19
Chapter 92: Speak Louder And Be More Confident2020-02-19
Chapter 91: An Argument over Food2020-02-19
Chapter 90: He Must Have Been Crazy to Come for Her2020-02-19
Chapter 89: Huh, Men!2020-02-17
Chapter 88: It is Inappropriate to Bully A Single Person2020-02-17
Chapter 87: This Is Your Brother-In-Law2020-02-15
Chapter 86: The Person Happens To Be Me2020-02-15
Chapter 85: Out of Sight, Out of Mind2020-02-14
Chapter 84: You Actually Fed It to The Dog!2020-02-14
Chapter 83: Let Me Help You Out2020-02-13
Chapter 82: Of Course You Must Give In2020-02-13
Chapter 81: I Agree With All Decisions Made By Her2020-02-12
Chapter 80: Be More Considerate When You Speak2020-02-12
Chapter 79: Lack of Basic Emotions2020-02-11
Chapter 78: Remember, I am Gu Nianshen’s Wife2020-02-11
Chapter 77: His Wife2020-02-11
Chapter 76: Consider This Compensation for Missing My Wedding2020-02-10
Chapter 75: You Are More Obedient Than My Dog2020-02-09
Chapter 74: Has Nianshen Forgotten Whom His Uncle Is?2020-02-09
Chapter 73: She’s Not Only Blind But Has Moral Issues Too!2020-02-09