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Grasping Evil (Web Novel) - Chapter 236 (2): She is Yue Ling Kong

Chapter 236 (2): She is Yue Ling Kong

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After she was consumed by her second Primordial Spirit, logically, she should be dead now. However, because of the cultivation method that she practiced - “The Wheel of the Moon”, the moment her physical body died, she reincarnated using moonlight. Her Primordial Spirit which was separated from her body created a new body and fled out of Divine Space Island. As such, she was able to save her own life. But it was difficult to recover her cultivation level. Not only that, her original magic power which was at Half-Step Void Refinement Realm regressed to the Early Spirit Severing Realm. The excess amount of magic power was sealed within her body as moonlight. If it explodes, she would certainly be dead.

This body was Yue Ling Kong’s eight years old body. Unless she regains her cultivation level, she would never grow up.

Logically, no one in this world would be able to recognize me in such an appearance. But the Late Nascent Soul Realm young man could correctly guess my identity…

How does he know?

Wait. He claims that I am his human cauldron? What a hilarious joke! He sure is an extremely conceited idiot. Who dares to take the strongest expert of the Internal Endless Sea, Yue Ling Kong, as their human cauldron?! Isn’t he afraid that he would implode when plucking me?

“If you dare to pluck this grandmother, I will definitely kill you! Tell me. Who are you?! Why would you catch me? If your answer can satisfy me, I will give you a way out and spare you.”

As she was held captive by her enemy, the girl who once considered everyone and everything was beneath her started to speak in a more gentle manner.

However, when her childlike voice echoed into Ning Fan’s ears, he shot her a cold smile.

It was because Ning Fan heard her actual thoughts.

The girl’s mind: Hmmph! I have to act soft and gentle first. Since this chiliocosm has already been armed and fortified, even I would not be able to escape from it. When I get out of this place, only then would I take his life! After his death, no one in the Endless Sea would know that I, Yue Ling Kong, am still alive! My second Primordial Spirit will certainly be unaware about my existence! In other words, there is still a chance for me to reconquer the Divine Space Island! However, before I go back there, I must find a male cultivator to pluck and release the excess magic power in my body… The male cultivator will definitely be dead as he would not be able to contain my magic power. The only sad thing is that the virginity which I have been keeping for 4000 years will have to be destroyed…

“Oh? You plan to kill me outside after I let you go? By the way, what is a second Primordial Spirit?”

“Wha…What?! You can read my mind?! How do you know what I am thinking?!” Yue Ling Kong’s face turned pale. It was her first time meeting a person with Mind Reading Technique.

“I am Ning Fan. My pseudonym is Zhou Ming. You are Yue Ling Kong. You are my human cauldron. From your thoughts just now, apparently, you need to pluck a male cultivator to release your excess magic power, am I right? What a coincidence. I am really interested in your magic power… With my plucking techniques, I will definitely be able to satisfy you. But before that, please consider properly…”

“You really can read my mind!”

Her pale cheeks became reddish after hearing his words. She was both embarrassed and angry, making her want to find someone to vent out her anger.

This Late Nascent Soul Realm junior is audacious to the extreme. What is his name again? Ning Fan?! How dare he lust over my body?!

To be honest, in her current hard-pressed situation, it would be wise to find a male cultivator and release her excess magic power that resided in her body.

But her pride would not allow her to submit to anyone else, especially Ning Fan and become a human cauldron!

In the past 4000 years, she killed people like cutting down hemp. Everyone would tremble with fear upon hearing her name. Even the other six venerated beings in the Internal Endless Sea would not dare to disrespect her!

However, a false impression abruptly appeared in her mind.

This young man’s cultivation level might only be at the Late Nascent Soul Realm, but I think he really is able to…pluck me…by force!

Plucking someone by force will certainly reduce the effectiveness of the process. It was why he asked me to consider properly about it.

Currently, with Yue Ling Kong’s current condition, it would be hard for her to win against the female corpse, let alone escape from the grand formation.

“If you dare to degrade me, I will surely kill all your family members and associates!”

She lifted her chin in a lofty demeanor.

“You seem to not understand your current situation… Seal!” Ning Fan took out a jade slip and imprinted his memories about the auction before tossing it to the girl.

In the meantime, with a single thought, he activated the grand formation, trapping the girl within.

Only then did he brought the female corpse with him and left the Yuan Yao World.

As the girl received the jade slip and took a glance at its contents, her face turned cold.

“How audacious of them… The other six venerated beings treated me as a human cauldron and put me up for sale! Also, they took turns in searching my memories! They’re courting death!”

In the next second, she gradually restrained her anger as she immediately realized a severe problem.

After I have regained my consciousness, the forces of the six venerated beings will surely apprehend me for interrogation once I leave this chiliocosm!

If my identity is exposed, maybe someone from them who harbors evil intentions toward me would be more than happy to kill me…

It seems that I can’t leave this world just yet…Unless the matter about the Divine Space Island subsides or I regain my original cultivation level…

But it would be pointless for me to consider whether to leave this world or not because the main problem right now is that Ning Fan isn’t going to let me out like this.

The grand formation isn’t difficult to destroy. But even if I destroy it, I am still unable to leave.

What makes things worse is that I urgently need a male human cauldron to empty out all the excess magic power in my body. As long as the excess magic power is still in my body, I will face the risk of dying every single second.

If I can’t leave here, there is no way I can find a male cultivator. Other than the master of this world, Ning Fan, there isn’t anyone else that can practice dual-cultivation with me…

Her face was grim. There were only two options for her. Firstly, she dies! Secondly, she gets plucked by Ning Fan!

“Detestable! I, Yue Ling Kong, who ruled over the Divine Space Island for more than 4000 years now have to stoop so low to practice dual-cultivation with a man! Why would it turn out like this?!”

In the Profound Jade Palace, Ning Fan and the female corpse emerged in their room.

The female corpse’s face was as emotionless as usual. She wasn’t interested in Yue Ling Kong at all.

Ning Fan, however, had a look of uncertainty on his face.

“I really didn’t expect to awaken that girl by accident. What’s more unbelievable is that she is Yue Ling Kong, the master of the Divine Space Island and the head of the Venerated Seven of the Internal Endless Sea… As such, there will be a lot of trouble in plucking that girl. It will be difficult for me to break her defense and plant the power of my Yin Plucking Finger on her. Besides, she was once a Half-Step Void Refinement Realm expert. Although her cultivation level dropped, she might be able to temporarily regain her power if she is pushed too hard and my life will be at stake… To pluck this girl, I must make her yield…Fine. If she isn’t willing to be plucked by me, she will certainly die. With her ferocious and decisive attitude, I believe she would not choose to die for her chastity… I will handle her after the mission in the Secret Realm of the Broken World. If I am able to increase my power during the mission, there will be no other choice for her other than submitting to me, even if she is reluctant… She is still my human cauldron regardless of her identity!”

“Besides, if I manage to subdue her, all the female cultivators under her command would naturally become my human cauldrons as well! She seems to have quite a lot of Spirit Severing Realm disciples… However, the Divine Space Island is indeed in a huge turmoil. Being consumed by the second Primordial Spirit… Evidently, I made a wise choice in not cultivating a second Nascent Soul…”

Ning Fan cleared his thoughts and took out the Thousand Swords Heart Separation Grass.

After a few days, the Secret Realm would open. For Ning Fan, these few days were too short to do anything.

For the time being, I will just stabilize the power of my Second Finger. Although I have comprehended this technique, it is still far from gaining full mastery…

Up until this point, Ning Fan faced a serious problem in his cultivation - accept or abandon.

He had learnt too many abilities. However, there were too little techniques that were powerful enough. For instance, the Dragon Flame Vortex, the Sense Falsifying Art, the Sense Defense Art… It would be very time-consuming to cultivate them to the Spirit Severing Realm.

His time was limited. However, the things he could do were too many.

“I lack the time to cultivate magical techniques. For offensive and defensive techniques, I have to back them up with magical treasures. The most crucial parts to spend time with are my cultivation level and magic power. After all, cultivation level is the foundation of everything… As for pill refining techniques, I suppose my Early Fifth Revolution Pill Refining Skills will be enough, at least before attaining the Spirit Severing Realm. After that, it’s time to upgrade it…”

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