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Grasping Evil (Web Novel) - Chapter 238: The First World

Chapter 238: The First World

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As soon as the experts entered into the rainbow-colored portal, they were immediately transferred to the Secret Realm.

In the 70 million li* large land, Ning Fan stood at the summit of a huge mountain while holding the map of the Secret Realm.

He spread his spirit sense over three thousand li*, studying the landscape of the area he was in. It was then that he realized that he was actually at the eastern domain of the Secret Realm.

His brows were tightly knitted together.

The demon spiritual qi of this land is immense!

Just as its name implied, demon spiritual qi could only be absorbed by demon cultivators for cultivation. The amount of the demon spiritual qi of this land was blessed by nature itself. If it was to be compared to a land with spiritual qi for human cultivators, the concentration of the spiritual qi was nearly tens of times that of the gold spiritual power in Joint Joyous Island!

Even high-ranking cultivation countries and the islands of the Endless Sea might not have that much spiritual qi. The only countries which could probably supply spiritual qi equivalent to the Secret Realm he was in right now would be those guarded by Void Refinement or Void Fragmentation Realm experts.

Such intense volume of demon spiritual qi was surely enough for the demonic beasts to cultivate in an extraordinary speed.

Even so, to enable ordinary demonic beasts to evolve into Fake Wild Beasts2, it was still far from enough. Furthermore, if it was just the effect of the demon spiritual qi, the demon beasts would not just gain the Spirit Severing Realm demon power, but their cultivation levels would have improved as well…What made the situation strange was that their cultivation levels remained at the Gold Core Realm.

This land is rather strange. There must be other reasons for the evolution of the demon beasts.

Due to the atmosphere which was filled with thick demon spiritual qi, Ning Fan had no choice but to change his plan.

Originally, Ning Fan planned to open up an abode and increase his power. Only then would he wipe out all the Fake Wild Beasts with the remaining time.

However, refining his power with the Profound Liquid of Mother Earth was time-consuming and he did not have much time for it. Besides, the location was unsuitable.

Also, it was not an appropriate place for him to consume the Dao Fruit and the Green Phoenix Flame. The heaven and earth spiritual qi here was just too thin.

The most suitable aspect to be enhanced at this place is my demon power…

“Demon power…”

All of a sudden, Ning Fan’s eyes turned solemn.

It had only been a few breaths after he entered the Secret Realm. However, there were already a few bird-like demonic beasts approaching him. They fluttered their wings and let out a sharp shrill while dashing towards him. They were a group of more than ten giant eagles with black feathers. Each and every one of them was almost a hundred zhang* large and they possessed Nascent Soul Realm demon power. The one leading the group was a silver-feathered eagle which was ten times larger than the rest of them.

“Wild Beasts…”

Ning Fan activated his sword sense and a cloud of black smoke spread out from his body. As the group of Nascent Soul Realm demonic eagles dashed into it, they were immediately minced into pieces, filling the sky with blood mist.

Their demon power is at the Nascent Soul Realm. However, their cultivation levels really are just at the Gold Core Realm. By the looks of it, their cultivation level should be not higher than Early Gold Core Realm.

In that case, my sword sense will be just enough!

The next moment, Ning Fan’s body was encircled by rays of everlasting red light. They were the Violent Q!

The ferocity of his Violent Qi was so immense that it could even strike fear on true Wild Beasts. But the leader of the flock was like a possessed demonic beast with its eyes being blood-red. Without having any sense of fear, it flapped its wings creating a black squall that covered an area of a thousand li*. Within the wind, countless black quills were shot out at Ning Fan’s direction. Each of the quills was capable of killing a Late Gold Core Realm cultivator.

The eagle was a Black Falcon. Conjuring quills out of the black wind was just a Gold Core Realm technique. However, when it was displayed by a demonic beast with Spirit Severing Realm demon power, the quantity of black quills massively increased to the point where they were able to blot out the sky and hide the sun. There were at least tens of thousands of them.

That is to say, with a flap of its wings, it was capable of killing tens of thousands of Gold Core Realm experts! Beside, not even a Nascent Soul Realm could stand a chance against him as tens of thousands of black quills were not easy to block!

“After all, they are still Fake Wild Beasts. They can’t even control the Primordial power of heaven and earth, let alone Heavenly Spiritual Power…”

Ning Fan took a step forward, completely disregarding the black quills. He vanished in a column of black smoke, traversed over a few thousand zhang* and finally appeared again on top of the head of the gigantic eagle.

With a cold look, he stomped directly on its head!

When his leg landed on its head, it was like there was a huge devil mountain falling down on its head, creating a few rifts in the sky.

Under the immense strength of Jade Life Body Refining Realm, its head was crushed to smithereens without giving it a single second to struggle or wail!

However, a gust of black wind revolved on top of its headless body, allowing it to regenerate its head.

Ning Fan was shocked. Such situation was completely beyond his expectations. The demonic beasts of this land might not be great, but they were not easily killed.

Usually, cultivators tend to let down their guards after killing their enemies. However, if the enemy, who was supposed to be dead, revived and delivered a fatal blow to them, they would most likely be killed in return because of their carelessness.

It’s no wonder forty percent of experts lost their lives at a place like this…

As expected, when the eagle regrew its head, it went berserk. The black feathers on its body turned into swords and were shot out at Ning Fan.

Ning Fan stood with his hands clasped behind his back. His eyes flashed in cold light as jade green shield emerged. It was like a large cocoon which shone in jade green light encasing Ning Fan within.

This jade green shield could only be displayed by experts who had attained the Jade Life Body Refining Realm. Experts with that body refining realm were able to compress the Primordial Energy of heaven and earth using their physical body, turning them into Heavenly Spiritual Wind which would act as a protective shield. Even a full-attack of a Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert would not even be able to destroy it.

As soon as those sword-like black feathers thrust unto the shield, they were immediately burnt by the jade green flames into ashes.

Blocking tens of thousands of black feathers only depleted one-third of the total spiritual power of the shield.

“That’s it… Mountain Crush!”

Ning Fan raised his finger. All mountains within a vicinity of a thousand li* began to crumble, echoing a violent rumble into the air.

Each of the mountains that collapsed contributed a trace of power towards his finger, making it greater. When all mountains fell and the earth split, turning the entire area into a wasteland, the eagle’s eyes which were filled with ferociousness were finally struck by fear for the first time. It was an uncontrollable fear that appeared out of instinct. Unfortunately, it was too late for the eagle to be scared! Just as the beast began to turn and flee out of fear, its eyes glowed red, making it turn to face Ning Fan once more. This time, however, the fear in its eyes was totally gone, leaving only inextinguishable battle intent!


The giant eagle became frenzied and shot out even more black feathers at Ning Fan although it was still a fruitless struggle.

When Ning Fan unleashed the sword light that brightly glowed at the tip of his finger towards the beast, it ceased struggling.

A dark yellow sword was shot out from his finger at the speed of light, just like the polar lights and pierced straight through the eagle’s skull. The next second, it burst into countless hair-like sword threads, grinding it from inside out.

A brief moment later, the body of the thousand zhang* large eagle burst into a cloud of blood mist, pouring down to the ground like a rain of blood.

Ning Fan floated in midair. With a flick of his sleeve, a fist-sized black Demon Pill went into his hands. Immediately, he waved his hand and clawed towards the blood mist in the air. All the blood of the beast was brought back and congealed into a huge dark-red ball in front of him.

After compressing the blood ball with great pressure, it gradually condensed into a drop of glossy, black demon blood.

The blood of a Fake Wild Beast!

Since Ning Fan was being paid to gather Demon Pills, he would definitely keep the pill for Xu Rushan. The demon blood, however, was an item perfect for increasing his demon power. At a place like this, if Ning Fan could gather enough demon blood, his demon power could probably be raised to a terrifying level.

One drop of the Fake Wild Beast’s blood would be able to increase one unit of demon power!

However, Ning Fan did not immediately devour the blood. Instead, he thoroughly studied the drop of blood. Suddenly, his eyes widened in seriousness.

Within the drop of demon blood, there was an extremely fine trace of light-golden blood which slowly evaporated into the air.

“This is…”

With a flick of his finger, the drop of black blood trembled and the trace of golden blood was forced out of it and into his hand.

The demon power that was contained within this trace of light-golden blood was two times that of the black blood!

Besides, it emanated a trace of intimidating aura that was even stronger than Dong Xu and Yue Lingkong’s!

Doubtlessly, this was a drop which belonged to a powerful expert of the demon race! Its aura was much stronger than Spirit Severing Realm and Half-Step Void Refinement Realm experts. In other words, it must belong to a Void Refinement Realm Demon Marshal!

“The blood of a Demon Marshal?! Is it possible that this blood is the one causing the demon beasts to evolve into Fake Wild Beasts? Is it the reason why the gigantic eagle bounced back from fear and fought to its death?”

Even though it was only a fine trace of blood, the demon power was so concentrated that Ning Fan was unable to devour it without the help of demon grass.

Ning Fan slapped his storage pouch and kept it into a jade bottle. But at the same time, another jade bottle within his pouch seemed to resonate with the bottle that contained the golden blood.

That bottle was obtained from one of the partners of Li Ban back in Great Jin. He recalled that it contained a drop of extremely powerful demon blood.

That time when Ning Fan obtained the jade bottle, his cultivation level was only at the Harmonious Spirit Realm. There was no way he could consume that drop of blood during that time. His current body, however, should be strong enough to endure the power of the demon blood

He took out that bottle and examined it with his spirit sense. Inside the bottle, there was a complete drop of light-golden blood.

“A whole drop of blood that belongs to a Demon Marshal…”

That complete drop of blood should be congealed by a hundred traces of light-golden blood that he just kept earlier. A trace of it was able to increase 2 units of demon power. That is to say, a complete drop of the blood would increase 200 units of demon blood!

He kept the two bottles back into his pouch. And then he opened his mouth and swallowed the black blood of the gigantic eagle. It did not take long for him to assimilate the power within the blood.

Now, his demon power increased to 67 units.

The assimilation process of demon blood is unbelievably fast in this place. For items that increase my magic power, it becomes unusually slow.

“Blood of a Demon Marshal…Why is it here in the Secret Realm? Demon Marshal… Could it be that there is a Void Refinement Realm Demon Marshal in this place?! Besides, the golden blood that was within the giant eagle is clearly the same as the demon blood that I obtained from Li Ban. Both of them belonged to the same Demon Marshal…Li Ban…I guess the origin of this Secret Realm is not simple at all…”

Ning Fan fished out the map of the area again. Looking at the blank domains outside the vicinity of 70 million li*, a grim light flickered across his eyes.

Don’t tell me that that inaccessible area is where the Demon Marshal resides…

Could this place hold the secrets of the ancient demon race?

He kept the map and shook the Cauldron Ring to summon the Wind Demoness and Flower Demoness.

After being plucked by Ning Fan, the two of them now only had Gold Core Realm demon power. But their complexions looked smoother and redder than before after spending a long time resting in the Cauldron Ring.

They seemed to be in the middle of a discussion. But as soon as they were summoned out of the realm filled with red mist, their bodies jolted in surprise and they instantly became tongue-tied.

“Greetings, Master. I wonder if Master has any orders for us…”

Both of them lowered their heads in shyness, letting their long hair to shroud their appearances which were full of scars.

“I am sorry that I haven’t got the time to concoct the Facial Restoration Pills for the both of you as promised…”

“It’s fine, Master. Even if Master is not going to concoct the pills, we would not blame Master…” A hint of disappointment shone in the Wind Demoness’ eyes.

She was indeed disappointed to hear Ning Fan’s words. But there was nothing she could do. Since she was Ning Fan’s human cauldron, she could not blame him even if he decides to cheat her.

“However, I’ve gathered all the necessary spiritual herbs. Don’t worry. I will only feel good if my cauldrons are beautiful…” Ning Fan faintly smiled and caressed the cheeks of the demoness with his hands. Immediately, the Flower Demoness was adorned with a broad smile while the Wind Demoness felt touched.

The spiritual herbs are already gathered?

The Fifth Revolution Pill - Facial Restoration Pill required ten thousand years old spiritual herbs. It was not very long since he last met them and he had already gathered enough spiritual herbs. It simply implied that he actually took that matter into his heart.

It was difficult for the Wind Demoness not to feel touched. When she was still the partner of Li Ban, her status was low. Even when the Demon General destroyed her face, she did not dare to defy him. Her current new master was the complete opposite of Li Ban. He was so kind and he was even willing to help both of them to restore their appearances…

“Thank you…” The Wind Demoness smiled for the first time. Despite the hideous scars on her face, her smile was actually quite pretty.

“If you want to thank me, please do so after I have concocted the pills for you. Now, I have something to ask the two of you. Do you know something about this place?”

From Ning Fan’s viewpoint, the two demoness who were once Demon General Li Ban’s partners should know at least something about this place if it was really related to the ancient demon race and the Demon Marshals.

When they glanced at their surroundings, shock began to fill their faces.

“Mas…Master, how did you come here? This…this is the Land of Slumber! There might be Demon Generals or even Demon Marshals sleeping here! It’s extremely dangerous!”

It was the first time for the two demon human cauldrons to show their concern for Ning Fan’s safety.

“The Land of Slumber? If that’s the case, there really are Demon Marshals here?” Ning Fan wore a serious expression.

“Yes. If I’m not wrong, this should be the First World!


2. In chapter 210(2), there’s a part regarding the information about Wild Beasts was wrongly interpreted before this. But we already have already made the necessary amendments.(only apply to readers to read 210(2) before August 15th.) In short the Wild Beasts are Spirit Severing Realm demon beasts. In this Secret Realm, however, they are the Fake Wild Beasts which were originally Gold Core Realm demon beasts. After they entered into the Secret Realm, they evolved and gained Spirit Severing Realm demon power. However, only their demon power was at the Spirit Severing Realm. Their demonic techniques, cultivation level, means were all at Gold Core Realm. It was because of this that they weren’t called as Gold Core Realm beasts or Wild Beasts, but Fake Wild Beasts instead.

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