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Grasping Evil (Web Novel) - Chapter 239(1): Chu He’s Plan

Chapter 239(1): Chu He’s Plan

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“The First World?” It was Ning Fan’s first time hearing this title.

“Yes. Master should know that the Land of Demons is an immortal world where the Immortal Demons would ascend to. Meanwhile, the immortal world of the human race is separated into the Four Worlds. As for the Demon Immortal World, it is separated into the Land of the Awakened and the Land of Dreams. Demon General Li Ban and us were awakened from the latter. We bore orders from the Demon Marshal to search for the Land of Slumber in the mortal world and wake the Demon Generals together with the Demon Marshal within it. Aside from that, we were also assigned to lend our hand in completing some kind of mission. However, due to our lowly status of being merely partners of the Demon General, we don’t know the details of the mission…”

“Li Ban…” Ning Fan frown.

So Demon General Li Ban is a demon from the “upper” world. It’s no wonder that he was so audacious to initiate the demon tide back then and even the Rain Palace didn’t dare to deal with them recklessly.

“What is this place? And what’s with the First World?” Ning Fan asked.

“The Land of Slumber was once a part of the Land of Dreams. There used to be ancient demons sleeping within the place. However, because of some reasons, the Land of Dreams was broken into parts and separated. The broken parts then floated down to the mortal world. In other words, there should be Demon Generals and Demon Marshals sleeping in this place. The most obvious characteristic of the place where those powerful demons reside is the existence of demon beasts. They were raised in the First World. The Second World is where the “ Demon General Eggs” are at. The Demon Generals sleep within them. If there is any Demon Marshals in this place, they will be in the Third World… However, judging by the tremendous amount of demon spiritual qi in the atmosphere, it is very likely that there are Demon Marshals here. That is to say, this place is really dangerous…”

The eyes of the two demoness were filled with worries.

“Is it possible for anyone to freely pass through the First World, the Second World and the Third World?”

“No! However, the passages can only be temporarily opened if someone establishes an ancient demon formation, perform a sacrificial ceremony using an Offering Vessel of Ancient Demon at the place, chant the ancient demon sutra and offer a certain amount of demon blood. The demon beasts raised in the First World are meant to be the nourishment for the sleeping Demon Generals in the Second World. The Demon Generals which are in deep slumber will be guarded by their partners while the Demon Marshals will be protected by the Demon Generals. If the passages are freely accessible, then the ancient demon race will definitely be in danger…”


Ning Fan muttered to himself.

Since I am at the First World which cannot be accessed from the Second World, I suppose it isn’t really dangerous even if there is a Demon Marshal in this place.

Although it wasn’t as dangerous as it sounded, as long as Ning Fan thought of the light-golden blood, his interest towards the so-called sleeping Demon Marshals was instantly aroused.

The Demon Marshal which is in deep slumber shouldn’t be able to retaliate… If I kill the Demon Marshal, I wonder how many drops of golden blood I can obtain from it!

A drop of golden demon blood was equivalent to a hundred of fine traces of golden blood he obtained from the giant eagle. Consuming a full drop of the blood would increase 200 units of his demon power. If a Demon Marshal gives 50 drops of them, perhaps Ning Fan’s demon power would be able to attain the Spirit Severing Realm in the Secret Realm!

It was indeed difficult for his magic power to reach the Spirit Severing Realm as he had to make preparations for the process of Devil Transformation. However, there weren’t such inhibitions for him to improve his demon power!

“If I can sneak into the Second World and even the Third World, then I might be able to think of a way to kill the Demon Marshal… Once I succeed, I can rely on my demon power to achieve the Spirit Severing Realm! But…”

Not to mention the ancient demon formation, Ning Fan knew nothing about the characters of the ancient demon race. Without them, it surely was difficult for him to enter the Second World.

“Hmm? You two belong to the ancient demon race. Do you know anything about the ancient demon formation and the ancient demon language?” Ning Fan’s eyes sparkled with hope.

“Yes. We do know a little… But Master, why are you asking this? Don’t tell us you want…”

“Precisely. I want to enter the Second World and find an opportunity to sneak into the Third World to kill the Demon Marshal…”

A Demon Marshal was an extremely powerful being which Ning Fan might not be able to match. However, if it was in a dormant state, it wasn’t unkillable!

Ning Fan saw this as a lucky opportunity. However, without the two demonesses, he would not know the truth about the Secret Realm. If it was not for his extraordinary ability, he would not able to discover the trace of light-golden blood hidden with the demon blood of the Fake Wild Beast.

Since the chance came knocking on his door, it would be too much of a waste to miss it.

However, the two demonesses had qualms regarding Ning Fan’s intention. In order to open the passage to the Second World, the requirement for the type of blood needed as offering was harsh, not to mention the rare materials for establishing the formation. Besides, within the Second World, many Demon Generals probably have awakened to guard the sleeping Demon Marshal… With Ning Fan current cultivation level, it would be extremely risky as he might be pursued by the Demon Generals in the Second Realm!

“Don’t be afraid. As long as I am not dead, I will keep the two of you safe. Besides, I promise you, I will never be dead! Tell me, what are the materials needed to establish the ancient demon formation…”

“Master, the material needed is the powder of the Purple Demon Stone that can be obtained through grinding the stone into fine powder. Then the formation has to be carved using spirit sense and at least ten million immortal jade will be needed to fill all the formation eyes… However, due to our low status, we only recognize a few ancient demon characters. With our level of knowledge, the formation might not successfully activate… Furthermore, the most crucial factor that determines the success of the activation of the formation is the blood offered to the demon ancestor. It must be the blood of the king beasts…”

Their eyes became watery as they spoke. Deep inside, their hearts were touched by Ning Fan’s words. They sounded wild and arrogant. However, because of his uncommon capabilities, they became like a confident pill that reassured them and set their minds at ease.

“Purple Demon Stone. I obtained quite a few of them from Xu Rushan. They should be enough…Immortal jade isn’t a problem for me. As for blood of the king beasts, I should be able to collect some of them if I kill all the way to the northern domain. Regarding the ancient demon words that you aren’t proficient in…If it really fails, then I suppose it is the will of Heaven. There’s nothing we can do about it. You don’t have to be stressed about it. Just give it a try.”

Ning Fan patted their heads as a gesture to comfort them.

If he really can’t enter the Second World, the only thing he can do is to give up. It will be pointless to insist on something that they couldn’t possibly do.

But if he manages to enter…he would surely find a way to get the blood of the Demon Marshal and break through to the Spirit Severing Realm!

A month had passed by.

On the extensive Secret Realm of the Broken World which was seemingly boundless, Ning Fan moved all the way to the north. With his Instant Movement which was nearly at a speed comparable to that of a Spirit Severing Realm Traverse Technique, it was a piece of cake for him to travel more than millions of li* in a day.

On the journey, Ning Fan held the Wind Demoness and the Flower Demoness in both of his arms. He did not conceal his qi along the way and put on the “Demon Luring Scent” instead.

The reason why he kept moving to the north was because of the blank domain on the map which was 30 million li* away in reality. The passage that connected to the Second World was situated there!

Under the effect of the Demon Luring Scent, all Fake Wild Beasts which were within the vicinity of hundreds of thousands of li* were lured to him.

All of them came in massive sizes. Among them, there was the Mountain Gigantic Ape which was taller than the summit of a mountain. There was also the Profound Sea Beast Turtle which was as large as an island.

However, no matter what sort of beasts approach him, none of them were able to stop him.

After a month of continuous journey, Ning Fan nearly travelled across a distance of 30 million li*.

Behind him, there were seven frenzied black giant apes chasing after him. Each of them was a thousand zhang* tall. Meanwhile, hundreds of one hundred zhang* tall green apes were right behind the group of black apes. Every one of them emanated an aura which revealed their Nascent Soul Realm magic power.

Ning Fan had lost count of the number of waves of crazy demon beasts running after him.

Now, he had collected at least 300 Demon Pills obtained from Fake Wild Beasts within his pouch!

When he caught sight of a barren mountain, he quickly landed on the summit and put down the two demonesses. He then turned to face the incoming groups of beasts with a cold expression while holding the Profound Heaven Soul Slashing Sword in his hand.

“Soul Extraction!”

He clawed at the atmosphere with his other hand and the soul of the mountains and rivers within ten thousand li* was absorbed into his hand and entered his body.

In a blink of an eye, his magic power increased by ten thousand units. With the boost of magic power, he gripped the hilt of the sword and swung sideways. A ray of green light was released from the edge of the sword, flying towards the groups of demon beasts. Everything in its way was slashed apart, including the vast sky. In a flash, an extensive rift was created in the sky within an area of ten thousand li* and stretched towards its targets. Wherever it passed by, the Heavenly Spiritual Power in the atmosphere would be disrupted. The seven black apes together with hundreds of green apes were killed as soon as the green thread gashed through them!

Seven Fake Wild Beasts Demon Pills and hundreds of Fake Nascent Soul Realm Demon Pills had been obtained!

In the meantime, seven drops of black demon blood, seven traces of light-golden Demon Marshal’s blood as well as hundreds of drops of dark green demon blood had also been obtained!

After clearing the battlefield, Ning Fan returned to the summit, feeling exhausted.

He eliminated the scent on his body and quickly consumed a few Heart Primordial Pills and Silver Blood Pills which would regulate his magic power and strength.

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