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Grave Digger (Web Novel) - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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Zhuning had no idea where to find her former betrothed, so the two of them wandered aimlessly towards the south. Jiangnan, the regions south of the river, was filled with pleasant breezes in March. Once the sun set, Sixteen and Zhuning prepared their bags and got ready to leave the city. As soon as they stepped out of an inn, they saw a pregnant woman sprawled on the ground. Currently, the streets were cold and deserted, so there was no one around to assist her. Zhuning patted Sixteen’s shoulder.

“Aiya, hurry and help her up.”

Sixteen did as he was told, helping the pregnant woman to her feet. She’d just given thanks when they suddenly heard a cry.

“Darling, darling!” A man dressed in blue robes with an oilpaper umbrella over his head quickly ran over. “Many thanks to this sir, many thanks.” He saw Sixteen carrying a cloth bundle on his back and asked, “Is this sir still looking for a place to stay? It’s already getting dark, so why not stay with us tonight?” It was all pleasantries at most, since they were already standing next to an inn.

Sixteen wanted to refuse as well, but a female voice suddenly said, “Sure.”

Zhuning jumped her way to Sixteen’s side and grinned at the man with the umbrella. “Sure, sure. We just happen to need a place to stay. Many thanks to this sir for your cordial treatment.”

The man’s expression stiffened, but he’d already spoken up. There was nothing else for it, so he simply supported his wife and smiled. “Since these two don’t mind the offer, please come with us.”

The couple led the way while Sixteen and Zhuning followed behind them. Sixteen had a puzzled look as he asked, “Tonight, we’re not journeying?”

Zhuning was staring fixedly at the back of the man in front of them. “Journeying? I’ve already found the person I’m looking for. The next journey I’ll take is one of reincarnation.”

Sixteen stiffened. She found him? So as it turned out, that man was the betrothed she wanted revenge on. The very man she’d adored in the past, the one she’d never forgotten. Sixteen glanced at Zhuning’s eyes, which didn’t leave room for anyone else but her target, and felt his fingers twitch. He suddenly had an urge to turn her head towards him so she could see his agitation.

But…it didn’t feel like he had that right.

The two of them followed the couple to a small courtyard with three buildings. Husband and wife lived in one building while the kitchen took up another. Sixteen and Zhuning went to the remaining room. Late at night, the pair with a completely different work-rest schedule to the rest of the world exchanged glances with wide eyes.

Sixteen asked, “How do, you want, revenge?”

Zhuning fell silent for a long time. “I don’t know…but I’ll definitely make him suffer. I clearly loved him in the past, but he…he actually…” Zhuning’s sharp teeth bit through the skin of her lips, revealing a trace of blood. She suddenly thought up a good idea. “How about I force him to drink my blood so that he turns into a zombie too! This way, we’ll be together forever and I can torment him as I like!”

Sixteen’s fists clenched by his sides. He lowered his eyes, trying his best to suppress the strange feeling getting stronger in his chest.

“I’ll go do that right now!” Zhuning straightened up and prepared to jump outside, but Sixteen grabbed her by the wrist. She turned back and saw his bowed head.

A vexed Sixteen said, “Can’t you, not go?”

This was Sixteen’s first ever request to Zhuning. In the past, he simply gave her what she wanted. Zhuning shot him an odd look. “Why? Are there other ways to take revenge?”

Sixteen shook his head. “Can’t you, not take revenge?” He didn’t know when, but he had started to wish Zhuning would stop bringing up the past. He disliked it when she kept wanting to seek revenge. If possible, he’d want her to forget all about those former days and simply spend them happily with him while gnawing on his shoulder guards.

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