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Great Doctor Ling Ran (Web Novel) - Chapter 530: Competitor

Chapter 530: Competitor

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Jin Xuezhen’s father was not able to give away the car, and he did not feel at ease.

This was his occupational habit. Just like when he was doing construction work, if he encountered a person-in-charge who did not want to receive any gift, they would be filled with fear when they did the construction work.

As the younger brother-in-law of the great hospital director in Yun Hua Hospital, Jin Xuezhen’s father actually knew that the doctors in the hospital would definitely do their best.

However, there were not many chances for them to fawn on the hospital director, and not many doctors would mess up this kind of matter.

However, doing their best did not mean they could get the best results.

All Jin Xuezhen’s father wished was to let a first-class doctor treat his son. Even if the doctor could benefit his son by 1%, he was willing to give away his Audi Q7.

This kind of mindset was similar to the time he looked for a school, a class, and a teacher for his son.

As long as there was a possibility, he wanted to provide the best conditions for his son.

At this moment, he did not consider the price-performance ratio.

He will only feel relieved if he relied on his own abilities within the range of his capabilities to find the best people to treat his son.

Jin Xuezhen’s father drove his Audi Q7 around Lower Groove while he kept thinking. ‘Other doctors in Yun Hua Hospital are still very polite, but Ling Ran’s character seems to be very different from them.’

When he passed by a car park, Jin Xuezhen’s father parked his car and brought out his phone to make a call.

The plan set at the beginning was not successful, but it just made him slightly gloomy.

As a constructor who worked at the frontlines of construction throughout the year, Jin Xuezhen’s father did not believe that there was a gift that could not be given away.


On the next day at 6 o’clock in the morning, Jin Xuezhen’s father rushed to Lower Groove Clinic.

To be honest, it had been some time since he last woke up at this hour, so he was slightly not used to looking at the dark sky.

The wooden door in front of Lower Groove Clinic was shut tight. The neon lights still shone brightly. A man who wore a coat had his shoulders hunched while he hid in a corner to avoid the wind.

Jin Xuezhen’s father had his eyes focus. He put his hands into his pocket and clenched the personal safety alarm.

The black matte surface of the personal safety alarm made him relieved. This personal safety alarm had performed a meritorious deed before, so it had his complete trust.

A while later, Jin Xuezhen’s father slowly walked toward the man with the big coat and asked, “Who are you?”

“Director Jin?” The person turned around and recognized him.

Jin Xuezhen’s father’s hand which had been holding on to the personal safety alarm tightly moved slightly away from the switch. He replied politely, “And you are?”

“I am Huang Maoshi, I’m a salesperson in Changxi Medical Company. I’ve met you before in Yun Hua Hospital.” Huang Maoshi behaved even more politely. ‘It’s the brother-in-law of the hospital director! If I can establish a relationship with him, I can sell drugs nonstop!’

When Jin Xuezhen’s father heard that he was a pharmaceutical sales representative, his smile faded away instantly. He also took out his hand from his pocket and asked, “Why did you come at this hour?”

“I came to deliver breakfast to Doctor Ling.” Huang Maoshi chuckled as he showed the lunch box that he brought along. He then said, “Deep-fried dough sticks and soybean milk from Nancheng District, along with some Fuling mustard. Doctor Ling likes it.”

Jin Xuezhen’s father frowned when he looked at Huang Maoshi’s lunch box.

“Director Jin, are you looking for Doctor Ling? I’m not too sure what has happened, but I might be able to help,” Huang Maoshi casually said some polite words as if it cost him nothing.

Jin Xuezhen’s father had a thought bloom in his head, even though to him, pharmaceutical sales representatives only promoted things meaninglessly, he knew that the effect of pharmaceutical sales representatives on the doctors was undeniable.

A smile could be seen on Jin Xuezhen’s father again, and he said, “Doctor Ling is the chief surgeon for my son. Young Huang, right? You must know how Doctor Ling manages the patients’ prognoses.”

Huang Maoshi knew what was happening after he heard those words. He chuckled and said, “Doctor Ling usually arranges a general direction. When it comes to the usage of drugs, he will either discuss it with the doctors in the department or consult the doctors from the Department of Internal Medicine.”

The Department of Surgery had always used medicine crudely. Even those who were associate chief physicians or department directors were not particular about using drugs.

When the patients had any other symptoms, they would just ask someone from the Department of Internal Medicine for consultation.

Jin Xuezhen’s father frowned and said in dissatisfaction, “I heard that Doctor Ling’s patients usually have better prognoses.”

“Doctor Ling performs the surgery very well.”

“And he is particular about some other aspects as well.”

“I’m not too sure about that.” Huang Maoshi realized that Jin Xuezhen’s father was one of those family members who were difficult to deal with, so he made the wise decision to keep himself quiet.

It was normal even if he could not establish a relationship with the brother-in-law of the hospital director.

When Huang Maoshi was a model, he had seen many famous people and bosses, but he did not get close to any of them. So, when he saw the attitude of the hospital director’s brother-in-law, he already knew the result.

Jin Xuezhen’s father asked a few more questions, but he obtained no results, and he lost his interest.

Both of them stood outside Lower Groove Clinic. They were blown by the cold wind and felt uncomfortable.

“Even though I bought breakfast from some famous shops, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe and clean.” Director Jin pondered over his words and said, “Those who are pharmaceutical sales representatives have to sell good medicine and consumables. Look at some of those pharmaceutical sales representatives from other countries, they might be arrogant and do not give any discount, but it is unavoidable for us not to buy from them.”

“They’re monopolizing the market,” Huang Maoshi answered in a soft voice.

“That’s why I said that those who rely on their skills to live will have the capacity to be arrogant once they’re good at it.”


“What time did you come over?”

“Not long ago. Then, you came,” Huang Maoshi answered reluctantly.

Director Jin asked, “Do you come very frequent?”


“What if Ling Ran needs to perform surgery? He usually wakes up much earlier, right?”

“Sometimes, I’ll deliver breakfast to the hospital, but not every day.”

Director Jin smiled and said, “That’s true. He can’t be having deep-fried dough sticks and soybean every day right? Do you pharmaceutical sales representatives divide your tasks earlier? One of you is specifically tasked to send deep-fried dough sticks and soybean, while another sends porridge and steamed buns, or something like that?”

Huang Maoshi was a bit proud when he smiled, “Doctor Ling doesn’t like to deal with other people. I know Doctor Ling the best among the pharmaceutical sales representatives.”

Now, Huang Maoshi was no longer dealing with other doctors.

Those pharmaceutical sales representatives who had a close relationship with associate chief physicians or above usually did this as well.

Great benefits could be generated from either the treatment group of a tertiary Grade A hospital or the departments from some lousy hospital required careful management, and it required careful management from a pharmaceutical sales representative.

Sending deep-fried dough sticks and soybean at six o’clock in the morning was just something very basic.

“What does Doctor Ling like to eat in the morning?” Director Jin asked curiously.

Huang Maoshi was still feeling very proud of himself and said, “Recently, he likes to eat wonton. I’ve seen Uncle Ling make it twice.”

“I see…”

Director Jin asked a few more questions while playing his phone. Then, a man in a white coat came over.

“Director Jin.” The man greeted him and put down the basket in his hands before he said, “The ingredients for wonton have been prepared. They can be made in a few minutes.”

Huang Maoshi was initially smiling while he looked at Director Jin. When he heard his words, he could not help but be puzzled.

Director Jin coughed and introduced the man. “This is the chef I brought over to make some food here.”

Huang Maoshi lowered his head because he wanted to laugh, but he dared not.

Director Jin did not have any desire to explain or to chat anymore. He snorted and waited in front of the door.

After a while, the gate under the [Lower Groove Clinic] signboard opened with a creak.

“Hi, Uncle Ling.” Huang Maoshi called it out sweetly.

Ling Jiezhou looked at Huang Maoshi and sighed before he said, “I told you not to bring anything already. There’s not even a need for you to bring breakfast.”

“I was just around the area. I didn’t spend any effort in coming over.” Huang Maoshi chuckled as though he really came over by sheer coincidence.

Ling Jiezhou shook his head and said, “We really don’t need it, our Ling Ran ordered delivery after he woke up.”

“Delivery for breakfast?” Huang Maoshi was a little dumbfounded. He did not think that his greatest competitor was Meituan.

Ling Jiezhou said, “Otherwise, that will be too troublesome for you… Alright, come in and take a seat. It is still quite cold in the morning. And you are?”

He thought that Jin Xuezhen’s father came together with Huang Maoshi.

Huang Maoshi quickly introduced him.

Jin Xuezhen’s father and Ling Jiezhou shook hands and greeted each other politely. Then, he proudly pushed the man behind him forward and said, “Chief Ling, delivery is really not healthy. I brought the chef from Prosperous Fountain Restaurant. Let’s make some breakfast on the spot.”

During the conversation, ringing sounds were heard behind them.

A group of cyclists rode forward. There was a chef who put on a tall white toque and on every bicycle.

When they arrived at the doorstep of Lower Groove Clinic, the chefs parked their bicycles neatly against the wall. Then, they took out alcohol-based hand sanitizer from their pockets and rubbed their hands.

“Is this Lower Groove Clinic? We sent food here.” The chef who stood at the front politely squeezed his way through when the four people at the gate were stunned.

The row of chefs also squeezed in while they carried stuff on either their shoulders or hands.

Then, they used two to three minutes’ time to build up a simple and big kitchen in the yard. Even the stove fires and the charcoal used to cook food were all ready.

“Millet porridge and vegetarian buns. We currently have an event in our restaurant. We’re giving away four side dishes, four cold plates, and four hot dishes,” the head chef shouted, and the chefs behind him went to do their work.

“Cooking and making buns on the spot?” Jin Xuezhen’s father was surprised. He had prepared a chef to come over, prepared to set up a cooking station, but in front of him were twelve people, what was going on?

A normal kitchen did not have this number of chefs, right?

The chef who followed Jin Xuezhen’s father was even more surprised to the extent that he could not wear his toque properly. He looked at the dishes that the chefs put out while he mumbled,

“This stir-fried potatoes…

“This scrambled eggs…

“This shrimp balls…

“Where did they come from…?”

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