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Great Doctor Ling Ran (Web Novel) - Chapter 532: Large

Chapter 532: Large

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“Hi, how are you feeling?”

“Have you farted yet?”

“Please rest well.”

Lu Wenbin, Yu Yuan, and the others led an intern respectively as they went for their ward rounds.

Ward rounds in the Department of Surgery were very simple, especially ward rounds by the resident doctors. It usually only involved some simple tasks like checking incisions and changing of dressing, which were enough for a patient.

The thing that they needed to worry about the most was the major matter whether the patient had released a fart after the surgery.

Farting meant that the intestines were active, so the gas left from the surgery had been released, which meant that the patient had recovered normally after the surgery. If the patient did not fart, the doctors would need to consider situations such as whether there were any intestinal distortions, intestinal adhesion, or whether their hands had touched some part of the patient’s body where they were not supposed to touch.

Fortunately, when it came to Ling Ran’s surgeries, the prognoses were always good. The number of patients who had wounds that were difficult to heal or patients who did not fart were extremely low, and this was perfect for Lu Wenbin and Yu Yuan, who were unskilled.

If it were any another surgery group which had a high number of surgeries like Ling Ran’s, they will not need just two resident doctors, even if they had four attending physicians, their ward rounds would not be completed in a day.

This was the reason why Ling Ran could lead a treatment group independently without any opposing opinions in the hospital.

A treatment group had tons of work to do, and most of the work was closely related to the patients’ lives and their quality of life. Whether or not they could handle it required a lot of skill.

It was normal if they could not do it well.

If they could handle the tasks well and produce outstanding results, then they were not normal doctors.

Ling Ran himself brought Zuo Cidian to the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery before they headed to the ICU.

Jin Xuezhen’s father knew that he should wait for them before they began their ward rounds. He went forward quickly to welcome them with a smile.

He originally wanted to let Ling Ran follow and take care of his son 24/7. According to his brother in-law, who was the hospital director, hiring a doctor and spending one to three months of their time to return his son to a relatively healthy condition was rather worth it.

However, Ling Ran did not want to take up the task, so he could only find another doctor. But whenever Ling Ran came to visit, Jin Xuezhen’s father still behaved extremely well, and he always asked for Ling Ran’s opinions.

Due to his lead, the patients’ family members in the ICU started to ask more questions.

It did not matter to Ling Ran, as his frequency of ward rounds was lower than the resident doctors. Yun Hua Hospital enforced a three-stage ward round system. Resident doctors were in charge of the daily ward rounds, while the person in charge of the treatment group needed to perform ward rounds the least.

“His condition is getting better, so he should be able to be transferred to a normal ward in a few days.” Ling Ran looked at all the data for Jin Xuezhen and gave an optimistic answer.

In the Emergency Department, most of the young patients who were injured in an accident usually had a better recovery than those who were older. Jin Xuehen’s accident was serious, but in terms of recovery, he was quite fast.

Jin Xuezhen’s father kept expressing his gratitude. He had never heard of such words from the doctors from the ICU. Of course, Jin Xuezhen’s father knew the reason behind it. It could be that the doctors in the ICU were unwilling to report this good news to his brother-in-law and take the risk of the possibility that the good news might turn into bad news.

Ling Ran had always said whatever he wanted to say. He gave an answer straight away in a few sentences.

While Jin Xuezhen’s father was stunned, Ling Ran took a turn, went into the elevator, and reached the surgical floor.

The surgical floor of the Inpatient Department was much larger than the surgical floor containing four operating theaters in the Emergency Medical Center. The extra space contained not just more than ten operating theaters, but also the store room, pharmacy, blood bank, Central Sterile Services Department, and other compartments…

There were already about ten hand-washing rooms in the surgical floor of the Inpatient Department alone.

Ling Ran entered the dressing room like he always did before he asked for the scrubs from the nurse at the door. He went inside and changed before he put his own clothes into his personal locker.

In Yun Hua Hospital, the regulation fixed for the operating theater was that every locker was temporary, and hence, could be used with great efficiency, however, with tacit agreement, those who were assistant lecturers or ranked even higher basically had a locker of their own.

Basically, it meant that the key of those lockers were passed to the doctors and were never returned.

Ling Ran already had his personal locker when he was at the Operating Area of the Emergency Medical Center. Ever since he helped Professor Feng to mend the mistakes when he came from Beijing for a freelance surgery, he also had his personal locker in the Operating Area.

Therefore, Ling Ran changed to a whole new underwear before he met up with Zuo Cidian at the hand-washing room.

“Is it a liver and pancreas related surgery?” Although Zuo Cidian did not look carefully at the surgical timetable, he could already think with his intestines that this was the only selection.

Ling Ran nodded. “The emergency cholecystectomy the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery diagnosed is still here, let us try to warm up with this first.”

The Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery was like Ling Ran’s backyard. He could just come in anytime he liked. The doctors of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery would not compete with Ling Ran for surgical authority. Ling Ran was performing free labor in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. He did not want any surgery fees, medical fees, or even the fees for the medical consumables.

The only thing he got himself involved in was the matter of having other doctors signing the forms for his surgeries.

However, when Ling Ran was the chief surgeon, no doctor would think that helping him sign the forms was a problem.

For most doctors who did not have any ambition, when their surgeries were performed by Ling Ran and they could still get their money, it could be said that they felt blessed and comfortable.

For those doctors who were ambitious, they would be more than willing to participate in Ling Ran’s surgery.

Even though it was just cholecystectomies, which Ling Ran was not familiar with, the doctors could still learn many things by looking at how Ling Ran handled different anatomical structures.

Zuo Cidian followed Ling Ran to the operating theater, and he saw that Zhang Anmin had draped the patient and was waiting there.

“Doctor Ling.” Zhang Anmin smiled as cheerfully as a flower.

Ling Ran first took a look at the patient and monitor before he said, “Has the patient been anesthetized? For how long?”

“Just ten minutes.”

“Why didn’t you make any call?”

Zhang Anmin said, “Just now, you were doing a ward round at the ward of Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, so I thought that you would be coming soon. But I made a call a few minutes later.”

Ling Ran did not say much. He turned around and looked at the medical imaging scans before he asked, “Anything that I need to know?”

“There is nothing special for this cholecystectomy. The patient is sixty-two years old, which means she’s slightly older. Her basic condition is still okay…” Zhang Anmin made a few offhand remarks. For him, cholecystectomy using laparoscopes was very simple. It would be easier for anyone who had performed hundreds over cases.

Ling Ran nodded slightly while he observed the medical imaging scans on the wall and confirmed that this was a standard cholecystectomy.

Zhang Anmin hummed and said, “However, our department received a special patient today.”

“Oh? What patient?”

“She has a large benign liver tumor.” Zhang Anmin frowned.

“Has she already been admitted?” Just as expected, Ling Ran became interested.

Liver tumors was classified under the area of his hepatectomy skillset as well. Since Ling Ran had decided that he would temporarily not get involved in liver cancer surgery, a large benign liver tumor would already be the best surgery that he could perform as of right now.

Of course, if the benign liver tumor was large enough, the difficulty level would be greater than liver cancer surgery.

Zhang Anmin gently nodded and said, “She already received a CT scan. The diameter is about 6.3 inches. It is quite rare to see benign tumors in our hospital.”

What he did not say was that Department Director He was still considering whether he should perform the surgery himself.

But Zhang Anmin did not care so much anymore. He was currently someone marginalized in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, it would be better for him to consider Ling Ran’s emotions than He Yuanzheng’s. At least, Ling Ran would bring him out for freelance surgeons.

“Let’s do this surgery first and go for a ward round afterwards.” Ling Ran did not hesitate at all when he said that.

“Do you want to take a look at him directly?” Zuo Cidian cut in.

“What else?” Ling Ran started to perform disinfection.

Zuo Cidian worked as the third assistant, but he was just looking around from the side while he observed other people in the operating theater. He then whispered, “Doctor Ling, it isn’t in accordance to the rules if you come into contact with the patient directly.”

“What rules?” Ling Ran asked again.

Zuo Cidian was stunned. He knew that Ling Ran was really just asking him a question, but when he saw those words, he still made it sound really domineering.

“Why don’t I go and communicate with the others first?” Zuo Cidian smiled and stepped backward before he took out his phone.

Ling Ran stared at the monitor silently while he kept thinking about the cholecystectomy that he needed to perform.

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