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Great Doctor Ling Ran (Web Novel) - Chapter 534: Stuck

Chapter 534: Stuck

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He Yuanzheng stood together with Zuo Cidian. The forty-year-old He Yuanzheng was at the prime of his life, so he looked young and vigorous. Meanwhile, the forty-year-old Zuo Cidian was old but ambitious, so he looked like any other person’s father.

When the patient’s family entered the meeting room and saw He Yuanzheng and Zuo Cidian, they were stunned before they said tentatively, “Department Director He…”

He Yuanzheng smiled and said, “Please take a seat first. This is Doctor Zuo, he will be explaining the situation to you.”

As he spoke, he gave away his seat to Zuo Cidian.

Regardless of how he thought about this, He Yuanzheng was still annoyed.

He did not have any way to stop Ling Ran from being the chief surgeon, but He Yuanzheng becoming the first assistant was not a bad thing either. In fact, if he followed his previous work flow, there was a high chance that he would hire another expert to come over for a freelance surgery, and at the same time, the freelance surgeon could countercheck the work he had done.

This was also one of the values of freelance surgery in many local hospitals.

When a doctor hired a freelance surgeon, it was mostly because he was willing to learn.

He Yuanzheng was one of them. He had only participated in a few large liver tumor surgeries, so he had very little experience in this and was not very confident. If he were asked to directly perform the surgery, he would be scared that the patient and himself might not be able to leave the operating table.

Correspondingly, it was different from hiring an expert who had good skills to come over for freelance surgery. He Yuanzheng could work on the operating table, and the expert will observe from the side. If he did something wrong, the expert would naturally point it out. If the mistake was severe, the expert could act as the backup surgeon.

In other words, a freelance surgery like this was similar to a doctor spending money to hire a one-to-one tutor.

Naturally, the teacher might not allow He Yuanzheng to be the chief surgeon, but no matter what, it was still a chance, and there was room for discussion.

Now, Ling Ran had directly taken over the position of chief surgeon and made He Yuanzheng the assistant…

As the director for the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery in Yun Hua Hospital, He Yuanzheng still could not let this slide somewhat.

It was mainly because Ling Ran was too young, and his experiences were too few.

He Yuanzheng also looked down on Zuo Cidian.

If Ling Ran came for the discussion personally, He Yuanzheng would probably help as well. However, He Yuanzheng did not feel the obligation when it was Resident Doctor Zuo Cidian who came.

Even if ten family members squeezed themselves together across them, and some of them did not look as if they were pleasant to deal with, He Yuanzheng still pushed Zuo Cidian out to handle the situation without any hesitation.

The patient’s family who had the authority to sign the forms looked very meek, but the relatives and neighbors were like tigers and wolves, and this was the beginning of trouble in a hospital argument.

He Yuanzheng stood by the side, and he truly looked as if he wanted to watch Zuo Cidian make a fool of himself.

Zuo Cidian looked at the group of patients in front of him, and many memories popped up in his mind.

He was very familiar with such patients.

Those patients and their family members who came over to the town hospital for a serious illness were usually those with the bad financial conditions. If they were slightly rich or had people they could mobilize, they would have gone to the county hospital or the city hospital a long time ago.

Those who were left had always been those who were the most uneasy with their conditions and lived in the most remote villages. They behaved just like old men who were sandwiched in the middle of a crowd.

Besides, Zuo Cidian was also familiar with some of the types in the crowd, such as the few people who were making a clamor while baring their yellow teeth.

Maybe they were the bullies in villages, or gangsters, or even capable people in villages. However, without any exception, they were potential factors that could cause a lot of trouble to the hospital.

Zuo Cidian used to get annoyed by this kind of people. Now, he could not help but feel a sense of cordiality when he saw them.

Zuo Cidian smiled gently in his heart as he showed an expression that he always used in the town hospital.

Zuo Cidian was seen taking a step forward, and he put on a stern expression. His voice was like a large bell. “All of you, be quiet. The immediate family members will stay, and others, please leave. Do you know what immediate family member means?”

There were a few people who had squeezed themselves in chairs, crossed their legs, had cigarettes tucked behind their ears, and were rubbing against a few stainless steel balls. They were shocked by Zuo Cidian.

Regardless of whether they were bullies, gangsters, or capable people, they would still be frightened at places like Yun Hua Hospital, and Zuo Cidian’s voice was very loud. As people always said, “Reason will always rule, regardless of whether a person’s voice was loud or soft.” A few of them became hesitant.

Zuo Cidian raised his head before he said, “Spouse, parents, and children are the immediate family members. For people who do not belong to this category, please leave now.”

There were two of them who wanted to leave, but they stood still when they saw that the other people did not want to move.

“I’m from the maternal side, the one who is sick is my younger sister, so I must be here to listen.” Among the crowd, one middle-aged man who wore a jacket, a pair of leather shoes, and looked like a teacher in the countryside stood out sternly and righteously.

Zuo Cidian replied without any hesitation, “You cannot. Only immediate family members are allowed to stay. Siblings are not considered immediate family members.”

The man frowned. Then he said loudly, as if he was trying to reason with Zuo Cidian, “What does that even mean? She’s my younger sister…”

“Do you want to receive consultation? If you don’t, take the patient and leave.” Zuo Cidian was very experienced in handling such scenarios, and his plan to solve this was exactly the way town hospitals solve this sort of conflict.

He Yuanzheng frowned, but he kept to himself without saying anything.

Yun Hua Hospital was different from the town hospital. According to the rules, it was not easy for the patient he had received to be transferred. Besides, the patient had taken her CT scan and received the full check up.

However, He Yuanzheng could tell that while what Zuo Cidian used was not suitable, it was still usable.

Since he was not the one who was speaking, He Yuanzheng remained silent.

The patient’s family members stared at each other, lowered their heads, and fell silent.

They came to the hospital for treatment, so no one dared to say something like taking the patient away and leaving the hospital.

“If you want to continue to seek treatment, then have only the immediate family members stay. The rest, go out and wait.” Zuo Cidian did not give them time to rally. His tone made it final.

The patient’s husband finally understood, so he waved to the people around him. “Everyone, please go out first, I’ll talk to the doctors first. We’ll talk again later.”

“Uncle, don’t get deceived by them.”

“Hospitals nowadays are always trying to empty our pockets.”

“If you all want to mess with us or charge us unreasonably, we will find someone and expose all of you.”

After threatening them for a while, they left reluctantly.

Zuo Cidian looked calm while he waited for the door to close. Then, he started to talk slowly.

When it was time to sign the forms, Zuo Cidian even requested two people to sign together to prevent future trouble.


During the afternoon, He Yuanzheng had called for a consultation between the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery and Emergency Department.

Honestly speaking, when he sent out the notification for consultation, He Yuanzheng had become silent for a few seconds when he saw the words [Emergency Department].

Among tertiary Grade A hospitals, the Emergency Department was known for providing a very boring worklife.

Forget that the workload was dirty, tough, tiring, and that the responsibility was great, the money they earned was less, and they were always blamed a lot.

After becoming the department director of a specialist department, He Yuanzheng did not bother about the Emergency Department. Even if he met Huo Congjun, they only nodded at each other and did not interfere with each other’s lives.

“Last time, it was the Emergency Department who released the consultation notices. I didn’t expect us to be the ones sending the consultation notice now.” He Yuanzheng sighed in front of a few doctors who were close to him.

“It doesn’t matter whether who sends the notice, right?” The few doctors who were close to him laughed and comforted him.

He Yuanzheng shook his head. “This is a big tumor that is 6.3 inches big. It’s not easy to come across one these days. A normal patient would have come to the hospital a long time ago because of the pain. Who would let it grow to this extent?”

“There are very few patients who will end up with this sort of tumor. Why should we even bother to use this surgical method…?”

“This is a top grade surgical method for our Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, and I wouldn’t have handed it over even if you tried trading it with me with a liver transplant.” He Yuanzheng looked at the wall with great focus. The patient’s MRI scan was there.

The area of the large tumor and its strength could be seen from the medical scan alone.

The liver had an abundant blood supply, so tumors of impressive sizes could always be found there. Once the growth of the tumor was more than 6.3 inches, the surgery performed would be different.


The door of the meeting room was opened. Zuo Cidian and Yu Yuan first came in, and they were followed by Ling Ran.

“Ah, the MRI scan is ready?” Ling Ran entered and saw the MRI scan hanging at the light box.

He Yuanzheng schooled his expression before he greeted with a smile. “Hi, Doctor Ling…”

“Hi, Department Director He.” Ling Ran showed a smile that everyone wanted to see, and his gaze fell on the MRI scan.

One minutes. Two minutes. Ten minutes.

The doctors who sat in the meeting room already started to feel bored.

“Alright. Let me explain my surgical flow.” Ling Ran suddenly turned around and noticed Zuo Cidian’s expression, who kept trying to send him a message through his eyes. He nodded again and said, “If anyone of you has any opinion, you may suggest it, and we can discuss together.”

As he spoke, he started to describe the flow.

One minute. Two minutes. Ten minutes.

The doctors from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery who were in the meeting room had lost their focus and had almost fallen asleep.

Since Ling Ran did not prepare a PowerPoint presentation and just explained the surgery using his knowledge on anatomy, his words were almost like sleeping pills.

But, this time, no one felt that it was boring.

“Any suggestion?” Ling Ran lowered his head and looked around.

He Yuanzheng automatically looked at his followers whom he was close with.

During the Q&A session, questions must be asked. Otherwise, they would seem as if they had no standard.

At this time, He Yuanzheng’s followers lowered their heads.

They were really not qualified enough to ask any questions.

He Yuanzheng frowned even more. He never thought that his subordinates would be such weaklings.

“If there are no questions, we’ll just follow this plan.” Ling Ran made a decision very quickly.

He Yuanzheng pulled a long face and chuckled in the end. “Doctor Ling, you can already think about the steps when you analyze the MRI scan? You’re really great!”

Ling Ran hummed, he obviously did not think that this was a problem.

So, He Yuanzheng was stuck.

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