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Great Doctor Ling Ran (Web Novel) - Chapter 535: Beef Tenderloin

Chapter 535: Beef Tenderloin

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“Doctor Ling, Doctor Ling.” Guan Fei quickly ran after Ling Ran while she showed the most sincere smile on her face.

She did not even need to consciously smile, her facial muscles were on autopilot.

When she faced Ling Ran, her facial expression was totally different than the times she was forced into dates by her family in one of their matchmaking sessions.

Guan Fei held her hands together in front of her chest and looked at Ling Ran while her mind ran with the wildest imaginations.

“What is it?” Ling Ran stood still and asked Guan Fei.

“Marry…” Guan Fei almost voiced out her own imagination. Fortunately, her response was fast enough for her to change her words. “When you perform the surgery, could you bring us with it? I’m talking about that large liver tumor surgery.”

Guan Fei gestured behind her, and Xiang Xueming as well as Zheng Jun quickly came over as well.

These three interns had followed Ling Ran for some time, and they already had good teamwork and a good relationship with each other.

“Oh,” Ling Ran replied and said, “The Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery wanted to go. Are all of you willing to join the surgery?”


“For sure.”

“Yes, I do.” Guan Fei voice was the loudest, and excitement could be seen from her eyes.

“All of you can just be responsible for lifting the tumor.” Since Ling Ran was the chief surgeon, he did not need to report to other chief surgeons. He could just make decisions with just a few words.

The three interns nodded excitedly.

But Xiang Xueming thought a little bit more and asked, “When you say that, do you mean that we’re lifting the liver tumor?”

“Yes. In the surgery, there must be someone who lifts the tumor at all times to prevent the change in the tumor’s location so that it will not disturb the surgery. It is a bit tiring, but it is not difficult.” Ling Ran looked at all three of them. He felt that they should understand, so he turned around and left.

Guan Fei, Xiang Xueming, and Zheng Jun were left at the corridor. They stared at each other before they started to realize the seriousness of the problem.

“I heard that the diameter of the tumor is 6.3 inches.”

“It is possible that it’s 6.7 inches too.”

“Let’s say that it’s 6.3 inches. Do you know how long is 6.3 inches?” Xiang Xueming gestured at Guan Fei’s face and said, “It will be about the size of Guan Fei’s head.”

Guan Fei pretended to vomit before she said angrily, “Xiang Xueming, you’re so disgusting.”

“And it’s round.” Xiang Xueming did not care about that. If he had any feelings toward Guan Fei in the beginning, he would have given up at this time.

Now, his greatest wish was to stay in Yun Hua, and he did not consider anything else other than that.

Guan Fei did not want to listen to him, but she had no choice. She scowled. “Xiang Xueming, if you keep saying things like this, I’m not talking to you.”

Xiang Xueming smirked, but he stopped talking. Since he was not Guan Fei’s follower, he did not care how Guan Fei thought about him.

Zheng Jun was initially smiling as he listened. But when he saw Guan Fei sway her head left and right, the smile on his face slowly disappeared.

Furthermore, Zheng Jun even raised his hands and made a hugging gesture. From the distance, he looked as if he wanted to lift Guan Fei’s head.

“Zheng Jun!” Guan Fei felt angry and amused at the same time while she showed her fierce and unreasonable side, since her Prince Charming was not in front of her.

Zheng Jun sighed deeply and said, “Do you know how long it takes to remove a large liver tumor?”

“How long?”

“If it is short, four to five hours. If it’s long, then it’s crazy. It can even go for around ten to twenty hours.” Zheng Jun raised his hands again and said, “Try to imagine it. If we carry a tumor that is as big as your head and stand for at least four to five hours, perhaps even more than ten hours if it is not properly handled. Moreover, we can’t even move.”

Guan Fei was stunned all of a sudden.

“You might have an easy time shaking your head right now, but try to imagine the people who get drunk in KTV. How heavy are their heads?” Zheng Jun described again. This time, Guan Fei agreed with him.

“We’re doomed!” Guan Fei finally came up with the same conclusion like the others. She said sadly, “We have to stand for five hours? My calves are going to be thick.”

“It’s too late to regret now,” Zheng Jun moaned, “It’s no wonder then why Doctor Ling asked us just now whether we’re willing to join the surgery? And we’re silly enough to say yes.”

“I’ll still say that I do.” Guan Fei thought about the scene just now, and she felt happy.

“It may be easier for three people to carry a car tyre together.” Xiang Xueming thought in a positive manner. In fact, if he were given a chance, he would not regret his decision as well.

‘It’s a large liver tumor, how rare is it to get a surgery like this!’


Operating Theater 1 was the largest operating theater in Yun Hua Hospital. It was an extra large operating theater that was well-equipped, and the operating theater could accommodate the most number of people.

Only a limited number of major surgeries in Yun Hua Hospital, such as the liver and kidney transplantation, could be performed here.

It was impossible for a normal surgery to make an appointment to use Operating Theater 1.

Even He Yuanzheng rarely got a chance to perform surgery in Operating Theater 1.

Hepatectomy that was of a greater difficulty level would fit the standard of Operating Theater 1. However, if it were not necessary, He Yuanzheng would not even bother to book this place.

He would prefer performing surgery at his own place.

Operating Theater 1 was larger, had more equipment and devices, and more doctors could come and visit.

“There sure… are a lot of people.” When He Yuanzheng entered the operating theater, he was still shocked by the number of people in the operating theater, even though he had been expecting that a large number of people would arrive.

Doctors who came for visitation had also changed into scrubs, and they stood outside the regulated zone.

He Yuanzheng realized there were doctors from his department, the General Surgery Department, Emergency Department, and Medical Affairs Department…’Hmm, why were the guys from Medical Affairs Department here?’

He Yuanzheng frowned and did not say anything. With the help of the nurse, he put on the scrubs before he performed disinfection and draping for the patient.

The first assistant should behave like how a first assistant should, especially in front of many people. What was the use of acting with the imposing manner of a department director at this moment?

If he really wanted to act with the imposing manner of a department director, he would not become the first assistant.

At this moment, He Yuanzheng regretted making a promise to Ling Ran, but only a little.

This was a large liver tumor surgery. Even if he did not perform it himself, there was no need for him to embarrass himself by becoming the first assistant.

When he was putting on the drapes, Ling Ran walked in with his arms vertically in front of him.

Half of the people in the operating theater held their breaths and gazed at him.

He Yuanzheng felt the hands of the young nurse Su Mengxue trembling.

He Yuanzheng could not help but look in Su Mengxue’s direction.

He saw Ling Ran walk in with his head lowered. He had both hands positioned in front of his chest. His nails were cut neatly and ended off in perfect semi-circles. The fingers were fair in color, and the knuckles could be seen clearly…

Then, he looked again at Ling Ran’s face, and He Yuanzheng felt that the shadowless lamp was shining at the wrong place.

The medical staff from the Medical Affairs Department silently lifted their small handheld cameras.

Ling Ran looked as if he did not see the camera. He nodded in the general direction of the people, and made everyone feel as if they had been greeted.

Ling Ran did not show any intention to perform the draping. He stood in front of the light box and started to revise his knowledge on the medical scans.

He Yuanzheng had nothing to say. If he were in charge of this surgery, he would not choose to do draping at the very last few minutes before the surgery instead of revision.

However, when He Yuanzheng became the first assistant, his emotions were no longer as stable.

‘If I knew earlier, I would not have become the first assistant.’ This thought appeared again in He Yuanzheng’s mind.

“Let’s start.” Ling Ran was done analyzing the images. He adjusted his emotions and stood in front of the operating table.

Zhang Anmin, who was the second assistant, Lu Wenbin, who was the fourth assistant, and the three interns got ready.

Ling Ran made a large incision with a single cut.

In the meantime, Ling Ran said, “The liver tumor of the patient is large. The location is higher and deeper, and it had affected the second hepatic portal. So, during the surgery, there may be massive bleeding. Everyone should take note on this.”

“Yes.” The assistants replied accordingly, including He Yuanzheng. He had entered the mood when he performed surgery, and his emotions were more stable now.

Ling Ran said again, “Even if there is massive bleeding, do not panic. If it happens, just get ready to perform emergency treatment.”

“Yes.” He Yuanzheng looked at Ling Ran in slight surprise. He never expected that Ling Ran would show such leader-like charms when he was by the operating table.

Ling Ran lowered his head and continued to perform the incisions carefully.

At the same time, Ling Ran briefed the assistants about the anatomy that was surrounded and invaded by the tumor.

The liver tumor that had a diameter of 6.3 inches and would soon become 6.9 inches occupied not only the liver, but also invaded the liver, diaphragm, and all the way to the pelvic cavity. If it needed to be removed, they must know the structure around it clearly.

It could be said that a surgery like this was truly a surgery that tested the surgeons’ skills.

The large liver tumor was slowly exposed in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Focal nodular hyperplasia.” He Yuanzheng stared at the tumor that looked like a beef tenderloin growing on the liver, and he suddenly felt that it was quite nice to become the first assistant afterall.

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