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Green Skin (Published Novel) - Chapter 94

Chapter 94

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Western City Aia. It is one of the few major cities of the North, South, East and West. They possess quite a lot of dungeons, as the Summoned are more active in this city, under the management of the Holy Order. Security is not bad, and with enough Elites, the lower classes are able to leisurely enjoy their own lives.

It may look like the city of Aia was managed by the Holy Order, but in truth, it was not. The small cities of Legius, Leia, Bartion, and so on were all in one alliance along the Western cities as it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the Holy Order ruled over the entire West.

As such the Holy Order Guild Master, Choi Younghoon, the city leader of Aia woke up early in the morning, and began to organize the information brought to him from the logistic department.

As he headed into his office, there was a pile of documents lying on the table. Although the Continent was originally turbulent, the situation had become more serious in recent years, so he had to read each report with a lot more responsiveness and seriousness than before.


[Cold Spear, Han Sohye and the Winter Clan, selected as the leader of a small city. Despite being summoned only three years ago, the results she has achieved has truly been incredible.]

If it was the Cold Spear Han Sohye, then Choi Younghoon definitely knew who she was. She had immediately departed for the North after building her own forces once summoned in Legius. There were rumors that she was an unbelievable genius as he had tried his utmost to try and recruit her into the Holy ORder.

Of course, he was rejected without hesitation, but she was a good person.

When the Continent was under turmoil, these kind of individuals were a blessing to Humans. Though he had failed in recruiting her, he wished that this woman would grow well. Anticipating that she would return as a strong warrior without having him pay too much attention to her, he turned over the page.

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