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Green Skin (Published Novel) - Chapter 96

Chapter 96

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We were leaving the Green Goblin Clan… It wasn’t that long nor short time ago that we had stayed there, but the lingering sentiments which we had here was quite considerable taking into account how long we had lived here.

Even though he had not expressed it a lot, Green Goblin really liked me so much so, that he would forever leave the tent I lived in untouched as a reminder of my stay. This will probably last as long as another clan does not enter into guardianship under him. In addition to this, it also seems a Blood Dagger flag will be left raised high within their village for a while as well.

It wasn’t only I who appreciated the hospitality; as the other Green Skins also acknowledged their senior comrades by saluting with their hands on their chest.

The time we had spent there was extensive, but it only took a moment before we departed from it. Feeling a presence waiting outside the village, I looked over and noticed Black Spear waiting for me.

“You’ve really worked hard all this time, brother.”

“Thank you, Black Spear.”

Black Spear has already decided to accompany me. No, it was implicitly determined that we would move together as brethren clans since the outset.

“But are you really fine with leaving behind your village here in the West…”

“Since I can leave this village for the new Green Skins to manage and depart together with a new brother, it’s not that regrettable.”

“It’s an answer only you would say.”

It was certainly a warm welcome to have Black Spear with me on this journey. But there was another problem. I swung my gaze around and began to glance towards the Goblin who was awkwardly standing beside us.

She was a Goblin Shaman who was standing with a staff larger than her body.

In short, she was the female Goblin who had followed Black Spear.

It was the recently new Green Skins who had chosen Black Spear Clan to be their protectors for next the three years. In other words, she was a newbie that had just passed the Patriarch’s Exam.

It was a bit awkward seeing her looking around the surroundings slightly dumbfounded. It was understandable, as it has only been a few months since she had arrived at Black Spear’s village, and now they were moving once again causing her to be somewhat worried.

No, rather than that, it was certain that she didn’t like our clan. Black Spear, also feeling the heated gaze from Little Finger, coughed dryly as he spoke.

“Hmph…Hmph…but will it be okay if the Little Finger Clan were to venture out together…”

To be honest, my line of thinking wasn’t that keen to take the time, resources and be responsible for such baggage so I felt uncomfortable, but I couldn’t help it. Little Finger looked at me from Black Spear’s words, conscious of my presence.

“Of course they are welcomed.”

Little Finger’s face began to brighten as she soon rushed off to her own unblooded clan members, which consisted of about thirty to relay the joyful news. Spotting them clustered up like that, I began to subconsciously think of my past.

It wouldn’t be bad to have such cute little guys with us.

Our group had decided to travel off to the East. Of course, the East, North, or South were all fine choices, but in the present situation, it was the only option.

Our priority was to become stronger, but also to exact vengeance.

If I remember correctly, there was not much left before a small city in the east becomes completely destroyed.

‘The small city of Somorah.’

It was a slavers city which administered both Human and Green Skin slaves. To be precise, they weren’t simply titled as a Slave city. It was the city that had all sorts of human garbage converging around it, a town for corrupt human beings to release their greed and desires. To say it once more, it was a city of people no different from murderers.

The city was managed by the Black Thorn Guild, and the guild master was Yoon Jungsoo.

I could not say that their forces was strong, but I remembered that they were people of sufficient ability. Due to the alliances, treaties with various clans and guilds, their size in scale was also quite large.

From before, I was not aware of the information properly, but now I was able to access quite a lot of information.

‘The Spider and Hound Clans.’

Both had their hideouts located in the East.

It was a simple guess, but I felt that there might be a relationship between the city and the two Murderer clans. Yoon Jungsoo may not be classified as a criminal, but he’s definitely trash, and those whom managed Somorah with him were also likewise. If my assumption is correct, then the current situation in the East would be abnormal.

Of course it might not be as well.

Nevertheless, it was a must for our clan to head east.

Personal effort is important, but it was also vital to gain benefits from the System. In other words, the city of Somorah which will disappear in the near future was a large chunk of experience lying around. If things work out as predicted, we’ll be able to catch one or two rabbits.

Mounted on top of Ibar, we slowly traversed through the Western Forest as Black Spear spoke to me once more.

“East… it’s been a while.”

“Do you know of it?”

“Of course. Before, I used to be under Storm Shadow… so it’s been about four… no five years.”

“Is that so? One of the Goblin Shamans who had undergone the Warrior Exam with me had gone under Storm Shadow.”

The elder shaman of the Darkmoon Clan. He could also have departed for another place, since the three year grace period had ended, but I thought it would be nice to greet him if we were to meet. But, seeing that even Black Spear was under Storm Shadow, I thought that he was quite a admirable guy.

“What kind of Troll is Storm Shadow, Black Spear?”

“Mmm… you could say he is someone who represents the whole of the East like Green Goblin. Due to the order of the Grand Patriarch, he also oversees the Warrior Exam as well. Though he is a bit quiet and silent, he is an impressive Green Skin.”

“I see.”

“We should be able to meet soon. Since he had settled in the East, it wouldn’t be a bad choice to reside at Storm Shadow’s village until we find a permanent residence to set up…if you would choose to Blood Dagger.”

I thought it was a great idea, especially if it was Storm Shadow, the one who relayed to me through Darkmoon to come to them and had led us to the Land of Glory.

“But I had heard that the forests in the east are mostly swamps… are there even places for us to set up camp?”

“There should be a few left, Blood Dagger. In fact, since the terrain is not so nice to live in excluding Trolls, there should only be a few tribes and clans that have settled. Since there should be a lot of empty villages that other clans had used and abandoned, we should be able to find a place to stay soon.”

It seemed that even the monsters did not like the swamp very much. However, the beasts that come from the swamps are of good quality. Their leather was firmer, allowing us to make more durable bags, and their claws and poison were also usable, though quite tricky to deal with.

Ragia who knows well about poison will probably supply the village of what it needs.

As such, we walked on.

While we were walking together, Black Spear, as if he had a lot to teach, was engaged in a long conversation with Little Finger as he passionately explained this place and that, while Gark and Hark were marching with our flag held high as usual. Mev, Hayeon, and the Three Goblin Sisters were engaged in a normal conversation, Hakajin and Ragia likewise in another. The march was much more comfortable than I had thought. Though the Western Forest was quite rough, but since we had visited these places often, we were fairly accustomed to this.

When the entire group was exhausted, we would set up camp and enjoy a short rest while eating some rations. We had plenty of drinking water and food; however, we did not forget to hunt for beasts. Once we had walked for quite a long time, we were finally able to depart from the Western Forest entirely and begin advancing through the jungle.

In order to traverse from west to east, you had to cross the jungle. Though Humans use it from time to time, there was no reason for Green Skins to necessarily head out and encounter them intentionally. Anyhow, I was very excited about entering the jungle since there was another brother asides from Black Spear named Goff who resided there.

If he had not left yet, we would be able to finally meet. There might be a possibility that he would be waiting for me since we had promised to build our flag together. The clansmen, understanding how I felt, began to advance through the jungle a bit quicker and soon we were able to arrive at the village where the Ogres lived in. The village was quite large, as all the tents, fences and even the tools they used were large in size.

Felling our presences, soon large Ogres began to come out from the village. Among them, the largest one came out to meet us.

“Strength, Wisdom and Honor.”

“Kereeeuk. Strength, Wisdom and Honor… it is a face I have seen before… Black Spear of the West… and you… must be Blood Dagger.”

He is called Big Ogre,a chief of the Big Ogre Clan within the jungle. Unlike the rumored arrogant and intimidating presence that he had, he had quite an innocent, warm smile. I had thought that he would not recognize me from my change of appearance, but it seems that he had roughly recognized who I was from our flag standards.

“Thinking about it, it has already been three years. Are you trying to settle in the jungle?”

His look was full of anticipation as his heart pounded eagerly from my answer. It was a moment where I felt greatly apologetic for betraying his expectations.

“I’m sorry, Big Ogre. We are currently heading east.”

From my words, he was immediately disappointed.

“That’s quite a shame. It would be better to live in the jungle than the east… can’t you reconsider once more?”

His look was of anticipation once more, making me feel that this guy had been quite lonely just like Green Goblin.

“We have something to do in the east. If we were to finish our mission and an opportunity were to arise, we will visit here once more.”

“Great! The jungle is a good place to live! It is definitely a place that Blood Dagger and Black Spear would be satisfied with. How about sleeping here for one night before going?!”

The face of the guy in front was like one that had separation anxiety disorder. I felt a bit bad to refuse in this situation, but knowing that I couldn’t afford to lose any more time, I started with asking him the question I was most curious about.

“Hmm… is Goff Clan still around here?”

Interestingly, his face distorted from my question. No, to be precise, his eyes reddened the moment I brought it up.

“Kereeeeeeeeuk. That ogre who doesn’t even know grace?! I don’t know such an Ogre!”

But his eyes were implying that he knew about Goff. Worried that Goff might have betrayed Big Ogre, I asked once more.

“It has been three years since I had looked after him, but he left immediately without a single farewell! How could I forgive him!”

“Correct! He’s a very bad……….bad guy.”

Even after Big Ogre finished talking, the Ogres in the back suddenly changed appearances into their rumored berserker selves.

For a while, Black Spear and I stared at him dumbfoundedly. Soon realizing what condition he was in, he settled himself down and spoke once more.

It was a pleasant, yet also lamentable statement.

“Keum…Keum…Go…if it’s Goff, he went to the West. I heard that he went to find his brother.”

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Calvis: No, they missed each other. When will the reunion finally happen 🙁

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