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Green Skin (Published Novel) - Chapter 97

Chapter 97

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The brother that Goff had spoken of was obviously me. Unless he had created a new brother that had travelled to the west, it was definitely me that he journeyed in search of.

“So it seems that we had crossed paths…”

Just like what Mev had mentioned before, since the forest were so expansive and the roads very diverse, it appears that we had crossed paths without knowing. Though we weren’t in any dire situation, it was best to quickly move forward so I had no choice but to converse with the fretful Ogre in front of them.

“If Goff were to visit here once more, please tell him to come towards the east.”

“Keum…I..I understand.”

It seems that he had sensed that we would depart immediately without staying here for a day. He replied as his shoulders drooped in disappointment.

“Bu…but are you really not staying before going?”

“It is unfortunate that we cannot prolong our visit with the Big Ogre Clan. But a meal might be all we can ask for at this point…”

“That’s it! Prepare a banquet for the guests right now!”

“Woaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Prepare the banquet!”

In a flash, the ogres suddenly scrambled around as they furiously prepped the banquet. Black Spear and Ragia, not knowing the characteristics of Ogres from the jungle, showed a stupefied face from such a scene.

As such, we were treated very kindly to all kinds of delicious food and meat of beasts, and even to the alcohol they had made themselves. Due to their large frames, they could display how much of the threshold they could tolerate themselves, causing me smile thinking how Goff might have changed into this as well.

“Keuuu… he’s truly a bad Ogre, isn’t he? He could not leave like this! I was so good to him!”

“It is a bit much to leave without saying goodbye.”

The atmosphere was good, but the problem was that Big Ogre was starting to become miserable, and most of the content he spoke of, was Goff the majority of the time. As a result, it was painstakingly difficult for me to listen to him. It was welcoming to listen to stories of how Goff had lived here, but the problem was that Big Ogre was also whining a lot. Thus, even Black Spear and I began to grow weary of his brooding. With only the chiefs drinking alcohol with one another, even Little Finger looked around as if she wanted to escape from this disturbing atmosphere.

“Ggirik… Ggirik… un…ungrateful Ogre Ggirik.”

Sometimes, that’s all he mumbled. There were the odd occasions when he would suddenly scream, causing us to tremble from the sudden outburst momentarily.

“But, who is this little Goblin lady?”

“She is the new breed whose recently entered the Continent. It was decided that I would be in charge of her for the next three years.”

“Right! It seems that it is also time for Black Spear to be… but don’t pour out your soul into the new Green Skins! It’s just takes an instant to be betrayed. Blood Dagger! It’s not long before it’s your turn, so engrave my words! You must never open your heart….”

To be honest, the more I listened to him, I felt that Goff did not do anything wrong, but despite that, he was still adhering to this attitude. What was certain was that there were useful information that was being filtered through this banquet. For instance, there were a growing number of humans heading to the east these days. As a result, time passed quickly, and eventually it became a dark night.

I looked around and saw the Three Goblin Sisters playing on the backs and heads of the Ogres while Gark and Hark were exchanging drinks with an Ogre. The Ogre village was more entertaining than I had presumed originally, and seeing how the other clans were also enjoying a pleasant time, it eventually became an ambiguous time to leave.

Now I could finally realize why Goff had fled this place.

All of this was a plot by the Ogre who seemed to lack affection.

‘Smart guy.’

He was much more intelligent than I had considered.

By engaging in conversations with us constantly and relieving our weary souls through this banquet, he planned to make us stay as long as possible. As if Big Ogre also felt that it was ambiguous for us to leave, he approached and spoke with a smile.

“It seems that it’s a bit too late now… how about eating lunch and departing tomorrow? I could give you a tour around the jungle in the morning.”

It was quite a shabby smile. Beginning to suspect that alcohol will also be served at lunch once more, it would also become ambiguous tomorrow as well. I had no choice but to dryly swallow my saliva back.

“Hm…Hmm… though it is late tonight, it is ideal for us to leave early in the morning.”

“Don’t be like that! Though we only had a single drink, but aren’t we brothers!”

Slightly smiling, he was a bit anxious. I did not answer. As soon as morning came tomorrow, we had to escape immediately. Though they’ll probably talk about how Blood Dagger and Black Spear doesn’t know grace after this event, but at this rate, it felt as if they would spend time here for a whole week.

In the end, after a long time of drinking, the banquet had finally come to an end. Many of the clansmen who did not have tents set up, laid stretched out on the ground, and even Ragia and Hayeon looked a bit too drunk.

It was quite a long time since we had felt such a rest. It wouldn’t be bad to enjoy such a break for a day longer I thought as I chuckled.

After a bit more time, I thought that I should also get some sleep. When I was heading for an empty tent, it was then.

“Hey. Bloody!”

A voice was calling from me from somewhere. Turning my head, I saw Mev staring at me in a ridiculous state with a cup on her hand.

Reddened face, spiritless eyes, and those trembling legs – anyone would be able to tell that Mev was too drunk.

“Aren’t you being too much?”

It was the first time in my life that I had seen such a sharp look from Mev.

“Eveeeeerytime! You play with the Plant! Aren’t you beeeeing tooo much! Even though I was the first to be with you! Even though I was the first to say let’s mate.”

It seems that she was not somewhat drunk. She was really drunk. It was then that I realized how strong the dosage of the alcohol that Big Ogre provided. Worried for Mev, I began to speak to her in an honest voice.

“Mev, you’re drunk. Go and sleep early.”

“I’m not a child! I’m an adult Goblin! Don’t treat me like a child! An…and I’m not drunk at all.”

Wondering if she knew that her current body was that of a fairy, it was amusing to see her stammer that she was an adult Goblin. It was even more ridiculous seeing her trying to maintain her balance with her wings as she almost tripped from her own feet.

“I’m going to sleep together tonight! WE’ll sleep together!”

As I said before, it wasn’t like I did not sleep with Mev. Of course there was nothing that we did, but still I couldn’t help but become embarrassed from this situation, especially seeing her clinging onto me with one side of her foot and holding me tightly. This appearance of Mev was completely different from what I had seen previously, making me realise that she was greatly stressed about this. However, Mev body was too small for me to relieve that stress for now.

“No, let go.”

Mev’s feet dragged on the ground as she clung around me, refusing to give up despite trying to walk to my tent.

“I will never let go! I will hold you! I…I will embrace you! I will do it!”

It was truly an embarrassing situation. Looking down, I saw Mev’s eyes being damp as she wiped her runny nose onto my pants, clinging onto me.

“Sob…. I can grow bigger… sob…I’ll get pregnant if I grow bigger… sob…”

Though I wasn’t sure what basis she had as evidence for being able to grow when pregnant, but she kept repeating the same words. In the end, the situation became too loud as the other clansmen began to notice the commotion.

Definitely understanding how embarrassing this situation was, I quickly dragged Mev inside the tent. Though she had a bit of anticipation once we entered, but I did not feel any sort of lust from her body. Besides, her runny nose and tears caused her to look more like a cute, small child than that of what the word sexy implied. A sigh inadvertently escaped me.


Not sure what she was expecting, she soon jumped onto the blanket in front and rolled around, raising her hand onto her mouth.


Her laughter was leaking out despite trying to snuffle it from doing so. As such, she was patiently waiting. It was quite a sight seeing her move her tongue as she sent a seductive look over.

As if she thought that she was doing a good job from my expression, she was even more aggressive. Unable to see her in this state any longer, I turned my head away.

When I was heavily contemplating on how I should deal with her, it was then that a slow snore began to be heard from before. Fortunately, she had past out and fallen asleep.

“Captain… as expected… Captain is the best…”

Unsure what dream she was having, she began to release strange sounds. Looking at her, I promised myself that I would never recommend the wine of the Ogres to Mev again.

The next morning. Despite wanting to wake up early with the thought of leaving here as quickly as possible, Mev’s presence was nowhere to be seen. Even the place that she had slept in was clearly arranged by the time I had woken up.

It seems that she had also remembered the scandalous attempt she had committed, which caused her to flee this tent. There was a message that was written in very squiggly lines once I woke up.

‘Captain. Sorry.’

I couldn’t figure out why I was laughing so much from this. Consequently, I tried to contain my laughter as I walked outside the tent, and with the Black Spear and Little Finger clans, we departed from the Big Ogre Village together early in the morning.

Of course, I did not forget a note of thanks. It seemed that the Ogre race slept in a lot in the morning as they did not recognize us even when we had departed from the village. It was only when we had walked for a long time and the sun had risen high in the air did we hear a scream from the jungle, causing us to laugh once more.

It was quite a pleasant break, and there were no memorable events afterwards. Though we had met beasts and humans along the way, they weren’t problematic at all.

In their situation, it was truly unlucky for them to meet us. However, that’s a story unrelated to us.

Since it was a difficult task moving the combined clans through an unknown area, we walked for quite a long time. Once we had passed through the jungle terrain, the scenery began to slowly change as two months quickly flew by.

It was then that I was able to notice that we had finally arrived at the entrance of the swamp lands.

TL Afterword:

Calvis: Looks like the Ogre species is similar to me. I love sleeping in as well hehe.

PR Afterword:

T0ngan: Poor Mev, she misses out again…

Translator: Calvis

Editors: T0ngan Borderline Masochist

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