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Guide to Raising a Supporting Male Lead (Web Novel) - Chapter 95: Digging Up the Past (3)

Chapter 95: Digging Up the Past (3)

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T/N: Take a deep breath…

Lin Xinyu had just finished his third period when someone came looking for him. By some unknown method, that person directly entered his school. When he saw Lin Xinyu, he said, “Boss wants you to talk to him about something.”

Before Lin Xinyu could ask who their boss was, that person continued saying, “Xiao Tian.”

That day, after they returned home, Lin Xin repeatedly told him not to associate with Xiao Tian, so he immediately refused the invitation.

That person said, “Boss knew that you wouldn’t come with me. He wanted me to tell you that if you don’t go, he will personally go find Lin Xin.”

Lin Xinyu felt waves of disgust at the thought of Xiao Tian pulling Lin Xin like a shameless dog. His loved one was being watched and it made him uneasy, so he agreed to meet Xiao Tian. After getting his permit to leave school, someone drove him to Xiao Tian’s residence.

At a villa, in the center of the city, he saw Zhao Qiang sitting on the carpet with a nervous expression on his face.

It was the same last time. Lin Xinyu felt that every time they met, bad things followed. He glanced at Zhao Qiang who was on the floor and Xiao Tian who was sitting on the sofa, asking, “What’s the matter?”

Xiao Tian gave an inviting gesture.

Lin Xinyu followed his hand gesture and looked at the sofa beside him. He put down his bag and sat on it.

Xiao Tian pushed over a cup of tea and gave him a friendly smile.

He wouldn’t drink tea from a stranger, much less from an ill-intentioned person like Xiao Tian.

He replied politely, “No, thank you.”

Xiao Tian returned, “Lin Xin has raised you very well these past few years.”

At the mention of Lin Xin, Lin Xinyu’s fingertips tightened; his index finger and thumb tightly gripped as he smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Xiao Tian said, “Do you feel that you’re more and more like her?”

Lin Xinyu did not know what he meant and looked at him to see what he was going to say next.

Xiao Tian stood up and walked behind Lin Xinyu. He placed both of his hands on Lin Xinyu’s shoulders and said, “I wonder what she liked about you that was worth her doing so much for you.”

Lin Xinyu’s body stiffened as he stared at Zhao Qiang.

Zhao Qiang turned his head away guiltily and closed his eyes, not daring to let him see.

Lin Xinyu suddenly stood up and said, “I have to leave.”

Xiao Tian placed his hand on his shoulder and slowly said, “Let’s remember how you were [□□]* when you were young, alright?”

T/N: *Censored by the author.

Lin Xinyu trembled, painstakingly enduring.

Xiao Tian chuckled, “Did he undress you? Or…”

Lin Xinyu suddenly roared out and threw his school bag towards Xiao Tian. He had expected Lin Xinyu to attack him so he easily took a step back. Lin Xinyu waved his hand and the books in his bag scattered on the ground like snowflakes.

He breathed heavily and rushed towards Xiao Tian, forgetting his moves and techniques, relying only on his strength. Xiao Tian, already expecting this, easily dodged his attacks. Lin Xinyu missed and crashed into the wall, sending his head spinning. He felt a sharp pain in his chest and lost consciousness. He slowly slid down the wall like a pile of mud, as he watched Xiao Tian walk towards him, powerless.

He’d always thought, I’ve become strong, very strong. He didn’t need Lin Xin’s protection, and he didn’t need pity. But he was still the little boy who hoped for love while in the dark. He realized he had never grown up, he had never become strong, always incomplete. That’s why he couldn’t withstand a single blow.

Xiao Tian walked over and picked up the medicine bottle on the floor. He put a pill into Lin Xinyu’s mouth and smiled as he said, “Here, don’t die here.” After giving him the medicine, he gave him another cup of tea. While the tea slid down the corner of Lin Xinyu’s mouth, he threw down the teacup and stood up.

“Do you know why I hate you? You have the aura of a weakling. The biggest difference between you and I is that I don’t need anyone to save me. I can save myself.”

“So, I look down on you. How can a cowardly person like you be worthy of love?”

Lin Xinyu recalled the first time he and Lin Xin met. She ran to the cafeteria, grabbed a bowl of rice, and wolfed it down without a care in the world. Because of her, the desire to live spread out like a vine and touched the ashes in the bottom of Lin Xinyu’s heart. It was as if he would be bolder when he was with her, as if he had a glimmer of hope when he’s beside her.

At first, he didn’t like her. He just wanted to be like her. Since she dared to fight back against someone stronger than herself. She took a gamble even when she clearly didn’t have any chance at victory; The consequences were not important to her. As long as he put in all his effort during the process, everything would be fine. He followed her like that, wishing that one day, if only one day, he could be like her.

Lin Xinyu could finally move a little. He sat up a bit and held onto the wall as he gently stood up. Slowly, he moved towards the door.

Seeing that he was half-dead, Xiao Tian was content. The anger from the kick a few days ago had mostly left through his mouth.

After seeing him to the door, he pretended to be kind as he asked, “Do you want me to send someone to escort you back?”

Lin Xinyu’s body trembled. Zhao Qiang, who was sitting on the floor, quickly stepped forward to support him.

Lin Xinyu steadied himself, turned his head and said, “Thank you. There’s no need.”

Xiao Tian lowered his head and smiled, “You don’t have to be so nervous, I won’t do anything to you. There’s nothing I want that I can’t get, so… be careful.”

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