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Hail the King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1108.2 - Power Enemies’ Shadows – Polluters (Part Two)

Chapter 1108: Power Enemies’ Shadows - Polluters (Part Two)

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While saying that, the mysterious voice sounded ancient and was filled with vicissitude.

“Then, can you tell me who you guys are? Why did you set up this 1,000-year plan? Why did you choose me? Are you still unwilling to tell me anything at the last moment?” Fei tested the limit once more.

“Hahaha! Alright. Since you are asking me so sincerely, I will show some kindness and reveal a little information to you. Eh, we were your former friends, and you… you are an interesting and terrifying figure who chopped away all your past consciousness, power, and memories. You might be able to find your old self, and perhaps you will completely turn into another person. However, none of that is important. My friend, let me help you once more before I leave!”

As soon as the mysterious voice said that, the laws of nature in the grand godly realm started to shake and get active.

Fei was already connected with the grand godly realm, so he clearly sensed that this world was completing, stabilizing, and strengthening at a terrifying speed.

A mystical power surrounded Fei and modified the grand godly realm.

During the process, the degree of fusion that Fei had with the grand godly realm skyrocketed.

Six percent…

Eight percent…

Ten percent…

10.5 percent…

11 percent…

The degree of fusion passed the ten percent mark and slowly stopped at 11.5 percent. This was equivalent to level 6 True God Realm.

“The power of the restriction array can’t last long, and Polluters will soon wake up. Kid, Barcelona isn’t your enemy; Polluters are. You have to last! You have to live on! You don’t know how many gods and supreme gods sacrificed themselves through many eras for today! You are the only hope that this world has!” the mysterious voice sounded by Fei’s ears for the last time before completely disappearing.

Fei quietly stood on the endless grassland and felt a little melancholy.

Ever since Fei traveled to this world and entered Diablo World, this mysterious voice had been with him. Although this voice didn’t have a body or a physical appearance, and he didn’t seem passionate and was sometimes mean, he was like a true friend and a proper mentor. He slowly guided Fei onto the right path. Without this mysterious voice, Fei wouldn’t be on the peak of the world and wouldn’t have the strength that he has today.

Now, this voice was gone.

Even when this voice left, he still gave Fei a great gift. He ignited his last bit of energy as a partial consciousness, helping Fei almost double his degree of fusion with the grand godly realm.

“Polluters? Perhaps they are the pseudo-gods that the Emperor of the Dwarfs mentioned in his journal in the Last Ancestral Place. Maybe they are the beings who destroyed the Mythical Era.”

“Also, what restriction array? What kinds of secrets are hidden in this world? How many secrets are unknown to humans?”

Fei waved his hand at the sky as if he was saying goodbye to an old friend. It also seemed like he was making a serious promise.

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