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Hail the King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1109.1 - Healing (Part One)

Chapter 1109: Healing (Part One)

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When Fei returned to the real world, it was already noon on the second day.

The noisy and dispirited St. Petersburg already started to calm down, and people started to clean up the streets and rebuild their homeland.

The news came from the southern region of Zenit.

After hearing the news that the four supreme masters of Barcelona were defeated, the troops of Barcelona that were stationed in the southern region became anxious like pets that lost their homes. They fell into chaos and division.

Except for a few Barcelonans who were aggressive and tried to counterattack St. Petersburg, the rest of Barcelonan soldiers pulled back. The ones who tried to counterattack were wiped out, and about 60,000 remaining Barcelonan soldiers gathered around the Bay of Byzantine. They tried to hold still, but they were obliterated by the silver crystal battle soul warriors of Chambord before the sun set.

Within three days of the battle before Chambord City, the Zenit Empire returned to the hands of Zenitians.

This was the terrifying power of god-tier masters.

The massacre of Zenitians by the Barcelonans as well as the clearing of officials during the puppet Emperor Chrystal Era wiped out almost all the nobles and officials of the Zenit Empire. In a sense, they did Chambord a favor. The new officials of Chambord were able to pass regulations and policies with minimal resistance, and Chambord’s way of managing a nation was quickly implemented throughout the empire.

Under the control of Bast and Old Aryang, the administrative and military tasks in St. Petersburg were handled in order.

These two leaders of Chambord now had control over the fate of the entire empire.

This was something that these two had never dreamed of before.

Also, what excited these two and all other Chambordians was that Fei was now a god, and there were hundreds of supreme masters. Without a question, the current Zenit Empire had the strength to compete with other superpowers and try to dominate the Azeroth Continent, becoming the most powerful force in the world.

This meant that perhaps one day, these influential Chambordians wouldn’t only have control of Zenit but the entire continent!

By following the King of Chambord and serving him, these people might reach a height that they couldn’t even dream of before.

Chambord’s management systems and policies were fully supported by the few officials and nobles of Zenit who survived the tragedy and were led by Granello.

Fei’s power and Emperor Yassin’s edict were already passed around in the area. Almost everyone realized that the King of Chambord was the Third Prince of Zenit, and it was a fact that was set in stone. It meant that the King of Chambord was going to become the official ruler of Zenit, and now it was only a matter of time for the King of Chambord to official take the crown.

As a result, the status of Chambordians skyrocketed.

More and more officials were writing in on the daily, trying to get Fei to become the new Emperor of Zenit.

The official crowning of the new emperor was going to increase the morale of the citizens who just went through a terrible tragedy and motivate them.

Fei didn’t reject the proposal, and the various preparations for the crowning ceremony were being taken care of in order.

At the same time, puppet Emperor Chrystal was temporarily imprisoned in the depths of Black Jail in the Imperial Knight Palace. He was facing eternal imprisonment. If Emperor Yassin didn’t ask Fei not to kill his blood-related brother, the enraged Zenitian civilians were going to tear apart this most despicable and most hated emperor in the history of Zenit.

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