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Hail the King (Web Novel) - Chapter 1109.2 - Healing (Part Two)

Chapter 1109: Healing (Part Two)

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Busquets, Pedro, and Alves, the three supreme masters of Barcelona, lost all their powers and fell back into the mortal world from the clouds. They were now weak and powerless seniors.

Two days ago, they were placed in iron cages and loaded onto a ship. While being protected by some Star-Level Warriors of Barcelona who were released, they set off from the Bay of Byzantine and went on the return trip to the Barcelona Empire.

About half a year ago, when they set on the path of heading to Zenit and thought of conquering this small empire in the north, these three supreme masters never thought that their ending would be like this.

A little empire that could be easily conquered in the eyes of all Barcelonans made them lose four supreme masters!

Even for the No.1 Military Empire on the continent, this loss was almost unbearable.

Right now, the Zenit Empire was broken, and everything needed to be fixed and repaired.

However, Fei didn’t join in on the recovery processes.

After returning to the real world, Fei placed Dark Demonic Armor Basturk, the 100 silver crystal battle soul warriors, and a few orc masters in St. Petersburg. Then, he returned to Chambord City.

To Fei who was now in the True God Realm, going between Chambord City and St. Petersburg was as simple as having a thought.

The king waved his hand. As if he tore open a painting, he created a crack in the space, leading to the void. Then, he stepped into it and appeared in Chambord City in the next second.

Chambord City was currently guarded by Brook, one of the most influential figures in the kingdom. This city wasn’t affected by the war at all! It was still prosperous with many pedestrians coming and going on the streets.

Fei first went to Sky City behind Chambord City.

Lampard, Hazel Bank, and Batistuta who were injured by Messi as well as Paris were still unconscious.

The first three were injured by godly power; it was their core energies and souls that were harmed. The injuries were severe, and ordinary healing methods would have no effect on them.

Since Fei was worried about the situation of St. Petersburg, he rushed to the Capital of Zenit and didn’t get the chance to heal these people.

Now, the king finally had time to do this.

In the Healing Palace of Sky City, Fei saw the four people who were in deep sleep.

Currently, the Mythical Altar under the Godly King Palace was purifying stained Worldstones day and night, and the energy of this city was being gradually refilled. All kinds of abilities and functions were being recovered.

Out of the nine golden lotus plants in the Godly King Palace, six of them were blooming. As for the golden lotus plant that represented the rescue abilities, it already had six lotus flowers on it. It meant that two-thirds of the rescue abilities of this miraculous city already recovered.

In fact, the current rescue ability of Sky City could heal these four people already.

However, except for Fei, no one else could control this city. That was why these four weren’t healed yet.

On the beds of light in the Healing Palace, Lampard and others lay there quietly while looking calm.

These beds of light could heal, stabilize injuries, and maintain life energy. Although about 30 days had passed, these four people’s complexions got a bit better. It seemed like they were all asleep.

Fei closed his eyes and chanted an incarnation in his mind.

A mystical energy wave radiated outward, creating a series of ripples in the air. A giant golden lotus flower slowly appeared in mid-air, and the vivid petals and veins made it breathtakingly beautiful.

A streak of gentle and holy flame flowed out of the lotus flower and engulfed the four people who were on the beds of light.

Then, streaks of faint-green energy flowed out of Lampard, Hazel Bank, and Batistuta’s bodies unwillingly.

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