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Hakai Me no Yuuri (Web Novel)


The protagonist, having degenerated into a “loser” after being unable to find employment, gets caught up in someone else’s attempt to commit suicide-by-train and ends up traveling to another world. The numerous cheat powers he demands from God are all granted to him. But contrary to expectations, these powers bring about disastrous consequences for the protagonist.

Having reincarnated into another world, the optimistic protagonist (Yuuri) starts his(her) heart-warming training days with his(her) teacher.

713 • 2019-04-27 00:21:07


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 113: The Carnivores’ Banquet2019-04-27
Chapter 112: Moving2019-04-27
Chapter 111: Afterward2019-04-27
Chapter 110: Destruction2019-04-27
Chapter 109: Conclusion2019-04-27
Chapter 108: Dragon King2019-04-27
Chapter 107: Trump Card2019-04-27
Chapter 106: Offensive2019-04-27
Chapter 105: Demon Lord Rematch2019-04-27
Chapter 104: Lich2019-04-27
Chapter 103: Vampire2019-04-27
Chapter 102: Miracle Cure2019-04-27
Chapter 101: The Last Day Off2019-04-27
Chapter 100: Living Mail2019-04-27
Chapter 99: Hidden Room2019-04-27
Chapter 98: Flame Axe2019-04-27
Chapter 97: Five Years Later…2019-04-27
Chapter 96: Interlude - The Demon Lord’s Adventure2019-04-27
Chapter 95: Determination2019-04-27
Chapter 94: Life And Death Struggle2019-04-27
Chapter 93: Menace2019-04-27
Chapter 92: Annihilation2019-04-27
Chapter 91: Preparing For Battle2019-04-27
Chapter 90: Classroom Visitation2019-04-27
Chapter 89: Revival2019-04-27
Chapter 88: Handicapped Fight2019-04-27
Chapter 87: Examination2019-04-27
Chapter 86: The Labyrinth’s Effects2019-04-27
Chapter 85: Heresy2019-04-27
Chapter 84: Remy’s Letter2019-04-27
Chapter 83: Friend2019-04-27
Chapter 82: Registration Complete2019-04-27
Chapter 81: Task Cleared2019-04-27
Chapter 80: Spell Development2019-04-27
Chapter 79: Strategy Meeting2019-04-27
Chapter 78: The First Labyrinth Attempt2019-04-27
Chapter 77: Provisional Adventurer Registration2019-04-27
Chapter 76: Arrival2019-04-27
Chapter 75: Departing for the Labyrinth2019-04-27
Chapter 74: An Unexpected Participant2019-04-27
Chapter 73: Party Consideration2019-04-27
Chapter 72: Interlude Let’s Go Swimming2019-04-27
Chapter 71: Interlude The Melancholy of the Demon King2019-04-27
Chapter 70: Her Reason2019-04-27
Chapter 69: Escape Trick2019-04-27
Chapter 68: Resolution2019-04-27
Chapter 67: Countermeasure Conference2019-04-27
Chapter 66: Discovery2019-04-27
Chapter 65: Part-Time Work2019-04-27
Chapter 64: Magic Materials2019-04-27
Chapter 63: Begin Preparations2019-04-27
Chapter 62: First Encounter2019-04-27
Chapter 61: Witness Interviews2019-04-27
Chapter 60: The City of Cornus2019-04-27
Chapter 59: Research Materials2019-04-27
Chapter 58: Raid2019-04-27
Chapter 57: Orc Extermination2019-04-27
Chapter 56: In That Moment, History Moved (The Cooling Chapter)2019-04-27
Chapter 55: Foras’ Rare Book Store2019-04-27
Chapter 54: A Single Act in the Morning2019-04-27
Chapter 53: A City’s Calamity2019-04-27
Chapter 52: The Phantom Thief’s Activity?2019-04-27
Chapter 51: Before Departure2019-04-27
Chapter 50: Inspecting the Transformation Magic2019-04-27
Chapter 49: Business Trip Request2019-04-27
Chapter 48: A Meal with The Dragon King2019-04-27
Chapter 47: Eternal Youth and Immortality2019-04-27
Chapter 46: The Forbidden Fruit2019-04-27
Chapter 45: The Melancholy of God2019-04-27
Chapter 44: The Place We Reached2019-04-27
Chapter 43: Master Awakens (Mainly in a Sexual Sense)2019-04-27
Chapter 42: Master’s Confession2019-04-27
Chapter 41: The City of Solkalis2019-04-27
Chapter 40: The Overprotective Master2019-04-27
Chapter 39: A Weirdo Entered the Scene2019-04-27
Chapter 38: Feeling Alienated2019-04-27
Chapter 37: A Fresh Start2019-04-27
Chapter 36: Becoming Self-Conscious2019-04-27
Chapter 35: Getting Involved2019-04-27
Chapter 34: The Cheats Were Spread2019-04-27
Chapter 33: The Dragon’s Egg2019-04-27
Chapter 32: Time to Exterminate a Wyvern2019-04-27
Chapter 31: The City’s Troubles2019-04-27
Chapter 30: Tidying up2019-04-27
Chapter 29: Bandit Extermination (3)2019-04-27
Chapter 28: Bandit Extermination (2)2019-04-27
Chapter 27: Bandit Extermination (1)2019-04-27
Chapter 26: Procuring Emergency Rations2019-04-27
Chapter 25: Receiving a Lecture2019-04-27
Chapter 24: Let’s Form a Brigade2019-04-27
Chapter 23: Let’s Get a Job2019-04-27
Chapter 22: Dinner Meeting2019-04-27
Chapter 21: Let’s Play the Lottery2019-04-27
Chapter 20: Rescue2019-04-27
Chapter 19: Awakening the Cheats2019-04-27
Chapter 18: Master, There’s Trouble2019-04-27
Chapter 17: I Tried to Verify It2019-04-27
Chapter 16: Let’s Make a Weapon2019-04-27
Chapter 15: I Got a Little Brother!2019-04-27
Chapter 14: Rescue Operation… and Combat!2019-04-27