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Handsome CEO's Darling Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 757: A SUDDEN ATTACK

Chapter 757: A SUDDEN ATTACK

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Mu Lan snatched her hand away from Li Shen's grip. She turned her head and walked away.

Li Sheng was looking at her way in astonishment. He couldn't believe what she just said. She said that he was the actual curse. He hurt her the most. She regretted meeting him; and she meant it.

He recalled the incidents when he liked to torture her. He enjoyed seeing her painful expression. He loved it when she was in agony. He was always delightful when she begged him while crying. His blood would boil is in excitement when he could make her suffer.

Li Shen wondered, 'Is this the reason she is upset? Now that someone takes care of her she thinks she doesn't need me anymore… is that why she is ignoring me and not being affectionate?'

He came of think of it now, after he married to her sister Hua Mei, she neither begged him nor did she show affection towards him. After he became her brother-in-law, she politely smiled at him and bowed whenever they met out of respect. She never looked at him into his eyes ever again. She slowly began to ignore him and every one of her family members. She gradually isolated herself. He never saw her smiling face as if her soul left her body. She seemed to be a living dead. She changed dramatically as though her heart was taken away from her.

He was the one who caused that. He was the one who took her soul, her happiness. He was the one who stabbed her heart again and again. He made her suffer.

It was him.

And now she no longer recognized him as someone else gave her what she deserved. She was respected and well taken cared of. She was loved.

That was the very reason why she was able to laugh again. She got a new life.

'This cannot be happening. She cannot be happy without me. How can she smile at other man? How can she look at that man affectionately? She can only do this to me. She can only be with me. She has to be with me…' Thinking that he clenched his fists. 'I cannot let her be happy with anyone but me.'

Li Shen looked up to see the road full of people. Mu Lan was nowhere at his sight. He looked around but he couldn't see her. She was long gone when he was mulling about his past mistakes.


Meanwhile, Mu Lan was walking on the street. She strode as she tried to control her anger. She kept thinking, 'What is wrong with him? He was the one who threw me away and now that I'm 'living happily ever after' and he has to show up and talk nonsense. Unbelievable! There is definitely something wrong with his head. He also has a problem controlling his emotion…"



Bang! Bang!

She didn't get the chance to finish whatever she was thinking. On the opposite side of the road, Jing Sheng was walking when a group of terrorists began gun firing. Jing Sheng was right in the middle of it.

Mu Lan was shocked before using her power to shield Jing Sheng. She did it without thinking clearly. Most of the time, she wouldn't use her power in the public place. But it was her future mother-in-law.

Of course, no one would know that she was the one who was the doing it and moreover, others wouldn't notice the shield in the first place.

Jing Sheng was too scared to move. The siren of the police cars could be heard. The police acted faster than Mu Lan thought. People were screaming and running. Some of them laid down on the ground and some of them covered themselves behind pillars or hid themselves in the closest shops.

Mu Lan was still in the middle of the footpath, in the opposite side of where Jing Sheng was. She didn't have the time to think why the underground mafia acted in the broad daylight risking innocent lives when they were under Mu Feng. Before she could she that, bullets came at her.

Mu Lan moved from there and hid herself in the closest pillar. Just then, a terrorist came forward and pointed his gun at her.

'Are they out of their minds?' Mu Lan clenched her teeth while thinking.

First his mother and now his future sister-in-law, Mu Feng would skin them alive if he found out about it.

Mu Lan froze on the spot. She didn't know if she should use her power or shield herself in front of so many people or not. If she used her power, everyone including Mu Feng would know that she was part of The Cobra.

Before the terrorist, who was completely covered in black clothes, fired at her, in the half of a second, Mu Lan made the nearest terrorist turn over and fire at him. The terrorist who wanted to kill Mu Lan died instantly after getting shot in the middle of his forehead.

All the firing sounds gave Mu Lan a headache. She cupped her head with both of her hands. The headache was getting worse. She felt like she heard the sounds before too. In the past, when Mu Liang's driver Ronald got shot in Paris, she had the same headache. She slowly sat on the ground. Some images floated in her mind. The pain gradually became unbearable.

The shield around Jing Sheng slowly faded away. Two bullets hit close to her feet. She yelped and fall on the ground. Her whole body was trembling in fear. It was her first-time experience something like this.

Mu Lan was too traumatized to look at the condition of Jing Sheng. She had already began sweating.

Just when a bullet was about to hit Jing Sheng when someone came right in front of her and covered her body by hugging her.

Jing Sheng almost forgot to breathe. Her eyes widened. While trembling, she glanced at her savior. She couldn't believe her eyes whom she saw.

She asked, "N-Noel?"

However, the man didn't respond.

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