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Handsome CEO's Darling Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 758: INSIDE JOB

Chapter 758: INSIDE JOB

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The police and the ambulance came. Before they took over the whole situation, Mu Feng's team captured the terrorists. Mu Liang also came along with Mu Feng. Mark drove Mu Liang's car to the place where the incident occurred.

Even though the gun fire stopped, Mu Lan still had the headache. She was lying down on the road. Mu Liang ran towards her without looking anywhere else.

"Uuu…" Mu Lan's whole body was quivering. Her eyes were tightly shut. She was sweating while bending her body, making a ball.

"Lan!" Mu Liang took her in his arms. He searched for injuries and there wasn't anything except for some scratches. He couldn't understand why she was behaving like this. He was sure that she wasn't afraid of what happened just now. He asked worriedly, "What happened?"

Mu Lan didn't answer. She didn't even hear his question. She wanted to crash her head so that the throbbing pain could stop.

Mu Feng went to Jing Sheng's side. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth was agaped. She was trembling all over and couldn't utter a single sound. She was covered in blood as she was still hugged by Noel.

Mu Feng carefully pulled Noel from her. "Mother, are you injured?"

Jing Sheng couldn't answer. Her expression didn't change.

Mu Feng frowned. He checked her and Noel. Then, he shouted, "His condition isn't good. We have to take him to the hospital."

Fortunately, the ambulance came right after he said that. The police came along as well.

The doctor and the nurses did their best to stop Noel's bleeding. After that, they took him to the ambulance.

In the meantime, Mu Feng glanced at his big brother. He was worried about Mu Lan as well. "Is she injured?"

Mu Liang answered, "No. What about mother?"

Mu Feng replied, "Neither is she. But I'll take her to the hospital for the checkup."

Mu Liang nodded. "Alright."

Mu Feng didn't wait any longer. He carried Jing Sheng to the ambulance and went away.

The police couldn't ask Mu Feng as he was busy. They went to Mu Liang.

Mu Liang only told them, "Whatever you want to ask, do that in the hospital. It can wait now." Saying that, he took Mu Lan to his car and Mark drove off.

The police officers were dumbfounded. All they had to do was clear up the mess. They were already informed by the higher ups that they couldn't meddle into this incident much. They could only ask some regular questions and close the case.

Mu Liang carefully looked down at Mu Lan and called out, "Lan, Lan, talk to me."

Mu Lan screamed, "Pain! I cannot take it anymore." She was still seeing those unclear images. She wasn't even sure what was happening anymore, however, her heart was about to rip apart for some reason.

She tried to move away from Mu Liang's embrace. She kicked the soft seats of the limousine.

Mu Liang grabbed her tightly. He didn't let her go. He said, "You will be fine. Just hang on a minute."

"No!" She screamed again. Her eyes turned red and the air around them pressured them. They couldn't breathe properly.

Mark saw that he couldn't wait any long. He threw a small bottle at Mu Liang. "Force her to drink it."

Mu Liang caught it, used his mouth to open the lid, threw the lid, took the medicine in his mouth and then, he made her drink it from his mouth. Mu Lan didn't want him to be closer, but he forced himself and kissed her. He pried open her mouth and made sure that she drank every last drop.

Gradually, her movements slowed down. Soon, she lost consciousness. The air pressure around them was gone and Mark and Mu Liang sighed in relief.

Mu Liang looked outside and found out that they weren't going to the hospital. He asked, "Where are we going?"

Mark replied, "To the castle. I already contacted Carlo. He will meet us there soon. Tell your brother to take your mother after she is done with checkup. We can't risk her mental health."

"Alright." Mu Liang instantly sent Mu Feng a text.

Right after they reached there, Carlo met them in front of the gate. Mark took him in.

"Is she unconscious?" Carlo looked behind and asked.

"Yes, I gave her medicine." Mark said. He stopped the car in front of the entrance.

"Take her to the bedroom." Carlo instructed.

"You don't have to tell me that." Mu Liang carried her away.

"Cheeky brat." Carlo scoffed and followed him.

Mark said, "I will investigate the whole thing."

Carlo only nodded and left with Mu Liang.

In the corridor, Mu Liang told Carlo, "Feng already started investigating. You shouldn't involve in this matter. He might find out about you."

Carlo only said, "This is an inside work. You know that, don't you?"

Mu Liang huffed. "Please don't read my mind."

Carlo smirked. "Right now, I can read the mind of ever single person inside the castle."

If it was other time, Mu Liang would feel chills. However, his mind was filled with Mu Lan at this moment.


After Carlo checked her, he went into deep thought.

Mu Liang asked, "So, why did she have headache?"

He was sitting on the bed beside Mu Lan. She was still unconscious.

Carlo frowned while talking, "It's strange. It was clear that her lost memories are surging up, but, she still cannot remember anything. Everything which is included that man is locked up for some reason. Her memories triggered by the gun fire. Maybe because of that incident in Milan two years ago. But then, why can she not recall anything at all?"

He kept thinking, 'There must be something that is blocking her to recall. There must be a key to the whole thing.'

Mu Liang asked, "'That man' you meant Li Shen, didn't you? It seems that he has a great impact on her." His expression darkened when he said that.

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