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Handsome CEO's Darling Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 759: WAITING FOR THE PHONE CALL


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Mu Liang asked, "'That man' you meant Li Shen, didn't you? It seems that he has a great impact on her." His expression darkened when he said that.

Carlo didn't miss that. He smirked. "Maybe after she remembers everything, she will leave you." He would definitely enjoy seeing this cheeky brat suffer.

Mu Liang's gripped tightened around Mu Lan's wrist. "That won't happen. I trust her."

Carlo scoffed. "So much for love."

Just then, Mu Liang's cell phone rang. He glanced at the screen. It was Mu Feng. He answered the call. "How's mother?"

Mu Feng answered, "She is sleeping now. The shock was too much for her to bear. Uncle Lu injected her tranquilizer. Only after that she calmed down. How's sister Lan?"

Mu Liang was relieved. He answered, "We also made her fall asleep using medicine."

"We?" Mu Feng was confused.

"There is well-known psychiatrist with me." Mu Liang avoided answering the question and answered diplomatically. "He is trustworthy."

It made Mu Feng think that the psychiatrist gave her the medicine. He asked, "…Is that why you texted me to bring mother back to the castle?"

"Yes, we can't take risk of her mental health." Mu Liang paused before questioning, "How's Noel?"

Mu Feng wasn't sure how to answer this. "…He is in a bad shape. Two bullets hit him. One bullet almost scratched his heart and other one hit his shoulder. He lost lots of blood. However, he is still hanging in there. As long as he is breathing, there is still hope."

Both brothers became silent.

A few seconds later, Mu Liang spoke, "About the investigation…"

Mu Feng interrupted his brother, "Right, about that, those terrorists confessed that they thought that I gave them the instruction to do this. This mission was to kill mother and sister Lan Lan. I swear I will find out the culprit behind it." He was seething in anger.

Mu Liang's gaze us unfathomable. His tone was cold when he said, "Find out as soon as possible; and trust no one."

The person who did it must be very close to Mu Feng who knew underground info. If not, how could they carry out the mission?

Mu Feng only replied, "I know." Then he hung up.

Carlo told Mu Liang, "Don't you have things to do? Go, I will watch over her."

Mu Liang looked down at the sleeping beauty. He rubbed her head for a while and then stood up. "I'll leave her to you then. After she wakes up, let me know."

Carlo looked elsewhere. He pretended not to hear him.

After Mu Liang left, Al became visible. He asked, "How long will she stay unconscious?"

"For two hours." Carlo answered. "Don't worry. She is fine now. After she wakes up, she won't lose control. She is all grown up. She knows what's best." He tenderly moved away the strands which were covering her face.

Al said, "There were two bugs in this room. I got rid of them." His expression hardened when he said that.

"What about the whole castle?" Carlo's tone was cool.

"I found two bugs from each room. The toilets and bathrooms were clear. These bugs are advanced. These things aren't in the black market yet." Al threw a small black thing at Carlo.

Carlo caught it and looked carefully. "Did you send one of these things to Shin?"

Takugawa Shintaro was the master of technology. There was nothing he couldn't do when it came to technology.

"I did. He told me to wait for an hour. I guess he will find out where these bugs came from." Al paused. He sensed something. "Someone is in the balcony."

Carlo sensed the presence too. He mocked, "I never thought that I would see you at this time of the day. Have you completed your mission before you thought of coming here?"

"My, my, am I sensing jealousy?" the intruder playfully said. He entered the room and his eyes landed on the two men.

Carlo made a scowl face. "Who is jealous? You are the one who is desperate to meet her, Osiris."

Osiris was the Egyptian priest. He was known for his pure heart, handsome face and laziness. He loved children, especially little Hua Lan.

Osiris smiled. "Of course, I am desperate. I've waited long enough to meet my baby. I always knew that you guys weren't enough to take care of her. Look what you have done to her when she was in your care."

Carlo had an ugly expression. "I know and I won't make excuses. But does Juan know that you are coming?"

"Is there anything he doesn't know?" Osiris came forward and touched Mu Lan's forehead. "Let me give my baby a sweet dream."

For some reason, Mu Lan smiled while sleeping.

"So, you didn't tell Juan." Carlo commented.

Osiris didn't bother to say anything about it. Instead he yawned and laid down on the bed beside Mu Lan. "Carl, make something delicious. I'm so tired."

Carlo bickered, "Who will cook for you? Go to hell!"

Osiris closed his eyes. "Oh, that won't be happening. After death, I will go to the heaven because of my good deeds. You on the other hand will go to the hell."

Carlo scoffed. "It's better than being with you."

Osiris opened his eyes and touched his heart. "Oh, now I'm hurt."

Carlo got up. "Your drama is more disgusting than you are." He left the bedroom.

"He will never stop complaining, will he?" Osiris asked.

"Haha…" Al scratched his head while laughing lightly.

Carlo used Mu Liang's kitchen and cooked Omu rice for three of them. He brought the dishes in the bedroom.

Osiris got up while praising Carlo's skill. "When it came to cooking, you are the best. Just smell the food and you are in the ninth heaven." He took his bowl and began eating. "I got a question. Why is there no maid?"

"The Mu boy instructed the maids not to disturb the kid. The servants won't dare to disobey." Carlo answered. He glanced at Al. "Why is Shin taking so much time? He should have gotten the info by now."

He just said that and Al's cell phone rang. It was Shintaro.

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