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Hello, Heir (Web Novel) - Chapter 240: Their Three Years Together Was Worth $300,000?

Chapter 240: Their Three Years Together Was Worth $300,000?

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She did not dare to divert from the topic and answered Si Zhengting’s question anxiously and with a trembling voice. “$300,000.”


So she gave up on him all those years ago because of that $300,000?

Their romantic relationship of three years was only worth $300,000 from her point of view?

Si Zhengting could not suppress his bitter expression.

He gripped Zhuang Nainai’s face increasingly tightly, until she could not tolerate the pain anymore and sharply inhaled.

The sound snapped Si Zhengting back to the present.

He looked down and saw that his fingers had left imprints on Zhuang Nainai’s face, altering its original shape. Her eyes were on his, and they were filled with panic and alarm.

Si Zhengting felt his blood boiling. He wished that he could tear the woman before him into pieces and incorporate her into his body, so that he would not have to feel so much agony and suffer because of her.


He could not bring himself to do so upon seeing her pitiful gaze.

He let go of her abruptly, retreated a few steps, and hurriedly walked toward the exit.


The door was violently shut and he disappeared somewhere beyond the exit.

When the force applied to Zhuang Nainai’s jaw was released, her legs gave way and she ended up sitting on the ground.

Her entire body was shaking. The Si Zhengting in the previous moments was like the God of Death, striking fear into people’s hearts!

But after seeing how he resolutely walked away, Zhuang Nainai’s inner voice told her to chase after him and to explain everything to him.

The sweet interactions between them in the past couple of days made her feel as though she had gone back five years in time – those sickeningly sweet moments filled with happiness that she longed for.

Although Zhuang Nainai’s body was still trembling, her gaze gradually became more determined.

With uneasy steps, she stood up and opened the door, then ran toward the lower floors!

Si Zhengting felt like his entire brain was full of blood – his entire mind was full of what Zhuang Nainai had said.


What a sardonic and laughable reason!

He had been thinking of her endlessly all these years, endlessly wondering if his past self had been too unbearable. He thought Zhuang Nainai had eventually proposed a breakup because she could no longer tolerate him.

He even thought that if he ever managed to return five years in time, he would treat her well.

But now…

This $300,000 was a huge insult to him!

Si Zhengting quickly walked to the exit and changed into his leather shoes. It was only then that he realized that he was still carrying something in his hands.

Earlier, Si Zhengting was on the lower floor having lunch with Madam Ding. When he went up to the upper floors, he did not return to the master’s bedroom but went into the study room.

In the study room, there was a brand-new laptop on his table.

The day after Zhuang Nainai borrowed a laptop from him, Si Zhengting especially looked up quite a few laptops meant for ladies on the Internet so that he could find a suitable laptop for her.

He had received his salary today and also wanted to reward Zhuang Nainai.

Thus, he personally unwrapped the laptop in his study room. He took the system disk and installed the required software for her. He knew that she liked things that were baby pink in color, but he found looking for baby pink wallpapers on the internet too tedious. Hence, he spent the entire day in the office personally designing a laptop wallpaper.

When the laptop eventually displayed the one-of-a-kind wallpaper, the entire display was full of the scent of love.

But then, he was still feeling conflicted and awkward. If the laptop he gave her had a wallpaper that was obviously customized to her liking, she would know his intentions behind the gift, right?


Eventually, thinking about how happy she would be upon receiving the laptop, Si Zhengting walked into the master’s bedroom with a poker face and with a hint of shyness.

He was a little nervous as it was his first time giving a gift.

His footsteps light, he entered the bedroom, only to hear her talking on the phone at the terrace.

He was unable to hear exactly what she said. He walked toward the terrace, only to hear Ding Mengya saying, “… Five years ago, you took the money and left Zhengting…”

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