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Hello, Heir (Web Novel) - Chapter 242: He Hates Me, Are You Happy Now?

Chapter 242: He Hates Me, Are You Happy Now?

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When she walked past Ding Mengya, she could not stop herself from saying, “Are you happy now? He hates me and has given up on me. Are you happy now?”

Ding Mengya pressed her lips together. She had a somber expression on her face. After some consideration, she said, “I didn’t want things to be like this, I…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Zhuang Nainai walked away from her.

That frail figure, which carried itself with determination, evoked a strange sense of pity in others.

Ding Mengya’s mouth hung wide open. She did not know what to say. Si Jingyu came before her, a conflicted expression on her face. She could not help reproaching her mother. “Mother, you really… Zhengting and Nainai were getting along well. Why did you have to bring up matters of the past?”

Others may have been unaware of Si Zhengting’s love for Zhuang Nainai, but as a bystander, Si Jingyu was well aware of it.

Si Zhengting would not have bullied Zhuang Nainai if not for the fact that what happened five years ago had been brought up again.

Upon hearing this, Ding Mengya sighed, a despondent expression on her face. “I saw her speaking on the phone in the open as though she had nothing to hide. How would I have known that Zhengting was standing behind her? I… Ai! Jingyu, you’re the closest to Zhengting, what do you think we should do now?”

It had been five years, and Si Zhengting had not allowed a single woman to get close to him.

Ding Mengya even felt that she would never have the chance to ever carry a grandson in her arms. If not, how could she have allowed someone who would give up her son for money marry him?

After Zhuang Nainai married Si Zhengting, they did have fights that were trivial in nature. However, now…

Ding Mengya really regretted her actions. How could she have said something like that?

Si Jingyu gazed at Zhuang Nainai’s diminishing figure, which was grasping the handle rails of the staircase and taking one step up at a time. After a while, she said weakly, “Forget it, they had to face this matter sooner or later. It would have inevitably become a huge issue between them at some point in time. Although it currently seems as though their relationship is very harmonious, if they are unable to solve the root of the problem, they will never be blissful together.”

Some matters of the heart, when buried for a lifetime, only become more complicated with time.

To find real happiness, one must resolve such problems.

The rays of light in the bedroom became increasingly darker. In the large and empty room, Zhuang Nainai lay on the bed alone, phone in hand. She called Si Zhengting endlessly on the phone, but he refused to answer her calls.

The room felt cold and unwelcoming with the absence of another person.

Zhuang Nainai turned to her side and hugged the blanket, crying soundlessly.

She had never felt so wronged.

He hadn’t even listened to her explanations. That was too much of him.

Zhuang Nainai took a deep breath and decided to sleep. However, when she closed her eyes, all she could see was his expression of barely contained fury. When she thought about how he had looked at her with that gaze, she felt heavy-hearted.

She was undoubtedly tired, but she could not fall asleep.

Finally, she hugged her pillow and stayed awake until daylight.

When dawn broke, she held her phone and got up. She counted the number of calls she had made to him in one night – over a hundred, and none were answered.

Zhuang Nainai sighed and rushed into the bathroom. She cupped some cold water in her hands and splashed it onto her face. The rush brought about by the cold water gave her some clarity.

She washed her face and suddenly raised her head. The woman in the mirror had messy hair and droplets of water dangling from some strands of hair. Her face was pale, her eyes swollen, and she could not have possibly looked more disheveled. She could not find it in herself to care about her appearance. Instead, she applied a cold compress to her eyes to reduce the swelling before leaving the villa.

Upon opening the door, she saw someone standing in the courtyard.

Ding Mengya was still wearing her pajamas. Due to the cold, she had also put on a red coat.

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