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Hello, Heir (Web Novel) - Chapter 244: If You Are Unable to Bear with It, Let’s Get a Divorce!

Chapter 244: If You Are Unable to Bear with It, Let’s Get a Divorce!

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The top floor…

Si Zhengting stood on the balcony and silently looked afar, as though he were a statue.

He had not slept the night before, and thus, he looked slightly haggard. However, he had no intention of moving.

What happened last night still affected him deeply. It felt as though a chunk of his heart had been ripped out of his chest, and it was still dripping blood.

He inhaled sharply on his cigarette, the pungent nicotine rushing into his lungs. The burning sensation was painful and caused him to cough twice. He put his cigarette out violently on the ashtray.

She had left him five years ago for money.

What a laughable yet sad reason.

He was too angry the day before to listen to her explanations. However, his anger had an entire night to simmer. It had since been quelled, and his wits had returned to him.

Si Zhengting turned around and picked up his cell phone, which had been powered off. He turned it on and soon saw 109 missed calls from Zhuang Nainai on his display, alongside four or five from Madam Ding.

Just as Si Zhengting turned on his phone, he received an incoming call from Ding Mengya.

Si Zhengting paused for a moment, staring at the vibrating phone in his hand silently. Then, he picked up the call. Ding Mengya sounded as though she had aged five or six years after a night. Her voice slightly hoarse, she rasped, “Who doesn’t make mistakes when they are young and reckless? I was in the wrong at first all those years ago. I should not have tested her. The first time I offered her money, she turned me down firmly. I sent her money later on, and she only took thirty thousand then. Now that I think about it, perhaps she’d had her own difficulties back then.”

Even while saying this, Ding Mengya was well aware that Si Zhengting’s upright personality caused him to have very high standards when it came to romantic relationships.

No matter the reason, Zhuang Nainai had taken the money and had given up on him. From his point of view, that was an injury that had been inflicted on him.

After saying what was on her mind, Ding Mengya had nothing more to say.

As soon as Ding Mengya hung up the phone, he received another call from Si Jingyu. It was a lot more direct and crude, and she cut to the chase, “What are you intending to do? If you’re unable to bear it, then just divorce her.”


Si Zhengting’s eyes narrowed and he furrowed his brows.

He should not have let her go five years ago. How could he possibly divorce her now?

Jingyu continued, “If you don’t want a divorce, then try to live well. Living well together for the years to come is the most important thing. People cannot live in their own memories forever.”

Her last sentence was riddled with emotion. It was unclear if she was referring to him or to herself.

Upon ending the call, Si Zhengting threw his cell phone onto the table. He fixed his gaze and paused before calling, “Ji Chen!”

Ji Chen came when called. He stood respectfully before Si Zhengting and carefully stole a gaze at him. “Sir.”

“Find out what happened to Zhuang Nainai five years ago.”

“Yes, Sir.”

After replying, Ji Chen looked up and observed Si Zhengting’s silent form. He could not resist saying, “Sir, actually… about what happened five years ago, wouldn’t you have a clearer picture if you asked Madam about it?”

Upon hearing this, Si Zhengting jerked his head up.

Ji Chen hurriedly lowered his head. Even so, he could feel Si Zhengting’s gaze boring a hole into his head.

Ji Chen kept his head lowered and rushed out of the office. Just as he exited the office, he saw Zhuang Nainai standing at the door, staring at him blankly.

Ji Chen deliberated for a moment before steeling himself and returning into the office. “Sir, Madam is here, you…”

Si Zhengting paused before coldly saying, “Let her in.”

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