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Hello, Mr. Major General (Web Novel)


Gu Nianzhi had no idea how to get the aloof and handsome Major General to fall in love with her.

His eyes were dark and serious. “…Seduce me. If you can do it, I’m yours.”

Gu Nianzhi: “!!!”

844 • 2019-09-08 13:47:25


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1307: Planting Mushrooms, Growing Mushrooms2021-01-19
Chapter 1306: Impressed By You!2021-01-18
Chapter 1305: A Gimmick2021-01-17
Chapter 1304: The Fish That Escaped The Net2021-01-17
Chapter 1303: Whereabouts2021-01-17
Chapter 1302: The Messenger2021-01-16
Chapter 1301: How To Woo A Genius And A Beauty2021-01-15
Chapter 1300: Kill Three Birds With One Stone2021-01-14
Chapter 1299: Looking For Support2021-01-13
Chapter 1298: Verify The Information2021-01-13
Chapter 1297: Huo Shao, I Am Wrong!2021-01-12
Chapter 1296: This Position Was Very Exhausting2021-01-11
Chapter 1295: I’m Your Rock2021-01-10
Chapter 1294: Disassociate2021-01-10
Chapter 1293: Heartfelt Words2021-01-09
Chapter 1292: Self-Contradictory2021-01-09
Chapter 1291: Overestimation and Underestimation2021-01-08
Chapter 1290: Looking down on others2021-01-07
Chapter 1289: Good Times With Big Shot Businessmen2021-01-06
Chapter 1288: The Crisis Caused By A Egg Fried Rice Meal2021-01-06
Chapter 1287: Gu Nianzhi’s Sore Spot2021-01-05
Chapter 1286: Prove It To Me2021-01-04
Chapter 1285: Time Is Precious2021-01-03
Chapter 1284: Four Milestones In Life2021-01-03
Chapter 1283: Plan to Sue2021-01-02
Chapter 1282: Unforgettable2021-01-02
Chapter 1281: I’m Even Prouder Of You2021-01-01
Chapter 1280: Earth-Shattering2020-12-31
Chapter 1279: Mirage2020-12-30
Chapter 1278: Countdown2020-12-30
Chapter 1277: Must Add your Friends back2020-12-29
Chapter 1276: Teach them a Lesson2020-12-28
Chapter 1275: Too Much Of A Good Thing Is Also Bad2020-12-27
Chapter 1274: I Won’t Let You Guys Off The Hook!2020-12-27
Chapter 1273: Out Of The Blue2020-12-26
Chapter 1272: A Once-In-A-Lifetime Spectacle2020-12-26
Chapter 1271 - Inseparable2020-12-12
Chapter 1270 Revenge Memorable For A Lifetime2020-12-12
Chapter 1269 - Do You Need An Autograph?2020-12-12
Chapter 1268 Still Fine Without Me2020-12-12
Chapter 1267 - Brainwashed2020-12-12
Chapter 1266 Miss Song’s Wild Imagination2020-12-12
Chapter 1264 Stars Shining Above Vast Plain Fields2020-11-30
Chapter 1263 It“s Difficult To Like Someone2020-11-29
Chapter 1262 Unexpected Gains2020-11-29
Chapter 1261 Angry As A Pufferfish2020-11-28
Chapter 1260 - Major General Huo, That's Enough!2020-11-28
Chapter 1259 The Tiger Flaunts Its Power2020-11-27
Chapter 1258 - Really Think I'm Just A Figurehead2020-11-26
Chapter 1257 Much Self-Assurance2020-11-25
Chapter 1256 Thr Red Packet is Addictive!2020-11-25
Chapter 1255 A Thousand Likes2020-11-24
Chapter 1254 I Will Never Leave You Again2020-11-23
Chapter 1253 Can Not Stop2020-11-22
Chapter 1252 - It“s Ok2020-11-22
Chapter 1251 Despise You For 10,000 Years2020-11-22
Chapter 1250 The Enemy“s Targe2020-11-21
Chapter 1249 Meeting The Enemy2020-11-20
Chapter 1248 Kicked Out The Door2020-11-19
Chapter 1247 - Mother-In-Law And Daughter-In-Law Can Conquer The World Together2020-11-19
Chapter 1246 Unrealistic Fantasies2020-11-18
Chapter 1245 I Like Who You Are Inside2020-11-17
Chapter 1244 Our own Bedstories.2020-11-16
Chapter 1243 I’m Going To Walk You Down The Red Carpe2020-11-15
Chapter 1242 So Stuck Up!2020-11-15
Chapter 1241 Good Luck2020-11-14
Chapter 1240 Huge Gifts2020-11-14
Chapter 1239 If It Weren’t For You2020-11-13
Chapter 1238 - How Was She Better Than Her2020-11-12
Chapter 1237 Winners In Life2020-11-11
Chapter 1236 A Witness To A Historical Momen2020-11-11
Chapter 1235 Infinite Glory2020-11-10
Chapter 1234 A Surprise For You2020-11-10
Chapter 1233 Secret Weapon2020-11-10
Chapter 1232 Return the Favor2020-11-10
Chapter 1231 The Diamond Ring Named Cereus2020-11-10
Chapter 1230 - Will You Marry Me?2020-11-10
Chapter 1229 Bad-Tempered Little Girl2020-11-10
Chapter 1228 Turns Out It Wasn“t You2020-11-10
Chapter 1227 - Because He Targeted You2020-11-10
Chapter 1226 During This Lifetime2020-11-10
Chapter 1225 I Have the Privacy!2020-11-10
Chapter 1224 Impressive Circle of Friends2020-11-02
Chapter 1223 - Add a Friend2020-11-01
Chapter 1222 - Be Good, Open Your Mouth2020-11-01
Chapter 1221 The Flight Routine of a Fighting Nation2020-10-31
Chapter 1220 You Are Not Telling the Truth Again2020-10-31
Chapter 1219 Supported By Peers2020-10-30
Chapter 1218 Special Communication Skills2020-10-29
Chapter 1217 I“ll Go With You2020-10-28
Chapter 1216 The Highest Honor2020-10-28
Chapter 1215 The Longest Nigh2020-10-27
Chapter 1214 Obliterated2020-10-26
Chapter 1213 That Phrase Doesn’t Exist in Her Dictionary2020-10-25
Chapter 1212 The Mountains and Rivers Remain2020-10-25
Chapter 1211 Kneel Down and Say Daddy2020-10-24
Chapter 1210 Try Your Luck2020-10-24
Chapter 1209Are You Falling for Someone Else?2020-10-23
Chapter 1208 I Will Keep an Eye on Her2020-10-22
Chapter 1207 Must Send2020-10-21
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