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Hello, Mr. Major General (Web Novel)


Gu Nianzhi had no idea how to get the aloof and handsome Major General to fall in love with her.

His eyes were dark and serious. “…Seduce me. If you can do it, I’m yours.”

Gu Nianzhi: “!!!”

453 • 2019-09-08 13:47:25


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 877: True and False (2)2020-06-02
Chapter 876: True and False (1)2020-05-31
Chapter 875: Don’t Be Afraid2020-05-31
Chapter 874: Looking for Trouble2020-05-30
Chapter 873: I Do Not Accept It2020-05-30
Chapter 872: Getting Everything Back2020-05-29
Chapter 871: Traps Everywhere2020-05-28
Chapter 870: Another Proud Moment2020-05-27
Chapter 869: The First Account2020-05-27
Chapter 868: The Breakthrough2020-05-26
Chapter 867: The First Time2020-05-25
Chapter 866: A Perfect Servant2020-05-24
Chapter 865: Hiding the Past2020-05-24
Chapter 864: You Are Biased Against Me2020-05-23
Chapter 863: A Changed Identity2020-05-23
Chapter 862: Making Them Your Own2020-05-22
Chapter 861: A Brand-New Way of Testifying in Court2020-05-21
Chapter 860: Such “Generosity’2020-05-20
Chapter 859: Hand Your Evidence Over2020-05-20
Chapter 858: Cannot Be Played Dirty2020-05-19
Chapter 857: Interlocked Hands2020-05-18
Chapter 856: Branding it with his brand2020-05-18
Chapter 855: Everything Will Be Fine In The End2020-05-17
Chapter 854: Do Not Let Them Live2020-05-17
Chapter 853: Who Were the Ones Who Knew the Truth2020-05-16
Chapter 852: Comparable to the Price of Gold2020-05-16
Chapter 851: She Would Never Dare to Say It2020-05-15
Chapter 850: Lurking Forces (Ⅸ)2020-05-14
Chapter 849: Lurking Forces (Ⅷ)2020-05-13
Chapter 848: Lurking Forces (Ⅶ)2020-05-13
Chapter 847: Lurking Forces (VI)2020-05-12
Chapter 846: Lurking Forces (V)2020-05-11
Chapter 845: Lurking Forces (IV)2020-05-10
Chapter 844: Lurking Forces (III)2020-05-10
Chapter 843: Lurking Forces (II)2020-05-10
Chapter 842: Lurking Forces (I)2020-05-09
Chapter 841: Catch Up2020-05-09
Chapter 840: She Deserves It?2020-05-08
Chapter 839: Ingratiate Oneself2020-05-07
Chapter 838: Ulterior Motives2020-05-06
Chapter 837: Face To Face2020-05-06
Chapter 836: Won’t Play With You2020-05-05
Chapter 835: There Was Nothing Wrong With Those Words2020-05-04
Chapter 834: The Enemy Has Made a Mistake2020-05-03
Chapter 833: Expert Among the Enemy2020-05-03
Chapter 832: Unavoidable Confrontation2020-05-02
Chapter 831: Bad-Tempered Little Girl2020-05-02
Chapter 830: Direct Evidence2020-05-01
Chapter 829: To Suit One’s Fancy2020-04-30
Chapter 828: Show It to You2020-04-29
Chapter 827: Leave With Me2020-04-29
Chapter 826: My Little Princess2020-04-28
Chapter 825: That’s Amazing, My Professor2020-04-27
Chapter 824: Dazzling Contrast2020-04-27
Chapter 823: I’ll Go2020-04-27
Chapter 822: Argue2020-04-27
Chapter 821: Fabrication2020-04-27
Chapter 820: Calling Out2020-04-27
Chapter 819: Three Birds One Stone2020-04-24
Chapter 818: See Improvement2020-04-23
Chapter 817: I Have Objections2020-04-22
Chapter 816: Aren’t You Afraid of Retribution?2020-04-22
Chapter 815: Enemies Bound to Meet on a Narrow Road2020-04-21
Chapter 814: Two Birds, One Stone2020-04-20
Chapter 813: Going In Together2020-04-19
Chapter 812: Not a Minute Wasted2020-04-19
Chapter 811: Secret Alert2020-04-18
Chapter 810: Curb Themselves2020-04-18
Chapter 809: The Last Meeting2020-04-17
Chapter 808: No Need to Keep Him2020-04-16
Chapter 807: Work Under You2020-04-15
Chapter 806: Take Care of You Forever2020-04-15
Chapter 805: The Only Photo2020-04-14
Chapter 804: The Promise from Those Years Ago2020-04-13
Chapter 803: You Don’t Remember Me?2020-04-12
Chapter 802: You Are Both My Own Flesh2020-04-12
Chapter 801: The Ignorant Are Fearless2020-04-11
Chapter 800: I Have Confidence in Her2020-04-11
Chapter 799: Irresistible2020-04-10
Chapter 798: Come Back with Me2020-04-09
Chapter 797: Does Hugging You Make Your Heart Tremble?2020-04-08
Chapter 796: Work Required2020-04-08
Chapter 795: Itchy Heart2020-04-07
Chapter 794: Requested to Help2020-04-06
Chapter 793: Let’s Start Over2020-04-05
Chapter 792: What Did You Discover2020-04-05
Chapter 791: Better At It Than You2020-04-04
Chapter 790: Your Target2020-04-04
Chapter 789: A Summer Insect Cannot Discuss Ice2020-04-03
Chapter 788: Can’t Mess With Her2020-04-02
Chapter 787: Destroying the Evidence2020-04-01
Chapter 786: Help You For the Last Time2020-04-01
Chapter 785: Going Against Regulation2020-03-31
Chapter 784: That’s Why He’s the Chief2020-03-30
Chapter 783:2020-03-29
Chapter 782: Aside From You2020-03-29
Chapter 781: It’s Yours When You Have Me2020-03-28
Chapter 780: Feelings and Logic2020-03-28
Chapter 779: Courting Method2020-03-27
Chapter 778: Spoiling and Loving2020-03-26