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Hello, Mr. Major General (Web Novel)


Gu Nianzhi had no idea how to get the aloof and handsome Major General to fall in love with her.

His eyes were dark and serious. “…Seduce me. If you can do it, I’m yours.”

Gu Nianzhi: “!!!”

285 • 2019-09-08 13:47:25


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 785: Going Against Regulation2020-03-31
Chapter 784: That’s Why He’s the Chief2020-03-30
Chapter 783:2020-03-29
Chapter 782: Aside From You2020-03-29
Chapter 781: It’s Yours When You Have Me2020-03-28
Chapter 780: Feelings and Logic2020-03-28
Chapter 779: Courting Method2020-03-27
Chapter 778: Spoiling and Loving2020-03-26
Chapter 777: You Like to be in the Car?2020-03-25
Chapter 776: Let’s Go Together2020-03-25
Chapter 775: Birthday Party (18)2020-03-24
Chapter 774: Birthday Party (17)2020-03-23
Chapter 773: Birthday Party (16)2020-03-22
Chapter 772: Birthday Party (15)2020-03-22
Chapter 771: Birthday Party (14)2020-03-21
Chapter 770: Birthday Party (13)2020-03-21
Chapter 769: Birthday Party (12)2020-03-20
Chapter 768: Birthday Party (11)2020-03-19
Chapter 767: Birthday Party (10)2020-03-18
Chapter 766: Birthday Party (9)2020-03-18
Chapter 765: Birthday Party (8)2020-03-17
Chapter 764: Birthday Party (7)2020-03-16
Chapter 763: Birthday Party (6)2020-03-15
Chapter 762: Birthday Party (5)2020-03-15
Chapter 761: Birthday Party (4)2020-03-15
Chapter 760: Birthday Party (3)2020-03-15
Chapter 759: Birthday Party (2)2020-03-13
Chapter 758: Birthday Party (1)2020-03-12
Chapter 757: Last Chance2020-03-11
Chapter 756: This Is for Your Own Good2020-03-11
Chapter 755: Someone Else’s Man2020-03-10
Chapter 754: Taking Credit to Seek Reward2020-03-09
Chapter 753: Really Knows How To Do Business2020-03-08
Chapter 752: Doesn’t Your Conscience Hurt?2020-03-08
Chapter 751: The Invisible Hand2020-03-07
Chapter 750: Determining Truth and Falsehood (3)2020-03-07
Chapter 749: Determining Truth and Falsehood (2)2020-03-06
Chapter 748: Determining Truth and Falsehood (1)2020-03-05
Chapter 747: You Set the Terms2020-03-04
Chapter 746: Rare Opportunity2020-03-04
Chapter 745: Start Something (4)2020-03-03
Chapter 744: Start Something (3)2020-03-02
Chapter 743: Start Something (2)2020-03-01
Chapter 742: Start Something (1)2020-03-01
Chapter 741: This Won’t Be Taken Lying Down (7)2020-02-29
Chapter 740: This Won’t Be Taken Lying Down (6)2020-02-29
Chapter 739: This Won’t Be Taken Lying Down (5)2020-02-28
Chapter 738: This Won’t Be Taken Lying Down (4)2020-02-27
Chapter 737: This Won’t Be Taken Lying Down (3)2020-02-26
Chapter 736: This Won’t Be Taken Lying Down (2)2020-02-26
Chapter 735: This Won’t Be Taken Lying Down (1)2020-02-25
Chapter 734: Willing but Unable2020-02-24
Chapter 733: Think About It2020-02-23
Chapter 732: Lucky Girl2020-02-23
Chapter 731: Now This Would Be Awkward2020-02-22
Chapter 730: Loss of Dignity2020-02-22
Chapter 729: She Had Really High Moral Principles!2020-02-21
Chapter 728: Marry Me2020-02-20
Chapter 727: Give Me Another Chance2020-02-19
Chapter 726: Nineteen Forever2020-02-19
Chapter 725: Promise Me One Thing2020-02-18
Chapter 724: Matters of the Heart Require Remedies of the Heart2020-02-17
Chapter 723: The Only Stain2020-02-16
Chapter 722: I’m that Indecent?2020-02-16
Chapter 721: You Are Harassing Me2020-02-15
Chapter 720: Whoever Touches the Sore Spot, Dies2020-02-15
Chapter 719: Waiting for You2020-02-14
Chapter 718: How Did She Get Pregnant2020-02-14
Chapter 717: Too Rich to Be a Good Match2020-02-12
Chapter 716: You Can Call My Name2020-02-12
Chapter 715: If You Can Use It, I Can, Too2020-02-11
Chapter 714: Amicable Breakup2020-02-10
Chapter 713: Stop Causing Trouble2020-02-09
Chapter 712: To Appoint by Favoritism2020-02-09
Chapter 711: Traps, It’s All Traps2020-02-08
Chapter 710: Kindness Is Returned Tenfold2020-02-08
Chapter 709: I Owe It to Her2020-02-07
Chapter 708: Humans Cannot Win Against Fate2020-02-06
Chapter 707: Fighting for Her2020-02-05
Chapter 706: I Need To Consider It Well2020-02-05
Chapter 705: Let’s Break Up2020-02-04
Chapter 704: Don’t Be Like This2020-02-03
Chapter 703: The Protective Huo Shao (3)2020-02-02
Chapter 702: The Protective Huo Shao (2)2020-02-02
Chapter 701: The Protective Huo Shao (1)2020-02-01
Chapter 700: Unforgivable2020-02-01
Chapter 699: Ye Zitan’s Motive (3)2020-01-31
Chapter 698: Ye Zitan’s Motive (2)2020-01-30
Chapter 697: Ye Zitan’s Motive (1)2020-01-29
Chapter 696: Messing with Her Means Messing with Me2020-01-29
Chapter 695: Never Retreat(6)2020-01-28
Chapter 694: Never Retreat (5)2020-01-27
Chapter 693: Never Retreat (4)2020-01-26
Chapter 692: Never Retreat (3)2020-01-26
Chapter 691: Never Retreat(2)2020-01-25
Chapter 690: Never Retreat (1)2020-01-25
Chapter 689: Taking You Home2020-01-24
Chapter 688: You Will Have Retribution2020-01-23
Chapter 687: A Big Day2020-01-22
Chapter 686: Scared of What?2020-01-22