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Hello, Mr. Major General (Web Novel) - Chapter 580: They Should Go Die

Chapter 580: They Should Go Die

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Standing behind Sean, James concentrated on the screen continuously replaying the tall white man’s lightning-like movements. Not only did this require powerful coordination but also explosive strength and incomparable judgment in order to make the split-second decision to save the little girl.

“…You see, his tumbling movement is actually a standard move for the Hua Xia Imperial Military Special Forces. Snipers do it to avoid tanks by hiding down in the trenches.” Sean laughed and explained his findings to James. “I didn’t think he would use it to avoid cars on a busy road.” Sean shook his head. “What a madman…”

“It was too dangerous. If that car was even an inch off, then he and the little girl would’ve been flattened,” James muttered, his heart still beating hard as he watched the monitor. He didn’t know what to think.

“Right, so he’s crazy. Normal people wouldn’t have made such a decision or try to save someone while they are at large.” Sean scoffed. “He revealed himself, then?”

“You still think he’s that Hua Xia Imperial Major General? But this guy’s white…” James pointed to the striking blue eyes on the HD video.

Sean snickered. “James, I think you should plan on retiring. You don’t know anything about modern technology. Blue eyes like that can be created using special contact lenses made in labs. Not just blue eyes, but red and white can be manufactured, too!”

“So it was specially-made contact lenses!” James cried out softly, totally shocked. “That’s fine, then. This proves this is the person we want to find!”

“What good does proving do?!” Sean came to a sudden realization. The rage burned in his heart, and he swiped everything off of his desk. “We don’t know where he is! We don’t know where he’s going! There are over ten million people in New York! How would we find him?! By going door to door?! He’s mocking us! Mocking us!” Sean had never felt so indignant since joining the CIA. He had always been the cat, coolly watching his prey try to run away. He didn’t think he would end up as the mouse this time, with the enemy toying with him like a cat! New York was their home base and main camp, yet they were being led in circles by a Hua Xia soldier. They should go die! What’s more infuriating than seeing someone but not being able to catch them?!

“Do these videos record which way he went?” James asked. “We installed HD cameras on all the major roads.”

“What’s the use!?” Sean nearly screamed in James’ face, spittle flying. James didn’t dare to wipe it off and could only force himself to take it. “You think he’s an idiot like you?! Why would he lead you to his home if he knows he’s being watched?! I’m telling you! The direction he left in can’t be where he’s hiding!” Sean brandished his fists and screamed relentlessly in the office. Hanging his head, the nearly 50-year-old James was being lectured like a child by a 30-year-old young man. “Get out! Send me all the camera footage from all directions! I’m going to dig him up even if I’m not sleeping tonight!” Sean finished the day’s lecture with a kick at James.

James left Sean’s office feeling ten years older. He returned to his own office and stared blankly at the login page on his monitor. He agonized over resigning every day. If he resigned, then he wouldn’t need to be insulted by that horrible man every day. But if he resigned, how would his kids afford college? Who would pay their tuition? What about his mortgage? He still owed the bank lots of money, and his wife… was a homemaker. Their family would struggle as soon as he quit, and even healthcare would be a big problem. There was no way he could bear the consequences of losing his job in this society. At least he had the best health insurance nationwide from his job at the CIA… James consoled himself with this fact and finally calmed down enough to begin searching for footage of Fifth Avenue from all angles. He sorted it out and sent it all to Sean.

Sean was also busy working. He called his contact at the TV station to have them air the footage, using the pretense of wanting to find the kind-hearted hero… As soon as the TV network aired it, the video became viral across the nation. The slick movements, strapping body, and incredible judgement of avoiding all the oncoming cars was simply awe inspiring. The video was quickly reposted on YouTube and spread like wildfire across the Blue Planet, with the exception of the Hua Xia Empire. As soon as this video reached the Hua Xia Empire, it was immediately censored and pulled from sites. All media and citizens were barred from broadcasting it, so most people didn’t know about that hero video.

In the evening, Tan Guiren had finished dinner at her villa and was watching TV absentmindedly on the couch. The evening news happened to air, and the local New York TV networks and national cable channels all aired the same news piece simultaneously. Tan Guiren was instantly enraptured by that person. She stood up with shock and nearly screamed at the handsome figure on TV! She recognized him! He was the one who appeared in the debris amid the raining bullets that night!

Tan Guiren hit pause excitedly and stared at the TV screen for a long time. She slowly sat back down when she felt her legs grow numb from standing. Sinking into the soft couch, she curled up her body. So he hadn’t left yet and was still in New York? She hadn’t misjudged him. He was really a good person. An indescribable emotion and warmth surged in heart when she saw him save that little girl, like a spring breeze in March. Her entire body felt cozy. She didn’t even notice what the man on the TV looked like.

Sean had had an ulterior motive when he sent the video to the TV network because he deliberately blurred out the man’s face, so only a blurry face could be seen on TV, and no one knew whether it was a white or Asian man.

At the same moment, Huo Shaoheng also happened to see the video air on TV. He smiled, not surprised. There were HD surveillance cameras on the buildings… Huo Shaoheng remembered dodging the cameras on the store fronts. From the angle of the video, he determined it wasn’t recorded from the store fronts but from the tall buildings across the street. No one else but the CIA had the budget to do such a thing. By using this method, Huo Shaoheng confirmed his own conjecture.

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