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Hello, Mr. Major General (Web Novel) - Chapter 585: Brother and Lover

Chapter 585: Brother and Lover

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Zhao Liangze’s words were very reassuring for Gu Nianzhi. He said it so casually and naturally, that it shouldn’t be a dangerous mission at all. Gu Nianzhi happily went back to Huo Shaoheng’s official residence with Zhao Liangze and on the way there, she told him much about what she had been doing in the last month or two.

Zhao Liangze was not as chatty as Yin Shixiong, so he was listening most the time and chimed in occasionally or asked questions to continue the conversation. By the time they arrived at Huo Shaoheng’s official residence, Gu Nianzhi was shocked to discover that she hadn’t visited in only a month or two, even though it felt much longer. Yin Shixiong had already asked the kitchen to prepare a table full of dinner and waited for them so they could enjoy it together.

At dinner time, Gu Nianzhi received a call from Gu Yanran. “Nianzhi, where are you? I stewed sea cucumber soup and wanted to send a pot to you, but when I got to your school, you weren’t there.” Gu Yanran loved to experiment in the kitchen and was great at everything from baking cakes to making soups.

Gu Nianzhi didn’t know how to cook and had always avoided doing it. “No thanks, Sister. I’m staying over at Huo Shao’s for the weekend,” Gu Nianzhi answered with a smile and was in a great mood.

“Huo Shao? He’s back?” Gu Yanran was both surprised and delighted. “Silly girl, what would his parents think if you suddenly went to his house without letting them know first?”

“Huo Shao doesn’t live with his parents… Just how old is he, anyway? Why would he still be leeching off his parents…” Gu Nianzi avoided her sister’s question and didn’t disclose Huo Shaoheng’s whereabouts. Yin Shixiong and Zhao Liangze gave her a big thumbs up while she made a face at them. “Ok, Sister. I have to go now. I’m having dinner, and it’s rude to be on the phone.”

Gu Yanran could only agree but still reminded her, “We’re going to see Father tomorrow, don’t forget.”

“I know.” Gu Nianzhi nodded and ended the call before setting the phone aside.

Yin Shixiong didn’t ask why Gu Yanran was looking for Gu Nianzhi but served her a bowl of soup. “This is carp broth and was stewed well. The fish is overcooked now and completely melted into the soup.” Gu Nianzhi loved having soup and accepted it with a smile, using a spoon to sip it.

The dinner lasted two hours. For Yin Shixiong and Zhao Liangze, this was a rare, relaxing opportunity. Once Zhao Liangze finished eating, his phone rang, and he glanced at it with some disappointment before picking it up. “Good evening, Bai Shuang.”

Bai Shuang had called and smiled. “Little Ze, when did you get back? Why didn’t you say anything. Aren’t we still friends?”

“Haha, I was so busy with writing reports after coming back and handing in work that I haven’t had time to relax until just now. I was planning to call you guys tomorrow.” Zhao Liangze cradled a cup of tea in one hand as he spoke to Bai Shaung over the phone. Gu Nianzhi wished her ears would turn into a rabbit’s so they could overhear what he was saying. Of course, she didn’t intend to eavesdrop on Zhao Liangze but wanted to find out if Zhao Liangze would say anything about Huo Shaoheng at all.

From the corner of his eyes, Zhao Liangze spied Gu Nianzhi’s intent expression. He patted her head with a chuckle and got up to go to his room to continue the call. Gu Nianzhi sank back into her chair with obvious regret. “Oh, that Brother Ze, why is he being so secretive about a phone call?”

“He’s not being secretive. Could he allow you to eavesdrop?” Yin Shixiong saw Gu Nianzhi’s little trick at first glance. “Ok, stop worrying for nothing. Go back to your room and rest. You’ll visit your father at Chen Lie’s tomorrow.”

Gu Nianzhi agreed and went back to her room on the second floor. Her room directly faced Huo Shaoheng’s suite, but unfortunately, there was nothing there right now. Pushing open the door to Huo Shaoheng’s suite, she walked inside. The room was very clean and tidy, just like the owner had never left and would come out from the bedroom at any moment.

Gu Nianzhi sighed quietly and thought about if she should go back and count the days to see when Huo Shaoheng would return. After leaving his suite, she went back to her room and prepared to shower. After showering, she took the silk scarves and tried them on one by one. Her deft hands made many beautiful knots that encircled her slender neck. The silk scarves were very high quality and so soft and smooth around her neck. Soon after, they warmed up and felt like a lover’s caress. Gentle yet trembling, her heart gradually calmed down as well.

That night, she embraced the silk scarves as she slept and pretended Huo Shaoheng was staying with her. When she got up the next day, she saw that she had crumpled the silk scarves into a ball, and they had lost their beauty from the night before. Like a stunning beauty ravaged all night by a careless man, her allure had faded…

Gu Nianzhi rubbed her cheeks, amused by her own imagination. After washing up, she went to breakfast and headed to Chen Lie’s so she could wait for Gu Yanran to arrive. They planned to visit their father, Gu Xiangwen.

Because Gu Nianzhi came from the base, she arrived early, and Chen Lie wasn’t in the ward yet. Gu Nianzhi opened his office doors to see Ye Zitan inside alone. She was just standing up in front of the computer. “Dr. Ye, you’re so early.” Gu Nianzhi greeted Ye Zitan with a friendly smile.

Ye Zitan smiled gently and came over to ask, “Did you have breakfast yet? There are beef buns in the base cafeteria today. Haven’t you always loved them?”

Gu Nianzhi spread her palms with a giggle. “It isn’t me who loves beef buns, Dr. Ye is misremembering.”

“Oh? It wasn’t you? Then who could it be?” Ye Zitan also laughed. “Could it be Huo Shao?”

“Huo Shao loves them, and another person as well.” Gu Nianzhi winked at Ye Zitan. “Dr. Ye is deliberating not saying it?”

“Who?” Ye Zitan asked quickly.

“It’s Brother Chen, of course!” Gu Nianzhi clapped her hands. “Brother Chen also loves eating beef buns…”

Ye Zitan appeared thoughtful. “Dr. Chen? He can’t have anymore meat. Any more, and it’ll endanger his health.” In other words, she was saying Chen Lie was too fat.

Gu Nianzhi appeared unaffected. “Brother Chen actually isn’t fat, he’s just a bit rounder than others.”

Ye Zitan finally burst into laughter at her words and walked to Gu Nianzhi to say, “I didn’t think you’d be so humorous. No wonder Dr. Chen loves you so much. How could he not, with your glib tongue and how much you protect him?”

Gu Nianzhi couldn’t help discreetly assessing Ye Zitan when she said this. She hoped that Ye Zitan wasn’t having a misunderstanding. Gu Nianzhi knew Chen Lie liked Ye Zitan, and Ye Zitan also seemed to be a bit interested in him that way. But both of them were slow when it came to love and took time to warm up. Although they had mutual feelings for each other, no one was breaking down the barrier between them. Would Gu Nianzhi want to be the one to break it down? Gu Nianzhi considered it for a while and decided to give up. People who were nosy and got involved with other people’s relationships were the least likeable kind. Gu Nianzi didn’t want to affect the relationship between Chen Lie and Ye Zitan, so she could only remove herself from it. “Dr. Ye, Brother Chen is just like my brother. Of course I must protect him.”

“I know. Dr, Chen is your brother, while Huo Shao is your lover…” Ye Zitian smiled at her jokingly, a trace of pity in her eyes.

Gu Nianzhi didn’t mind it as long as Ye Zitan didn’t misunderstand her relationship with Chen Lie. She could ignore anything else Ye Zitan said. “Dr. Ye, Huo Shao isn’t my lover but my boyfriend.” Gu Nianzhi giggled. “Dr. Chen would know better than anyone else…”

Ye Zitan looked down to organize medical charts with a smile as she casually chatted with Gu Nianzhi. “Huo Shao should almost be back by now? I saw that Little Ze and the other men have returned.”

“Oh? Ah…” Gu Nianzhi was a bit taken aback. This was the first time someone took the initiative to bring up Huo Shao to her. She didn’t even have to ask people about him! How exciting! She instantly perked up and nodded. “I was thinking the same thing. But Brother Ze said that they came back as soon as their mission was over. Huo Shao still has a mission.”

“He still has a mission? This sure is a long one.” Ye Zitan shook her head. “He’s never had such a long one before. Nianzhi, do you miss Huo Shao?”

“I do. How could I not miss him? I miss him every day, but his work is like this. He can’t abandon his work and stay with me no matter how much I miss him.” Gu Nianzhi propped up her chin and sat on the couch in a daze.

“It’s great that you can understand.” Ye Zitan also sighed. “You have so much time ahead of you, and that’s how the days will always be.”

However, Gu Nianzhi didn’t feel too bad about it. She thought about it before replying, “As long as he only has me in his heart and only loves me, I don’t care how apart we have to be.”

“So you’re saying you wouldn’t mind, even if you’re separated for a long period of time?” Ye Zitan was very surprised. “Actually, when two people are apart for a long time, they can drift apart easily. Otherwise, how could so many long distance relationships fail?”

“That also depends on the person.” Gu Nianzhi didn’t want to discuss it any further. She didn’t get involved with Chen Lie and Ye Zitan’s relationship, and she also didn’t want people to comment on her relationship with Huo Shaoheng. She had no need to share anything with others.

Ye Zitan didn’t say anything more when Gu Nianzhi clammed up. She tidied up and patted Gu Nianzhi’s cheek with pity like she was biting her tongue. When Ye Zitan walked past Gu Nianzhi while hugging a stack of files, a clear file fell to the ground. Gu Nianzhi saw that Ye Zitan was struggling with the things she carried and bent over to pick up the clear file for her. Her eyes accidentally scanned over the file, and she saw that a letter envelope was inside. It was from a German address, and that handwriting was none other than Huo Shaoheng’s. Gu Nianzhi stiffened slightly and inserted the file back into the stack that Ye Zitan was holding. She asked nonchalantly, “Dr. Ye, are these your things?”

Ye Zitan shook her head. “These are Dr. Chen’s, and I’m helping him clean up and categorize so they can be archived in the appropriate category.”

Gu Nianzhi mulled it over. Could Huo Shaoheng also have written a letter to Chen Lie? Why didn’t he email or use instant messaging? Could it be that a traditional letter was more secure and private? Gu Nianzhi originally wanted to ask Yin Shixiong and Zhao Liangze again, or even try Chen Lie to see if Huo Shaoheng was in Germany. Now that she saw Huo Shaoheng sending Chen Lie a letter from Germany, it confirmed he was indeed in Germany…

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