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Heroes of Marvel (Web Novel)


After an accidental electric shock, Jackson traversed into a parallel world filled with supreme beings—beings whose might and strength could hold the skies on their shoulder.

At first, Jackson preconceived the idea that he’d only traversed on the other side of the world, the United States, until that is various peculiarities popped up.

While watching the news channel, Jackson wondered whose the big green guy jumping up and down the buildings of New York without care.

Who is that bodybuilder statue donned in a red-blue uniform standing tall and proud in the Memorial Hall?

And who is that man flying the skies with a big hammer calling himself a God?

Jackson wondered if he should advise his parents to move away from New York.

But after a moment of thought, Jackson pulled out his mobile phone and dialed a number. “Mr. Stark, for the safety of mankind, I think it’s necessary to discuss the developments of technology and advanced armors with you.”

This is the story of a young man living in the world of Marvel who only wished to live a quiet and stable life but as fate would have it, fate had other plans for him.

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 509 Strange2020-11-23
Chapter 508 Disappearance2020-11-23
Chapter 507 Counter Attack2020-11-23
Chapter 506 Oppose2020-11-20
Chapter 505 Support2020-11-20
Chapter 504 On Stage2020-11-20
Chapter 503 Invalid2020-11-20
Chapter 502 Arrives2020-11-14
Chapter 501 Danger2020-11-14
Chapter 500 Coming2020-11-14
Chapter 499 Final2020-11-14
Chapter 498 Seizes Power2020-11-06
Chapter 497 Failure2020-11-06
Chapter 496 Change2020-11-06
Chapter 495 Optimize2020-11-04
Chapter 494 Lunatic2020-11-04
Chapter 493 Help2020-11-04
Chapter 492 Decision2020-10-30
Chapter 491 Magneto2020-10-30
Chapter 489 Pressure2020-10-26
Chapter 490 Powerful2020-10-30
Chapter 488 Busy2020-10-26
Chapter 487 Aggressive Illustration2020-10-26
Chapter 486 Surprise2020-10-24
Chapter 485 News Explosion2020-10-24
Chapter 484 Solution2020-10-24
Chapter 483 Playing Jokes2020-10-24
Chapter 482 Illustrate2020-10-27
Chapter 481 Crush2020-10-20
Chapter 480 Rescue2020-10-20
Chapter 479 Appearance2020-10-20
Chapter 478 The Attack Arrives2020-10-20
Chapter 477 *Hidden*2020-10-14
Chapter 476 Declares2020-10-14
Chapter 475 Decision2020-10-14
Chapter 474 Discovery2020-10-14
Chapter 473 Anger2020-10-10
Chapter 472 Bitter Experience2020-10-10
Chapter 471 Take Action2020-10-10
Chapter 470 Supper2020-10-06
Chapter 4692020-10-06
Chapter 468 *Hidden*2020-10-06
Chapter 467 New Explosive Material?2020-10-03
Chapter 466 *Hidden*2020-10-03
Chapter 465 Discovery2020-10-03
Chapter 464 Relaxed Day2020-10-03
Chapter 463 Remember2020-10-03
Chapter 462 Wake Up2020-09-26
Chapter 461 Gamma Ray2020-09-26
Chapter 460 The World Needs You2020-09-26
Chapter 459 Secret Mission2020-09-24
Chapter 458 Running Away2020-09-24
Chapter 457 Transformation2020-09-24
Chapter 456: Hiding Place2020-09-24
Chapter 455 Strength Promotion2020-09-20
Chapter 454 Completes2020-09-20
Chapter 453 Request2020-09-20
Chapter 452 Nick’s Removal2020-09-20
Chapter 451 The Cloak2020-09-16
Chapter 450 Control2020-09-16
Chapter 449 Idea2020-09-16
Chapter 448 Don’t Worry2020-09-16
Chapter 447 Quite Crisp2020-09-08
Chapter 446 Survival Of The Fittest2020-09-08
Chapter 445 Major Discovery2020-09-08
Chapter 444 Hit2020-09-08
Chapter 443 Text2020-09-05
Chapter 442 Experiment2020-09-05
Chapter 441 Evolution2020-09-05
Chapter 440 Change2020-09-05
Chapter 4392020-09-05
Chapter 438 How Old?2020-08-28
Chapter 437 The First Meeting 22020-08-28
Chapter 436 The First Meeting2020-08-28
Chapter 435 Arrives2020-08-23
Chapter 434 Return2020-08-23
Chapter 433 Guests2020-08-23
Chapter 432 Rogers’ Action2020-08-19
Chapter 431 The Investigation2020-08-19
Chapter 430 Return2020-08-19
Chapter 429 I Have a Bold Idea2020-08-16
Chapter 428 All parties react2020-08-16
Chapter 427 Come Back2020-08-16
Chapter 426 Can You Pick Me Up?2020-08-16
Chapter 423 The First Generation Part 22020-08-13
Chapter 423 The First Generation Part 12020-08-13
Chapter 422 Violent Demolition2020-08-13
Chapter 421 Rushes2020-08-07
Chapter 420 Transmission2020-08-07
Chapter 419 Regaining Consciousness2020-08-07
Chapter 418 Missing Day 22020-08-03
Chapter 417 Missing Day 12020-08-03
Chapter 416 Escaping2020-08-03
Chapter 415 Missing Mirage Knight2020-07-30
Chapter 414: Sacrifice2020-07-30
Chapter 413 Perishes Together?!2020-07-30
Chapter 412 Life Saving Card Part 22020-07-30
Chapter 412 Life Saving Card Part 12020-07-30
Chapter 411 Disappearing2020-07-27
Chapter 410 Hopeless2020-07-27
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