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Heroes of Marvel (Web Novel) - Chapter 67 Successful Recruitment

Chapter 67 Successful Recruitment

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On a tall building, Hundreds of meters above the ground, strong winds are blowing Lin Rui’s clothes as he stands there. On the other side of Lin Rui, Peter was standing in front of him with a small book in his hand.

“Uh, this…” Being stunned by Peter’s actions, Lin Rui couldn’t even remember why he came here for a moment.

“Oh! Right! Pen!” Just as Lin Rui was stunned, Peter suddenly shouted. I didn’t even give Mirage Knight a pen, how can he sign my notebook?

Then Peter turned quickly and took out a pen from his backpack. Then he went back to Lin Rui. This time, both the book and the pen are presented to Lin Rui.

“Please give me your autograph! Mirage Knight!”

Lin Rui: “…” In addition to the black lines all over his head, he could only stretch out his stiff right hand and pick up the pen Peter had handed over.

“Ah! Sign this! And this! This! Okay! _This!” Seeing Lin Rui holding the pen in his hand, Peter quickly opened the book and quickly opened the position where he wanted Lin Rui to sign. It’s hard to see an idol once. Peter can’t pass up such a good chance.

Lin Rui signed several times on Peter’s notebook as he was helpless. How did he forget it?! Peter is his fan! Besides being a student, Peter himself is no worse than Wade Wilson. Now, with the influence of variability, Peter’s talking attribute seems to have been enhanced a lot.

“Okay, signed, now…” After signing Peter’s book several times, Lin Rui seems to remember why he came here today.

“That ~ can you let me take a photo with you? I have a camera!” Before Lin Rui finished, Peter happily picked up his little book and made his own request.

Without waiting for Lin Rui to agree, Peter had taken his camera out of his backpack.


“Come on! Your pose should be handsome! ” With the camera in hand, Peter has begun to look for an angle.

“Enough!” Finally having enough of Peter’s antics. Lin Rui snatched Peter’s camera in an instant. Why didn’t he find that Peter was such a funny fellow?

“Uh…” He was robbed of his camera by Lin Rui, and Peter looked at him with some amazement, not knowing what had happened.

“I’m not here to sign your book or take pictures with you! Spiderman!” Seeing Peter’s stupidity, Lin Rui said in a low voice.

“Ha! You know my name! That’s what I came up with! Look! When he heard Lin Rui’s words, Peter got excited again and raised his chest to show Lin Rui the ugly, crying black spider he sewed on his clothes.

Looking at Peter’s shabby clothes and the twisted lines on his chest that could not be seen as spiders, Lin Rui shook his head vigorously, shaking the imaginary black lines on his head.

“Well, Spiderman, I know you’re thrilled to see me, but it’s time to calm down. And can you stop showing off your ugly tights?” Seeing Peter twisting his hero suit in front of him, Lin Rui said helplessly.

“Is it ugly? I sewed this in a needle-by-needle fashion!” Hearing his idol, Mirage Knight, gave his hero suit such a low rating, Peter said somewhat unhappily.

It’s because it’s a stitch sewn out by you that’s it’s this ugly. Even if you have great power and agility after mutation and even gained spider senses. However, your needlework has not increased at all. Of course, Lin Rui can only think about it in his mind.

“Well, let’s not talk about your heroic suit for a moment. Anyway, anyone with eyes can see how ugly it is. I came to you today just to talk to you about your abilities and your responsibilities, and what you are doing.” Not wanting to talk too much about Peter’s clothes, Lin Rui finally turned the conversation to the topic he came here to talk about.

“Anyone with eyes can see how ugly it is?!” But what are you talking about my abilities and responsibilities? He first complained about Lin Rui’s comments on his clothes and finally, Peter turned his attention to his next sentence behind Lin Rui. For Peter, he has great abilities, so he should do these things. After all, with great power come great responsibility, right?

“Of course, you are far superior to others and what you are doing now is good. Although I don’t know where you are from, I’m glad you are willing to use these abilities for good.” Opening his eyes, Lin Rui affirmed what Peter had done as Spiderman.

Because Peter’s Uncle Ben did not die because of the robber, Peter as Spiderman did not search for the killer as madly as he did in the movie and fell into a whirlpool of anger. Peter was more like a second-year middle schoolboy inspired by a robbery who wanted to get rid of riots and Spiderman appeared on the streets, It was quite different from the movies.

“Oh! Actually, I just do what I think I should do, just like you, Mirage Knight.” Hearing his idol’s affirmation of himself, Peter rubbed his head with some embarrassment and said.

“So, would you like to make greater use of your abilities? Although thieves and robbers on New York’s streets need to be attacked, there is something more evil in the darkness that we need to fight against.” Watching Peter finally get serious, Lin Rui went on to ask.

That’s the ultimate goal of Lin Rui’s coming to meet Peter today, He wants to recruit Peter for his team. Spiderman, as a proper big protagonist for Marvel World, is also recognized as powerful. And Lin Rui knows all about Peter. If he joins his team, it will be much easier for Lin Rui to deal with Jeston Gang, Frankenstein Family, and Kingpin.

“Greater use? Mirage Knight, are you talking about your enemy? Who is it?” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, the clever Peter immediately guessed what he meant and asked seriously.

“Frankenstein Family, and the largest Mafia empire in the United States, that’s my goal. Maybe there’s something you haven’t heard of before.” Without concealment, Lin Rui told Peter about his opponent truthfully. Because Lin Rui believes that Peter, who is Spiderman, has a strong sense of responsibility and will not shrink back.

“Wow! So you’ve been doing these things! So, do you need me to join you now? Peter asked excitedly when he heard Lin Rui’s explanation.

Peter was delighted to fight street crime and help those in need. But if he had a chance to compete with big guys like Frankenstein family, Peter would certainly not give up.

“Well. So, are you willing? Would you like to join my team to fight the dark forces underground and defend New York’s security?” Nodding, Lin Rui asked Peter earnestly.


After Lin Rui asked that question, Peter suddenly fell silent and seemed to be thinking seriously. Lin Rui did not disturb him and gave him enough time to decide. But if Lin Rui knew what Peter was thinking about, he probably would not be so calm.

“What to do?! What to do?! Mirage Knight invited me to join his team! Should I promise immediately or pretend to think about it before I promise! What a dilemma! Would it seem too easy for me to be recruited if I promised it right away? But will it make Mirage Knight think I’m cowardly and irresponsible if I think about it for a long time? Peter’s facial expression changed rapidly in front of the mask, but when Lin Rui thought he was seriously thinking about it, Peter was thinking about this.


Seeing that Peter is still “thinking seriously”, Lin Rui is ready to walk to the top of the building to see the scenery. However, just before he took the first step, Peter had already stopped in front of him.

“I am willing! I am willing to join!” Peter was afraid that Lin Rui would leave so he replied loudly.

“Well, I see. I’m glad you have decided to join.” Stopped by Peter, Lin Rui said with some embarrassment as he already knew Peter’s last choice.

“So, what’s the name of our team? Why not call it a phantom spider? How about it? I think it’s a good name!” Determining that he had joined Mirage Knight’s team, Peter began to think about the name of their team. Speaking of it, the name Phantom Spider sounds easy to associate with both of them.

“Don’t be in a hurry to name the team for the time being. And we’re not the only two on our team. I’ll give you an address and a phone number. You can come to us directly. However, to give you a suggestion, you should look for professional people to redesign your following clothes.” Lin Rui with imaginary black lines on his head rejected Peter’s suggestion that his team should be named after them. His goal for tonight has been accomplished and he’s going back.

“There are more people? It’s so cool!” Peter was more excited when he heard Lin Rui say that they were not the only one in the team.

“Well, I have accomplished my primary goal, I should go.” He doesn’t want to talk to Peter so much and Lin Rui has already jumped out of the roof.

After a few seconds, Lin Rui has fallen on the top of a building opposite to his previous position and then he disappeared. Lin Rui, in order to show off his skills in front of Peter, unified the exchange of a Low-Level Qinggong footwork technique. As for Peter, he was so stunned to see Lin Rui disappear in front of him, and at his feet, a note with two rows of small letters was lying quietly on the ground.


In a remote area of New York, In a seemingly abandoned factory. But outside the abandoned factory, some people patrol from time to time. The seemingly abandoned factory buildings actually have different structures. Each factory building has huge space and is divided into several rooms. Every room is equipped with apparently high-tech products, but it is not clear what their specific use is. Obviously, there are some secrets hidden here.

“Professor Frank, a new batch of experimental bodies are here. Would you like to come in person?”

“No, you can handle the experiment yourself. I have other things to do here.”

“Okay, I see.” Hanging up, Francis glanced at the transparent glass in front of him.

The room on the other side of the glass looks like a large ward and there are more than a dozen experiments there: some of them are people who suffer from serious illness and don’t have resources for “special therapy”. Among them is a person Lin Rui knows: Wade Wilson.

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