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Heroes of Marvel (Web Novel) - Chapter 68 Small Quarrel

Chapter 68 Small Quarrel

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Two days later, in a secret base on the Hudson River. Lin Rui is sitting on his sofa. As for Matt, he is frowning at Spiderman, who is hopping around the base.

“Wow! How did you find such a secret base which is concealed, safe and spacious! ” According to the address and telephone number Lin Rui left two days ago, Peter came back after spending two days at home and now he was visiting the base excitedly.

“Is this a public place? There is also a big screen TV and game consoles?! This refrigerator and Arsenal are also very good, although I don’t need those guns and bombs!” At his feet, he wandered around the base, and Peter’s words did not stop for a moment.


“Ohh? Cucumber-flavored potato chips? A good friend of mine likes them!” Shutting down the refrigerator filled with all kinds of food, Peter went on with his thoughts.

However, after he picked up the bag of cucumber-flavored potato chips and mentioned his good friend, Lin Rui, who had been seated safely on the sofa, was a little stunned. Then Peter threw the bag of potato chips back in, and he was relieved that it seemed impossible for a bag of potato chips to connect him with Peter’s good friend Jackson.


After finally visiting this secret base, Peter sat down on a chair in the public area, the chair that Jack himself moved in the previous two days.

“That’s…” Seeing Peter sitting in Jack’s seat, Lin Rui was going to remind him, but he didn’t say anything at last.

“So this is our secret base. And you, Daredevil, are another teammate of mine?” He twisted his butt in Jack’s chair and looked at Matt and asked.

“…” There was no response.

Daredevil was too lazy to take care of this apparent smart-ass kid and turned his eyes to Lin Rui in silence. Although masked, Lin Rui can also feel Matt’s expression saying: ‘Where did you find this wonderful flower?’

Although Matt knows that Lin Rui is also a junior high school student, but his behavior and character are more stable, Matt has never regarded him as a child. But Peter is different. He looks and seems like a childish and talkative second-year high school teenager.

“That, Spiderman. Now that you’re here today and you’re sure to join us. So, in order to cooperate better in future missions, we need to know what abilities you have. Why don’t you introduce them to us?” Receiving Matt’s silent message, Lin Rui took Peter’s words and quickly changed the subject.

Of Marvel’s Superhero, Spiderman has most fans and Lin Rui knows Spiderman’s abilities well. But this is a reality and not movies, so Lin Rui worries about deviations. Moreover, the films have been made in several versions and Lin Rui doesn’t know which Marvel World spiderman he is talking to.

“Well, of course. But I’m also curious about your abilities.” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Peter agreed, but also made his own request.

“Of course, that’s what teammates do.” Of course, Lin Rui doesn’t mind telling Peter about his strength, as he will know about them in the future.

“Well, my abilities are mainly superhuman strength, agility, and observation. Also, I made a special device, a launcher that can emit synthetic spider silk threads. As you probably know, I can use this device to move quickly by swinging from one building to another. Peter briefly introduced his ability, of course, He still concealed the origin of his ability and the spider that gave him these abilities as he himself doesn’t understand them.

“Speaking of this, I’m curious about what you did that day. Mirage Knight, can you really fly?” After introducing his abilities, Peter looked across at Lin Rui and asked curiously.

Although Peter had great strength and coordination after his body went through the mutation, he could not fly directly from one building to another without any tools like Lin Rui.

“Haha, that’s just a special use of my abilities. Of course, I can’t fly, although I wish I could fly.” Laughing, Lin Rui explained briefly.

“And what abilities do you have? Are you a Mutant?” Hearing Lin Rui’s explanations, Peter first thought of the world’s easiest-to-think group of people with special abilities.

“No, I am not a Mutant. It can be said that my strength is gradually accumulated through a way of self-exercise, unlike those who are born with power.” Laughing, Lin Rui denied Peter’s speculation and explained the origin of his ability. Of course, he did not explain his cultivation technique, which is not generally understood.

“Oh! I knew you weren’t Mutant!” Peter was excited to hear Lin Rui’s explanation.

For historical reasons, the image of Mutants in the hearts of ordinary Americans is not too good. Although there are moderate Mutants like the X-Men led by Professor Charles, there is also brotherhood led by Magneto and underground evil forces that study the Mutants genes hidden in the dark. The US government’s attitude toward Mutants has not always been good and ordinary Mutants are not very popular in life. So today, most Mutants still hide their mutant abilities among the majority of ordinary people.

“Well? Yes? You don’t like Mutants?” Hearing Peter’s words, Lin Rui seemed to feel a slight estrangement towards Mutants in his tone.

This is not a good phenomenon, not to mention that Lin Rui will encounter many decent Mutants in the future. Now, there is a Mutant in his team, that is Jack (Jack is a third-level Mutant of muscle-strengthening ability. If Peter is too obvious, he is worried that Peter and Jack will not get along. Although Mutants’forces are severely divided and they are independent and even against each other. However, in their Mutants identity, they are unanimous with the outside world.

“Ah?! No, it’s just that some Mutants always think they’re at the forefront of human evolution. I just don’t like them very much.” Apparently, Peter was also influenced by organizations created by the likes of Magneto that wanted Mutants to rise to lead the human race.

For Peter, Mutants are just a product of human development and not singular particularity. The world is so mysterious that Mutants are not the only ones with special powers. Like Peter himself, he became so powerful when he was bitten by a spider and his power was constantly growing and it was controllable, much better than the uncontrollable variants.

“Huh?! Are you one of the guys who think they represent all humanity going anywhere? Although I don’t quite agree with some of the Mutants Brotherhood’s views, I have to say that Mutants are indeed an evolution relative to ordinary people.” Just as Peter expressed his views on Mutants, there was a voice behind him, and it was two sentences from Mutants’ standpoint.


“Ehh? Who are you?” Hearing the voice behind him, Peter turned his head and saw a tall, mixed-race guy in a casual suit coming in. Of course, Peter’s tone was not very good when he asked that question.

“Hey! Mirage Knight! You just let this kid sit in my chair. I thought it was a private place?” Ignoring Peter’s words, Jack went straight to Lin Rui and asked, apparently upset with him.

“That…” Originally, Lin Rui just wanted Peter to take a small loss and converge on his speech attributes, but now things seem to be going in an unexpected direction.

“Hey! Who are you calling a kid?!” Before Lin Rui spoke, Peter jumped up from his chair and asked Jack loudly.

“Who else here but you would be fit for that word? Hmm?” Faced with Peter’s questions, Jack replied back without any weakness.

“You are an arrogant guy!” How could Peter, who was young and had just acquired superpowers, stand up to Jack’s response and as soon as he raised his hand, he had fired spider silk at him.


The slender and strong spider silk shot out of Peter’s wrist and directly towards Jack not far away. Peter wanted to seal the man’s mouth with a cobweb!

However, Jack was not an ordinary person. When Peter raised his hand, he had already made a move. So, when the spider threads came, he had already drawn out a knife.

Hoo! Puff!

With a whisper, Peter’s spider silk sticks to Jack’s knife. Although his purpose has not been achieved, Peter does not intend to end this way as he pulled the spider silk thread with his right hand, he was trying to pull Jack’s knife. However, how could Jack let him do that? His hand holding the knife kept on exerting itself.


In this way, a quarrel becomes a contest of strength. The spider silk that connects Peter and Jack is stretched out quickly between them and trembles slightly. As for Jack, his mutation ability and his self-cultivation Technique has made him not weaker in strength than Spiderman at this time. So they were stuck in a deadlock there.

Looking at the scene, Lin Rui didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. But seeing Matt watching the play, Lin Rui had to stand up.


Instantly pulling the blade forward, the dazzling red light of the blade flashed in the secret base.


With a crisp noise, Peter’s spider silk split in the middle under the light of Lin Rui’s blade. The confrontational couple also stepped back slightly because of the instantaneous appearance of new power, They deactivated their powers and stood still but the atmosphere between them did not ease because of Lin Rui’s initiation.

“Hey! You guys, I didn’t ask you to come here and fight with each other! Jack, I’m sorry, Spiderman just sat in your seat. I didn’t remind him. As for Spiderman, your attitude about Mutants also needs to be corrected. No discrimination is allowed here! ” Lin Rui shouted towards them. He didn’t want a barrier to be created between them because of such a trifle matter. So he created some rules.

“Humph! I’ll give you face, Mirage Knight!” Jack’s attitude eased when he heard Lin Rui’s apology. After a glance at Peter, he slowly lowered his knife and went to his chair to sit down.

“Spiderman, what about you?” Seeing Jack calmed down, Lin Rui turned to Peter.

“I know, I’ll pay attention to it.” Knowing that the resident Mutant was not happy with what he had just said, Peter chose to follow Lin Rui’s words.

“Well, that’s okay! We are all partners in a team. It’s okay if there is a little bit fighting, Just don’t let it affect your teamwork.

“Well, now that you all are here, let’s discuss our future actions.”


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