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Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband (Web Novel) - Chapter 183 The Princess’s Temper

Chapter 183 The Princess’s Temper

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Gu Luan freezes his eyes. Seemingly, Miss Yin is flying into a rage directly in his car.

What he means is clear. It is possible if she wants to work permanently. However, Miss Yin is lost in jealousy and can understand nothing else.

“Miss Yin, it is the first day for me to meet you. How can I know who is more capable between you and Xia Ning? If I did anything improperly, you may tell me frankly. I will pay attention to that. But we are not going to get someone else involved.”

Yin Jingyao feels a great of anger. She would have given Gu Luan the real scolding if it had happened two years ago. However, she has lost her title and she doesn’t have the standing. She has to restrain herself no matter how angry she is.

“Sorry, I was rude.”

Gu Luan lifts his eyebrows, surprised to hear Miss Yin apologizing.

The car stops in front of the gate of an international hotel. Gu Luan takes out his phone and dials a number, “Is that Manager Huang speaking? I have a distinguished guest to stay in your hotel. Would you please help to arrange it? Hum. That is all.”

“Director Gu, I can afford that. You don’t need to deliberately make the arrangement. After Gu Luan hangs up, Yin Jingyao says indifferently.

Gu Luan mildly smiles, “It is my honor to know the daughter of Mayor Yin. I am happy. I hope that Miss Yin doesn’t misunderstand my good intention.”

Yin Jingyao curls her lips, “OK. Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

Gu Luan sees Yin Jingyao enter the hotel. The smile on his face immediately disappears. He despises her.

The second daughter of Yin’s Family doesn’t know much about the world. It seems that she hasn’t realized that she is playing fire. She is so arrogant to show her hostility against Xia Ning. Everybody notices that. Seemingly, Commander Yi has known that clearly and is going to launch some kind of plan.

Even Commander Yi doesn’t take any actions, Gu Luan is not going to stand there and watch quietly. Those who want to hurt Xia Ning have to go past him!

Gu Luan freezes his eyes and presses the accelerator and the car roars away.

After having a comfortable bath, Xia Ning opens the door of the bedroom. Then, she is shocked blankly.

It seems that Commander Yi hasn’t worn anything at all, only covered with the quilt on the private part of his body only. The healthy and firm muscles on his arms, the broad pectorals and the six-pack stomach make his tall and perfect body shape comparable to the best bodybuilder in the world.

Xia Ning looks at his impressive body. Her heart beats rapidly and her eyes tend to be lost in it. She feels that she is going to drool unconsciously.

“Sweetheart.” Yi Yunrui draws back his eyes from the TV and turns to her. His slanted eyes look brighter than the stars in the sky.

“Come here. I would like to hug you.”

His voice is deep and deadly magnetic. Xia Ning hears the crack in her brain and she can’t help swallowing her water.

Seeing that Xia Ning still standing by the door and look blankly at his chest, Yi Yunrui feels she is so cute that he almost bursts into laughter.

He tries hard to restrain himself and holds out his long arm to wave, “Or, you come to hug me.”


Xia Ning feels all the blood inside her body rushes towards her brain. Her face turns as red as a potato. Her head is as hot as if it will quit its job.

“Sweetheart?” Yi Yunrui slightly lifts his eyebrows, “Don’t stand by the door. Mind the cold.”

Xia Ning takes a deep breath and turns around to close the door slowly. Then, she walks towards the bed as if she is a robot.

God. How can he tempt her in this way?

Xia Ning has just sat down on the bed, when she feels her waist is held tightly. Before she collects herself, she falls onto Commander Yi’s embrace soon.

Her head closely presses on Commander Yi’s thick chest.

Xia Ning widens her eyes and consciously she presses her nose. She is afraid that her nose may burst into bleeding.

“Sweetheart.” Yi Yunrui takes her hand and puts it on his chest, “Do you want me?”

“Ugh, ugh!” Xia Ning is shocked by what Yi Yunrui says. She feels her brain refuse to run properly.

God. When did Commander learn to speak in such a spoilt voice?

Who taught him?

“Darling.” Xia Ning pauses for a while. She puts her hand on Yi Yunrui’s forehead, “Are you feeling OK?”

Yi Yunrui is confused. When he figures out what she means, he is shocked with embarrassment.

Seemingly, his wife thinks that he has got something wrong with his mind.

“Hahaha!” Now, Yi Yunrui finally can’t help laughing, “You Silly!”

Xia Ning blinks her eyes. Yi Yunrui laughs so fiercely that he is going to tear. Xia Ning curls her lips, “Don’t laugh.”

“Fine.” Yi Yunrui says and immediately he does stop laughing. He looks at her with his bright eyes quietly. After some seconds, he leans to kiss her lips.

In front of her, the self-control which he is proud of disappears. Every night, once he touches her, his desire for her can’t be controlled at all, as if it is drawn by hundreds of thousands of horses.

He loves her very much. He really loves her very much!

He is tender. He is overbearing. He is intense. He is sweet. Everything comes as a storm and surrounds her. Every time when they have sex, she will be led to rush to the top of the cloud. Every time, Yi Yunrui keeps considerate of her carefully and restrains his desire, but she always stops first. She may get exhausted in his embrace, or faint to sleep. Commander Yi will hold her tightly. She knows that he is trying hard to control himself, because he is still in the highpoint of his desire.

This time, it is the same…

Xia Ning opens her blurred eyes. The commander is lying by her, hot as a burner. He gasps heavily on her head. Seemingly, his desire is still on. Xia Ning feels a little guilty. She doesn’t have any strength, but she says in a hoarse voice, “Sorry…”

Yi Yunrui’s body suddenly shakes. After a while, he gives a long sigh.

He pats on her back and buries his head into her black hairs. He murmurs, “You Silly, don’t think like that. Get asleep.”

Xia Ning feels his lower part is still hard. She feels sad. She turns her eyes and asks gently, “How long have you known Miss Zhou?”

Yi Yunrui’s hand pauses on her back. He says, “Sweetheart, we are only friends. Don’t misunderstand.”

She doesn’t misunderstand. She is just trying to transfer his attention.

“Oh.” She responds in a low voice, “Can you also teach me to cook when you have time?”

Yi Yunrui slightly frowns. Is his wife telling him that she doesn’t like it and she is jealous?

“You are so busy with work. You should have a good rest after work. This strength consuming work can be left to your husband.”

Yi Yunrui says considerately. However, at this moment, it sounds strange to Xia Ning. She curls her lips, “You are partial!”

“I am partial?” Yi Yunrui get a little away from her and lifts her chin with his long fingers, wondering what his wife is thinking, “Why do you think I am partial?”

“You teach her only. You don’t teach me. You are partial!”

Yi Yunrui feels frustrated to hear what Ning says. He smiles and shakes his head, “You Silly. As long as you want to cook, whatever you cook is delicious for me. I taught her only because we had a nice conversation. Don’t be jealous. I promise you. I won’t teach anybody else again without your permission. OK?”

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