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Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband (Web Novel) - Chapter 184 You Go and I Chase

Chapter 184 You Go and I Chase

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Xia Ning is moved. But she says, “Are you saying that I am mean?”

Yi Yunrui is stunned, “No, I am not…”

“Yes. That’s what you mean.” Xia Ning curls her lips. She snorts and turns around.

Yi Yunrui is anxious, “Sweetheart, I didn’t mean that. Sweetheart, don’t be angry.”

Xia Ning smiles secretly, but she still says in an angry voice, “Who says that I am angry? I am not. The dishes are quite delicious today. Miss Zhou prepared them deliberately for you! Ha, it seems that Commander Yi is popular with thousands of girls and young women!”

Yi Yunrui feels his brain is in a mess. He fails to explain in this way and in another way. For an instant, he doesn’t know what he can say. He holds Xia Ning tightly, “Sweetheart, don’t do this. I…Sorry. I will never teach anyone else again. Sweetheart, don’t be angry.”

Xia Ning gives some small coughs and restrains herself from laughing, “I said I am not angry. I just feel that Commander Yi is partial.”

“All right, all right. I listen to you. I teach you. OK?”

Xia Ning lifts her eyebrows and doesn’t respond.

Actually, she doesn’t really want to learn. But when they argue, she really tends to be a little jealous. Unconsciously, she imagines the scene of Yi Yunrui teaching Zhou Wenping…She has the desire to bite someone!”

“Why don’t you speak?” Yi Yunrui frowns, “Are you unhappy? Come on, you can punch me with your fists to release your anger.”

“I have no strength to do that.” Xia Ning responds lazily.

On one hand, she really doesn’t have the strength. On the other hand, he is as strong as an iron wall. It hurts to punch him.

Yi Yunrui feels his heart softened. He holds her more tightly, “You may hit me when you have strength. I owe you that.”

Xia Ning twitches her lips, wondering why he asks for punching.

After a while, Yi Yunrui seems to remember something. He asks, “Sweetheart, you have not answered the question I asked today.”

“Hum? What question?”

“Today, Yin Jingyao went to see you. Did she make you angry?”

Xia Ning feels sweet. Commander Yi still remembers this.

Yin Jingyao surely makes her angry, but she doesn’t want to bother Yi Yunrui with it.

In addition, she has to deal with the photos issue sooner or later. She will need to leave him.

She would rather not bring any additional burden to Yi Yunrui.

Thinking of this, Xia Ning shakes her head, “No, she just came over to chat with me. She didn’t make me angry.”

Yi Yunrui darkens his face, “Really?”

“Hum.” Xia Ning nods. She finds that Yi Yunrui tightens his hands.

Not knowing why, she feels that Yi Yunrui seems to be hiding something.

Yi Yunrui takes a deep breath. He turns her around and stares at her, “Sweetheart, I am your husband. I will help you with any things. So, you have to tell me the truth. Do you understand?”

Xia Ning is slightly shocked. Yi Yunrui’s sharp eyes seem to look through her soul. In an instant, she hears a voice from her heart saying that Yi Yunrui has known everything.

Has Yi Yunrui…really known everything?

“Darling.” Xia Ning asks in a low voice, “Do you think that she is bullying me?”

Yi Yunrui darkens his eyes and clenches his fists.

Even when it comes to this stage, you still don’t want to tell me?

Why doesn’t she confess? Is he not strong enough to be relied on by her?

It seems that there is a weight of thousands of kilos on his heart. Yi Yunrui closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, “Never mind. I was just guessing. It is late. Let’s get some sleep.”

“…” hearing what Yi Yunrui says, Xia Ning feels frustrated.

She wants to confess, but she doesn’t want to lose Yi Yunrui’s love.

At least, not now…It is good to keep it around for even another while.

The breaths over her head gets stable. Seemingly he has fallen asleep. Xia Ning gives a sigh. She slowly holds out her hands to hold the man lying by her side.

Let her enjoy the time with him for some more days. When she feels that she is strong enough to withstand it, she will leave by herself.

Yi Yunrui is too excellent. Even if she leaves, another woman will soon show up around him. Even if he will be sad after she leaves, that will only last for some time.

Xia Ning is surprised to find Gu Luan has been sitting in her seat waiting for her when she gets to her office.

Gu Luan passes a cup of coffee to her, “I made the coffee, cappuccino. You may check if you like it.”

Xia Ning quietly takes over the coffee. She is confused, “Director, what are you here for?”

“I come here to talk with you about what happened between Yin Jingyao and me last night.”

“Director Gu, this is your privacy. I don’t want to know. And it is unnecessary for me to know.” Not waiting for Gu Luan to make the confession, Xia Ning stops him first, “Director Gu, there is one thing that I hope you can understand. You and I are supervisor and subordinate only. We don’t have other relations except that.”

Gu Luan looks at Xia Ning and doesn’t speak for quite a while.

Xia Ning sees that Gu Luan doesn’t respond. She shrugs her shoulders and takes a sip of the coffee, “Maybe I think too much. If so, I want to say sorry. And, Director, you make good coffee.”

“If you like, I can make it for you every day.”

“Puff!” Not expecting that Gu Luan will reply so directly, Xia Ning spurts the coffee and hurriedly she looks for tissue to wipe herself.

Gu Luan slightly lifts his lips and looks at Xia Ning with a smile.

“Well…” Xia Ning wipes the coffee on her mouth, “Director, if there are no other important things, I think I may start to work…”

“Ning, last night, I sent Yin Jingyao to XX International Hotel and went home. It seems that Yin Jingyao is going to stay in C City for several days.”

Seemingly, Gu Luan is not going to give up. Xia Ning is helpless. She responds, “Oh.”

“Oh.” Gu Luan goes to her, “Yin Jingyao said that she wanted to work here. I refused her.”

“Oh? Miss Yin relies on the mayor of B City. Director, you refused her in this way. It seems…”

“Ning, you know the employment regulation of World Era Weekly. I will not even employ someone with more superior background than her if he is not suitable.”

Xia Ning lifts her eyebrows. Yes. Gu Luan tells the truth. He has been always done so.

“Did Miss Yin lose her temper?”

“Kind of.” Gu Luan puts on a bigger smile, “She mentioned you. It seems that she doesn’t like you and has a lot of grudges against you.”

“Oh…” That’s not surprising. Yin Jingyao has been regarding her as the enemy. To be honest, she is really the rival of love to Yin Jingyao.

“I come here to tell you to be careful with the Yin’s sisters recently. They are not kind people.”

“Thank you.” She surely knows that.

“Again, as long as you ask, I will deal with this problem at once. And I won’t startle Commander Yi.”

Gu Luan’s last words almost shake Xia Ning’s mind.

It will be the best solution if it won’t startle Yi Yunrui while getting rid of the problem.

However, what if Gu Luan takes actions and she can’t get away completed?

Recently, Gu Luan is in quite an obvious intention to her.

No. She is Yi Yunrui’s wife. No matter in love or other aspects, she can’t betray him. At least, she can’t make him misunderstand.”

“Director Gu, thank you for your kindness. But I don’t think I need your help.” Xia Ning puts down the coffee, “And, my husband makes coffee for me every morning. I drink some before coming to work. You don’t need to bother yourself with that. Anyway, thank you for your coffee today. It is delicious.”

Gu Luan’s eyes flash. He gently smiles, “You are welcome. It is my pleasure.”

Then, Gu Luan turns and leave her office.

Looking at Gu Luan’s back, Xia Ning feels a tangle inside.

Director Gu does all these. Won’t he give up until the last minute?

“Sister Xia, what did my brother come here for?” Gu Ruoruo pops up suddenly with a cup of hot coffee in her hand.

No doubt, Gu Ruoruo is bringing the coffee for Xia Ning.

In an instant, Xia Ning feels her head aching.

“Oh? Where does your coffee come from? I have just made it.” Gu Ruoruo asks confusedly.

“Oh. I went to Director Wan’s and took a cup with me. It is all right. You may put down the coffee here. I may drink it later.”

“Oh.” Gu Ruoruo puts down the coffee in confusion. Sister Wan has just come. How can she prepare the coffee so soon?

“Ruoruo, do we have any appointments today?”

“Oh. Yes, we do!” Gu Ruoruo puts the files in front of Xia Ning at once, “Sister Xia, this is the schedule for today.”

Xia Ning glances at the crowded words. She frowns, “What happened? Why are there so many appointments today?”

“Chief Editor Leng asked for some days’ leave recently. Her work is distributed to us and we have more things to do.”

Leng Weiwei asked for a leave? Did she go to see Feng Le?

“OK. You may go out to work.”

Gu Luan stares at the boiling coffee with his deep eyes.

What on earth is Xia Ning thinking?

Yi Yunrui has taken no actions. It seems that he hasn’t known anything about Xia Ning’s problem.

Yi Yunrui hasn’t known it and Xia Ning doesn’t allow Gu Luan to help her. Does Xia Ning have any solutions?

This problem is a little complicated. Any further delay may bring no benefits, but more disadvantages to Xia Ning.

At the time, his phone rings.

Gu Luan takes up his phone and checks the number. His eyes flash.

It is Yin Jingsi calling.

It is surprising. Why does she call him?

Gu Luan presses the answer button, “President Yin, how are you. It is not a weekend. What makes you remember me?”

“Director Gu, you played the role of a smiling tiger very well. It is the first time for me to find a boss who is partial to his employees like you. I really feel guilty to say so.”

Yin Jingsi is hinting at something. Gu Luan hesitates for a while, “I am stupid and can’t understand what President Yin means. Please give me more hints.”

“Hum. Gu Luan, we have come to this stage. Save your formula. The photos you sent me are spectacular. If you want to threaten me with these photos, don’t you think you really underestimate me?”

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