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Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband (Web Novel) - Chapter 185 The Dangerous Person

Chapter 185 The Dangerous Person

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Gu Luan slightly blinks his eyes. He is surprised to find the elder Miss Yin lose her temper!

Isn’t this woman always proud of being self-control? At the moment, why does she lose control of herself in the telephone conversation with him?

It seems that the photos really hit the weak point of Miss Yin.

“Oh? I never underestimate people, especially women.” Gu Luan says slowly, “President Yin, please don’t be angry. I am just curious why President Yin believes the photos are sent by me?”

Yin Jingsi slightly pauses, “Didn’t you send the photos?”

Gu Luan smiles, “To be honest, in the news circle, there is much hearsay, but why does President Yin think I will threaten you?”

“You also know what happened in the other night. And Xia Ning is working for you.”

“President Yin, that is considered to be the employee’s privacy. Without permission, I will not interfere. In addition, I am in this circle. I pay attention to the circulation and transmission of information, but I also attach importance to confidential principle. As to the photos issue you mentioned, I really have no idea. I didn’t do that.”

“You didn’t do it?” Yin Jingsi lifts her heart. Is there a fourth person in the event?

Wait. On that day, except Gu Luan, Gu Ruoruo was there… It shouldn’t be her. What could a little girl like Gu Ruoruo do? It doesn’t look like that Gu Ruoruo dares threaten her with those photos.

If it was neither Gu Ruoruo nor Gu Luan, who can it be?

Her sister Yin Jingyao? That’s totally impossible.

“President Yin, do you want me to find the source of the photos for you? It may be helpful.”

“No need.” Yin Jingsi decisively refuses, “We are done here today. Don’t tell other people about this. I want to apologize for being rude and offensive to you. However, there is one thing I want to remind you. Director Gu, you’d better not get involved in Xia Ning’s problem. Or, it may bring trouble to you.”

Gu Luan blinks his eyes coldly, “Thank you for your reminding. But in my opinion, your situation is not optimistic, either. Presider Yin, you may take care of your own business first.”

Gu Luan finishes his words and hangs up.

He drops his phone on the table. He looks cold on his face.

How dare Yin Jingsi call to warn him? She has got her nerve!

Seemingly, this woman has been spoilt all the time and doesn’t know the “dangers” in life.

The information he has got in hand is more than enough to give her a lesson.


Gu Luan lifts his thin lips. He is making a plan.

Doesn’t she like to play? Then, he will get some fun for her. She is going to “enjoy” it.

“Gu Luan!”

Yin Jingsi heavily puts her phone on the table. A crack is heard. It is unknown whether the phone is broken.

Shit! How dare the man laugh at her!

Now, it seems that the relation between Gu Luan and Xia Ning is definitely uncommon!

If Gu Luan interferes, it will be more complicated. It may cause the destructive consequences to both sides.

At present, she is not yet clear about Gu Luan’s attitude. She is unsure whether Gu Luan is really protecting Xia Ning, but she can’t rule it out.

She has to find someone to control Gu Luan. If control is impossible, at least, she needs to keep watch on him.


Yin Jingsi’s eyes brighten. She takes out her phone and dials Yin Jingyao’s number at once.

“Hey, elder sister. Why do you call me at this time? I am not awake yet.” Yin Jingyao yawns.

“You are still sleeping? It is as urgent as burning in the eyebrows! Wake up!”

Yin Jingyao is shocked. She suddenly remembers something and jumps from the bed at once, “Sister, is Yi Yunrui…”

“What you can think of is always Yi Yunrui! Your Commander Yi and Xia Ning are fine!” Yin Jingsi is angry, “Let me make it clear. If you want to have Yi Yunrui, you have to listen to me carefully.”

Aware of the seriousness in her sister’s tone, Yin Jingyao can’t help getting serious, “OK. You may say. I am listening.”

“Now, you are in C City. You can stay for some more time. Try to get close to Gu Luan and earn his trust. Then, if anything happens there, let me know at once.”

Yin Jingyao is shocked, “Sister, why does it connect with Gu Luan?”

“Don’t ask questions. Anyway, whether you can have Commander Yi depends on whether you can keep Gu Luan under control. You may think over it yourself. If Gu Luan is on Xia Ning’s side. Our plan is risky. Gu Luan is a man not to be looked down upon. If we fail. We may not be able to protect ourselves. Do you understand?”

Yin Jingyao takes a cold breath!

It is right. Why didn’t she realize the problems told by her sister?

If Gu Luan gets involved, it will be super troublesome.

“OK. I understand. Sister, don’t worry. I will inform you about any news here.”

Yi Yunrui puts out the cigarette. He looks through the window quietly as if he is thinking about something.

Zhang Hai has got used to Commander Yi’s silence. He stands behind him for quite a while with an unsigned document in his hand.

Zhang Hai lifts his eyes to glance at Yi Yunrui, who is in meditation. He suddenly realizes that the commander has forgotten him.

The commander must forget that Zhang Hai is here waiting for his signature on the document!

God. He comes across that the commander is absent-minded!

“Commander.” Zhang Hai is sure that Yi Yunrui forgets his being here. He reminds, “This official document is still waiting for you to check and sign.”

Reminded by Zhang Hai, Yi Yunrui collects himself. He glances at the document passed over by Zhang Hai and takes it over. He reads it through and signs at the end of it.

“Commander, do you have any instructions about this document?”

Yi Yunrui thinks for a while, “No. Just arrange it accordingly.”

“Yes, Commander!”

Zhang Hai responds and turns to leave.

Yi Yunrui closes his eyes to calm down his nervousness.

Ning…Why can’t she trust him completely. Why hasn’t she confessed to him?

What on earth is Ning thinking about?

At the time, the phone on the table rings. Yi Yunrui takes it up to check. His eyes look sharp.

“Hello, Mayor Yin.”

“Hello, Commander Yi.” Mayor Yin responds politely at the other end of the phone, “I have something to talk with Commander Yi. Is it convenient for you now?”

Mayor Yin asks directly. He simply skips all the official greetings. Yi Yunrui understands. He responds, “Yes. Mayor Yin, please speak.”

“Is my daughter Jingyao in C City now?”


Mayor Yin hesitates for a while, “I may ask frankly. Commander Yi, would you please tell me why Jingyao is allowed to come back this time?”

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