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Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband (Web Novel) - Chapter 186 To Bear It Alone

Chapter 186 To Bear It Alone

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Yi Yunrui slightly lifts his thin lips. It seems that Mayor Yin doesn’t know Yin Jing’s coming back until now.

“Your first daughter Yin Jingsi asked my wife for Yin Jingyao’s coming back. Since my wife required that, I agreed.”

Yi Yunrui’s words sound normal and simple, but Mayor Yin sweats when he hears them!

Since Yin Jingsi asked for that, it means the two sisters…

Mayor Yin takes a cold breath, “Commander, my two daughters are still young and don’t know how to get well along with people. If they have done anything wrong, would you please tell me? I will surely give you a satisfactory answer.”

Yi Yunrui blinks his eyes, “Is Mayor Yin worried?”

“Commander, I know you don’t like beating around the bush. To be honest, I just learned yesterday that Jingyao came back to China. It is my fault. I am too busy to care about them. However, Commander, if something happened, please make sure to tell me. Will you?”

“Mayor Yin, you are busy with governmental affairs. We may talk later.” Yi Yunrui feels disgusted. He hangs up the phone.

Mowed grasses with root left will grow again when spring comes.

People of Yin’s family are all tricky. Two years ago, he shouldn’t have given any chances for Yin Jingyao to start over again.

Now, Mayor Yin has sensed the situation. If Yi Yunrui wants to launch any plans, he has to…

Yi Yunrui freezes his eyes. He has made the decision for a plan.

It is five in the afternoon. Xia Ning is going to pack her things. Punctually, she receives a message from Yi Yunrui. But this message is different from those she received before. Yi Yunrui tells her that he will wait for her at home.

Seemingly, Commander Yi is busy and doesn’t have time to pick her up.

She is going to reply to him. Her phone rings. It is the Director Office.

“Xia Ning, go with me to a place after work. I have something important to talk with you.”

Xia Ning frowns, “Can you tell me what it is about? My husband comes home quite early these days…”

“It is about the Yin’s sisters. You know. I will drive to pick you up later…”

Xia Ning’s heart tightens. What will the Yin’s sisters do to her?

“Director, I will drive myself.”

“You go with me. End of discussion. I will wait for you at the parking.”

Then, Gu Luan hangs up.

Xia Ning looks blankly at the phone. It is about the Yin’s sisters and it is urgent. At this moment, she unconsciously panics.

Xia Ning have no further consideration. She replies to Yi Yunrui’s message: I have something to do in the company and need to work overtime. I will go home after I finish it.

To avoid meeting too many people in rush hour. Xia Ning hurriedly goes to the parking. Gu Luan has been waiting for her there.

“Get on the car.” Gu Luan says briefly and goes to sit in the driver seat.

Xia Ning opens the door of the passenger’s seats. Gu Luan doesn’t stop her.

Gu Luan presses at the accelerator and the car roars away.

At the time, around the corner, there are evil eyes staring at the leaving car.

Gu Luan’s car stops in front of an unnoticeable coffee shop. They go inside.

They order two cups of coffee and several snacks. Xia Ning asks, “Director Gu, what happened?”

Gu Luan take a sip of the coffee. He thinks for a while, “Today, Yin Jingsi and Yin Jingyao called me respectively. What they talked about has nothing to do with you, but it seems that they were going to take actions. “

Xia Ning is shocked, “What did they talk in the phone?”

“It seems that Yin Jingsi was being threatened by someone. She received some photos, which drew her crazy. And Yin Jingyao called to ask me to hire her. She said that she was going to have a long-term development in World Era Weekly.”

Xia Ning is confused, “What kinds of photos did Yin Jingsi receive?”

“She didn’t say. It is impossible for her to tell me clearly. However, I think the photos are about Ou Yixuan.”

Xia Ning’s eyebrows jump, “Ou Yixuan?” Oh, Ou Yixuan called her last time. He said that he had left Yin Jingsi.

As they can imagine, something which can draw Yin Jingsi crazy must be about Ou Yixuan.

However, the problem is that Yin Jingsi wants to take revenge now. Are these photos really about Ou Yixuan?

“This is not the key point.” Gu Luan analyses, “The key point is that someone has interfered. Temporarily, we are not sure whether it is because of your photos. However, Yin Jingsi is not in a stable emotional condition. I am afraid that she would do some irrational things.

Xia Ning curls her lips and says gently, “Director Gu, thank you for your concern. But it happened to me, so please leave it to me. As regards Yin Jingyao, I think Director Gu has your own decision. I am not going to say anything.”

Gu Luan frowns, “Ning, why do you refuse me so seriously? We were at least schoolmates. We have known each other for a long time. Can we regard each other as a friend besides the relation of supervisor and subordinate?”

Friend? She has always regarded Gu Luan as a good friend. However, what Gu Luan has done recently has kind of crossed the line.

Gu Luan looks at her confusedly. Xia Ning puts down the coffee in her hand and says word by word, “Director Gu, I have always treated you as my friend. But because I am married. It is necessary to avoid gossip of other people in some things. I have a husband. I hope that Director Gu can understand and forgive me.”

“It is because you have a husband that I am so worried about you!” Gu Luan responds frankly, “I guess that you haven’t confessed to Yi Yunrui about this problem so far. Are you going to bear it alone? Do you think this can be hidden forever?”

Xia Ning curls her lips, “I don’t know. If not, I will have to withstand it myself. It is my fault. I have to take the consequences. No matter whether Rui is going to leave me or not, I have got mentally prepared for that. So, Director Gu, I really appreciate your kindness. But it is my personal problem. Please respect my decision.”

Gu Luan stares at her. There is something rolling in the deep of his eyes, “Even if you may end up alone by yourself, you still don’t want to have my help?”

“Yes!” Xia Ning replies decisively.

“You!” At this moment, Gu Luan feels his head aching badly. It is the first time in many years for him to have a headache!

Why is this woman so stubborn?

She is so stubborn that he feels his heart aching for her.

Gu Luan strokes his forehead. He collects his mind and says slowly, “Why don’t you tell Yi Yunrui about this?”

Hearing this, Xia Ning’s heart tightens. She clenches her fists, “This is my fault. I don’t want to get him involved. I will take the consequences myself.”

“Ning, Yi Yunrui is your husband. Wife and husband should be honest with each other. Yi Yunrui is not an impulsive man. You should think it over.”

Gu Luan’s words shakes Xia Ning’s mind. Is that true?

Will…Rui really not care about that?

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